Kyle Kinane – Whiskey Icarus

Posted: May 19, 2017 in Vinyl
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Kyle Kinane’s albums have steadily been released on vinyl, and his second album, Whiskey Icarus, was released on vinyl in 2014. The album was pressed as a double LP, and to my knowledge only comes on one variant; black with yellow splatter. I was surprised to see this come on colored vinyl. I fully expected it to be on black vinyl, especially since no color was mentioned anywhere. And I mean anywhere. No stores selling this, not the label releasing it (Comedy Central Records), not Discogs. Plus, I’ve never seen photos of this record prior to buying it. Since I wasn’t even aware it would come on colored vinyl, it should be no surprise that I don’t know how many copies were pressed.

All copies come in a gatefold jacket, and a download card/code is included as well. The gatefold is rather bland and pointless in terms of artwork/creative packaging. It’s a tiny picture of Kyle Kinane on each panel, set against an all black background. Rather than traditional paper dust sleeves, each record comes in card stock dust sleeves. And is there anything even printed on these more expensive dust sleeves? Nope. They’re completely blank. All they do is drive up the price of this release. Not that this record is expensive (around $20 retail), it just could have been cheaper. And should have without having the unnecessary gatefold jacket and cardstock dust sleeves. You’re not really getting a good bang for your buck here. Had there been nice artwork, or really anything better than what is actually printed inside the gatefold, and the same goes for the dust sleeves, the price would be more justified.


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