New Found Glory – Snow 7″

Posted: April 20, 2017 in Vinyl

In 2015 New Found Glory released a single-sided 7” for their original Christmas song, “Snow.” It took nearly two years for it to sell out, so I wound up buying a Christmas release from 2015 in late February 2017. I didn’t save much money on it in the traditional sense, just through combined shipping.

The 7” has a screen printed b-side, and was pressed on two different colors, each limited to 250 copies apiece. The screen printing is the same on each variant. The two colors are red and green, a logical choice for a Christmas release. Rather than coming in a traditional jacket or sleeve, or even a fold over sleeve, this 7” just comes with what amounts to an insert.  Thankfully a download card/code is included. No copies of this 7” came sealed, so if you see anyone trying to unload a copy on the secondary market don’t fall far the “still factory sealed,”  “still sealed” or “unopened” sales pitches.

Regarding the two variants for this, red was a Merchnow exclusive and green was exclusive to the band’s own webstore; The band was charging $1 more for it in their store than Merchnow was, $8 vs. $7. And that does not include shipping, which was also more expensive in NFG’s store, just under $7 rather than just under $5 via Merchnow. That is not a big difference in price, but when you consider the green copies sold out before the red it’s a bit troubling, as well as puzzling. I actually snagged one of the last two copies of the red variant on Merchnow (you can track the stock levels by maxing out your cart), so I got pretty lucky there. I was waiting for the Circa Survive – On Letting Go deluxe edition to go on sale or for there to be a promo code to use to save some money. That never happened, so I bought this Snow 7″ and the Circa Survive record together once I saw the insanely low stock levels of the Snow 7″.


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