Senses Fail – In Your Absence (1st Press)

Posted: April 20, 2017 in Vinyl

Senses Fail released a new EP in 2016 entitled In Your Absence. It features three new songs along with two acoustic versions of songs off Life Is Not A Waiting Room (“Family Tradition”) and Still Searching (“Lost And Found”). However, the three new songs are acoustic as well, but full band. So in a sense this is an acoustic EP, but it’s not being promoted that way. The EP was released by Pure Noise Records, and is already on its second pressing.

The first pressing is spread across four variants, with all of them only being available through certain means. The colors are cream with black and maroon splatter [Pure Noise web store (Merchnow) exclusive limited to 300 copies], black and maroon smash (indie record store exclusive limited to 300 copies), gold (VIP ticket bundle exclusive limited to 500 copies) and white (mass retail exclusive limited to 900 copies). The second pressing is on half black/half white and is limited to 500 copies. I’m not sure where you can buy the second pressing, but it is available via Pure Noise’s web store (Merchnow).

In regards to the VIP ticket exclusives. The band embarked on a 15 year Anniversary Tour, despite only having one original member left. The gold was given to “oro” and “plata” ticket packages with the white, despite it being listed as a mass retail exclusive, was also given to “bronce” ticket packages. If you don’t know Spanish, “oro” translates to “gold” in English, “plata” is “silver” and “bronce” is “bronze.” Along with the records, the VIP bundles also had things like exclusive access to sound check, meet and greet, side stage access for the show, no waiting in general admission line, tour poster, signed set lists, enamel pin set, a plastic bg with a silk screened print professional photo with the band and a piñata party.

All copies come with a screen printed b-side and a download card/code. An insert is included as well, which has the lyrics and liner notes printed on it. There is a small rectangle hype sticker affixed to the top right corner, but it’s probably the worst designed hype sticker as it blends into the artwork. Not the brightest idea to put a red sticker on a red cover if you want it to generate hype and attract attention. Retail price on this is around $15, which is impressively affordable for a 12” EP with a screen printed b-side. The label could have easily charged $20 for this and it likely still would’ve sold as well.

What is pictured below is the indie store variant on black and maroon smash.

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