Kyle Kinane/The Slow Death – Under The Table #2 Split 7″ (1st Press)

Posted: May 19, 2017 in Vinyl
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Kyle Kinane’s albums have steadily been released on vinyl, even releasing a split 7″ with a band. Which may seem like an odd pairing until you consider the standup comic was briefly in Masked Intruders. The split, part of the Under The Table series (#2 in series), was done with The Slow Death, was released by Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club and Rad Girlfriend Records in 2014, and has already gone through a second pressing. What is featured here is the first pressing.

The first pressing was pressed on three variants; “black death” limited to 220 copies and “skunk-piss” yellow limited to 330 copies. If it’s not obvious enough, “black death” is simply black vinyl, and “skunk-piss” yellow is yellow. Translucent yellow actually, in a golden hue. Didn’t know skunks pissed in that particular shade of yellow. But it’s good knowledge to have. Especially when those trivia nights at the bar come around and every other table is stumped when the “what shade of yellow is skunk piss” question comes up.

But in all seriousness, the name for the yellow variant is inspired by the lone track/joke Kyle Kinane contributes to this split; “Skunk.” The third variant is a 2014 Awesome Fest exclusive, with the only difference making it a separate variant is that is comes with a different cover. The covers are apparently black and yellow, and those covers came with random colors of vinyl. I’ve never seen a photo of this Awesome Fest exclusive, so I have no idea what those exclusive covers look like. I’m just going on info posted on Discogs, which can be a double edged sword.

An insert is also included with all copies from the first pressing. I’m not sure about the second pressing. The second pressing was done on only one variant, “skunk stink” green, limited to 500 copies. The green is translucent.

If you’re looking to buy a copy of the split after reading this, you’ll likely get a copy from the second pressing. But with that said, I bought a copy from a distro about one month after the second pressing was released (I bought this a long time ago, June 2016, but just got around to posting this now) and got a copy on black vinyl from the first pressing. Needless to say I was shocked. I didn’t care what color and/or pressing I got, because I was able to buy this for $5 shipped.


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