V/A – Pineapple Express Soundtrack (RSD 2017)

Posted: May 15, 2017 in Vinyl
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Once again I decided to camp out for Record Store Day (RSD), getting to my store 8 ½ hours ahead of opening. I know I said on Twitter that I likely wouldn’t bother with RSD this year, but things changed obviously. That thing was adding more and more things to my list, which ending the debate of do I want to go out for the one thing I know I won’t be able to find online for retail price. I’d rather not spend $30 on something if it means the only thing being sacrificed is a good night’s sleep. If you think I’m crazy for waiting that line and getting to a store that early, keep reading. But I do sleep for at least 2-3 hours of that wait time. If you want to skip this column-esque story, skip ahead five paragraphs for the start of the write up on this particular RSD release.

To lay the ground work for RSD this year, I actually had fun the past two years (2016 & 2017) waiting in line, which makes the time go by faster. That was not the case every other year, and I’ve been attending RSD since its inception in 2008. I had some cool people to talk to these past two years, which rarely, if ever happened every other year for RSD. I’m talkative person, it’s the other people who either can’t or refuse to hold a conversation for whatever reason. The past two years I was next to the same group of people actually. You see, at my local store, the same groups of people show up around the same time every year, especially the diehards. I’m talking about the real early birds, the people who get there 7+ hours ahead of opening. And at my store you have to show up by 4 am (for an 8 am opening) in order to have a serious chance of getting what you want. Otherwise you’re like 150+ in line and will spend around 2 hours (after opening) just waiting to get in and get checked out. It’s a popular store in a highly populated area.

For those curious about what store I go to, I never mention it because I want to maintain some privacy for myself. I don’t want people knowing where I live. It’s not a matter of turning people onto the store and having more people show up. Trust me, this store is well know and one of the most popular stores in the region. It draws people from four different states for RSD, and there are no shortages of record stores in the area either.

The only thing that changed in the 10 years RSD has been happening is how early I have to line up in order to get everything I want, or at the very least the few things I would have a hard time tracking down for a decent price online. I used to get to my store around 5 am, and got everything I wanted with no problem. But ever since 2015 the line has gotten out of control. I used to be no more than 20th in line with a 5 am arrival from 2009-2014, but I learned my lesson in 2015 after getting there at 2 am (thinking that additional 3 hours would be enough to compensate for the Deja Entendu release) and being like 50th in line, resulting in missing out on stuff I wanted for the first time ever. And I mean for the first time ever. Prior to that year I never missed out on a single thing on my list.

Ever since then my goal was to get there by midnight, and it’s worked. And I’ve had more fun in line than ever. People bring beer, people are more talkative, offer to get food and coffee for people and are just more helpful and nicer in general. I think a lot people are immediately grumpy when they get there later in the morning and come to the dreaded realization of how long the line actually is. The line can be a bit deceiving because it wraps around the building/strip mall. Lots of people see what they think is the end of the line at the end of the building/strip mall, only to walk over and discover it keeps going. I’ve heard plenty of obscenities being yelled at 5 and 6 am, some from like a hundred feet away.

That one thing mentioned above was the Thrice 7”. That is what drew me out for RSD, but I also picked up a bunch of other things rather than deal with paying for shipping and the potential for damage during shipping. The Pineapple Express Soundtrack was one of the other releases. But I debated buying the soundtrack due to it price; $35. Thankfully my store has a rewards program where if you spend a certain amount of money (accumulation tally) you get a $10 rewards credit. So I used that rewards credit to get the soundtrack for $25, a much easier price to swallow.

Considering I only wanted this soundtrack for the Huey Lewis And The News song, yes I’m nuts, the $35 price tag was even more ridiculous. To illustrate how ridiculous that suggested retail price was, there was a store selling copies of this soundtrack for $25 (before shipping) on Discogs. So odds are this soundtrack won’t be able to be given away, which makes me even crazier for buying. To be honest, I debated buying it as far as the point where I was walking in the door of my local store. Ultimately the deciding factor was regret of missing out on it due to it being one of the more limited releases I was interested in.

The Pineapple Express Soundtrack was pressed as a double LP limited to 1,800 copies, with all copies pressed on “Green Grass Marble.”’ The records do actually look like weed, which you can judge for yourself after looking at the photo gallery below. Typically I only photograph the a-side and c-side (if it’s a double LP), but with this record I opted to do the a-side and d-sides instead. The a-side and c-side labels are the same, save for the track listing, and the b-side and d-side labels are the same with the artwork. There are two hype stickers, both affixed to the top right corner. One sticker indicates the color of the records while the other is a RSD release sticker, but not one of those silver foil stickers though. That seems to be big this year; using a RSD release sticker but not the official silver foil RSD sticker.

The aforementioned Huey Lewis And The News song is the theme song for the movie, an original song Huey Lewis wrote for the film simply titled “Pineapple Express.” He is no stranger for writing songs for movies, and was embroiled in an infamous lawsuit over one. Other artists on the soundtrack included Cypress Hill, Mountain, Public Enemy, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Peter Tosh.

No download card is included, which is unacceptable these days. The double LP release does not come in a gatefold jacket, just one of those cheap, flimsy oversized LP jackets. An insert is included, but it’s not full size. So basically, the label cut all corners on this release and made it as cheap as possible while charging beyond top dollar for it. Typical RSD BS.



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