Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi Soundtrack (2nd Press)

Posted: May 4, 2017 in Vinyl
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In 2016 the entire six part Star Wars scores/soundtracks were re-pressed or pressed (obviously depending on whether or not they were released yet) in a box set. Most if not all of the scores/soundtracks were released outside of the box set and available for purchase as stand alone records. The first trilogy of films was pressed on 180 gram gold vinyl, with replicated packaging from the original RSO Records or 20th Century Records pressing.

The third installment of the trilogy; Return Of The Jedi, has some major deviances from the “replicated original packaging,” as the insert/booklet is not included. I doubt it’s just my copy that showed up without that has production stills from the film printed on it. Other than that the gatefold artwork and cover art are faithfully re-created.

The audio was “restored” from the original masters. So in other, more proper words, the audio was re-mastered from the original masters. Despite that some people are complaining about the sound quality of this re-press. I found hardly any flaws with it, as do most people. It doesn’t sound perfect, but that shouldn’t scare you from buying it if you want a new copy instead of playing Russian roulette with a used copy that may come with lots of scratches and a horribly worn jacket. To sum up people’s complaints about the sound quality, one of the biggest complainers used the term “vinyls.” So that should be enough evidence for people to throw away that person’s opinion.

All of the re-pressings of the original trilogy are European pressings. But at the time Return Of The Jedi was released in August 2016, Barnes & Noble (B&N) falsely advertised that they were the exclusive retailers of the records on gold vinyl. They’re not even the only U.S. retailer to carry these re-pressings. B&N even created a fake holiday; “Vinyl Day,” to capitalize on the surging vinyl sales, with this Return Of The Jedi re-press being part of the “Vinyl Day” celebration. Basically the only things that sets apart this fake B&N exclusive from the legitimate European release are the barcode numbers and a white square hype sticker on the cover that falsely advertises the record as a “Barnes & Noble exclusive.”

Pressing info has not, and likely never will be released. But these scores/soundtracks are becoming harder to find, especially The Empire Strikes Back. Many distros no longer have copies of the second score/soundtrack for sale at all, or have them on back-order. Return Of The Jedi is following quickly on its predecessor’s heals though. Retail on Return Of The Jedi is around $25 because it’s a single LP, but retail on Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back is around $30 because they’re double LP’s. I would advise trying to find copies of The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of The Jedi sooner rather than later. If you’re waiting for a sale don’t. If you’re waiting for a better 20% or 25% off sale instead of a 15% off sale; don’t. You likely won’t be able to find a copy if you play that game.


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