Louis C.K. – Oh My God

Posted: May 19, 2017 in Vinyl
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Louis C.K. had his sixth comedy album, Oh My God, released on vinyl in 2014. It’s the first of his albums to be pressed on vinyl. Vagrant Records, yes that Vagrant Records, released Oh My God on vinyl. Not sure how that partnership came about considering Louis C.K. has his own production company he uses for most of his stuff now, and there are currently only four comedy labels in the game; Comedy Central Records and Stand Up Records.

All copies were pressed as a double LP on black vinyl, with pressing info never being released. There is no insert included nor are the records housed in a gatefold jacket considering the release is a double LP. This is about as no frills a release as you can get; standard weight black vinyl with album artwork that is almost nonexistent pasted onto a white background along with the center labels, with no additional add ins like an insert, download card, printed dust sleeves, etc.

Many people may question the choice of buying a comedy album on vinyl, especially this one because of the hefty price tag, around $25 from most places before shipping. Granted I scored this album for $15 shipped; buying comedy albums comes down to personal preference more than any of form of audio released on vinyl. Many people don’t see a point to comedy albums in general because of the lack of visuals that are needed to get many jokes or bits, let alone a comedy album on vinyl. They would prefer a video of some kind of the performance. Personally I buy comedy albums for the experience you get from listening to them. Using a stereo, especially a surround sound system hooked up to the same receiver as your turntable, you feel like you’re there, watching the performance in person. There is also the aspect of supporting your favorite comics.

Louis C.K. - Oh My God - Copy


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