Dane Cook – Harmful If Swallowed

Posted: May 19, 2017 in Vinyl
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Dane Cook went from being one of the most popular comics to falling into oblivion seemingly overnight. He burst onto the scene then just as quickly faded away. He has his fair share of critics, and he always had detractors who thought he was a Louis C.K. rip-off in more ways than one. Personally, I enjoy some of his earlier specials, albums and bits more than his latest efforts. But I will add that as I grow older and go back through his material I find it less funny.

With that said, when I saw the vinyl version of Harmful If Swallowed at my record store by the counter on Record Store Day with a sign that said ‘Please rid us of this plague – $1 OBO’ my interest was piqued. I’m in the store several times a month and never saw this record or the sign before. I asked what the deal was and the guy behind the counter said they bought a collection from a kid trying to get money for college like two or three years ago. It was mostly garbage (not the band) that we knew we would struggle selling but the kid was desperate and agreed to $100 for like 300 records. But this Dane Cook record never sold, and it was the last piece of that collection. He went on to say they even tried selling it on eBay several times with a 99 cent starting bid and there were no takers. They just wanted this record gone.

So I figured what the hell. For $1 I’ll buy a Dane Cook record with no regrets. I’ll add that this was brand new, still factory sealed. That kid who apparently took pennies on the dollar for his collection never even opened this record. At the time Harmful If Swallowed was first released back in 2013 retail price was $20. I remember that price because people on message boards were making fun of not just the fact this album was getting pressed on vinyl, but the price of it too. I wound up buying this for like what, like 95% off?

After doing some digging on this record, I discovered that there is in fact pressing info for it. There were 1,000 copies pressed, most likely all on black vinyl. There may be variants for this, but I highly doubt it. Alternate artwork is used for the vinyl version, but it’s tweaked ever so slightly. Instead of a white background like the CD version, the vinyl version has a black background meant to mimic a flag. There is also a 10th Anniversary logo slapped on the cover, because this was pressed for the album’s 10th Anniversary. Comedy Central Records wrote up a lengthy sell sheet/press release for this record too.

Dane Cook - Harumful If Swallowed - Copy



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