Patton Oswalt – Talking For Clapping (1st Press)

Posted: May 19, 2017 in Vinyl
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Patton Oswalt’s new album, Talking For Clapping, flew under a lot of people’s radar, but not the Recording Academy as at it won the 2017 Grammy for Best Comedy Album. This album is classic Patton Oswalt and anyone, from his diehard fans to the casual observer will enjoy this album full of new material. Standup comedy seems to be gaining in popularity again, thanks in part to Comedy Central’s celebrity roasts and Roast Battle, their latest venture into standup, which Patton coincidentally happened to judge.

Talking For Clapping was pressed on three different variants for the first pressing; 100 copies on blue splatter, 400 copies on white and 1,000 copies on black. I’m not sure of the pressing info for the second pressing, but all copies appear to be on “Halloween” orange. The splatter copies came autographed by Patton and cost $30 before shipping, double the cost of the other variants. But all proceeds went 826LA, a non-profit supporting students ages 6–18 with their creative and expository writing skills and helping teachers inspire their students to write. That is a cause near and dear to my heart. I will always support the arts, especially music and writing, as they were and still are an integral part of my life. This blog itself is an endeavor into writing. And I took many writing classes in college on my way to a journalism and public relations degree.

All the other variants cost $15, with white (along with the blue splatter) being exclusive to the label, Aspecialthing Records. Black was only available from distros and possibly indie record stores, it was not available via Aspecialthing’s web store. With the general retail price already being stated, I bought this from a distro for just $11 shipped.

All copies come with a download code, which is nice because I couldn’t find MP3’s of this album/special anywhere. Oh, with that being said, Talking For Clapping was originally a Netflix special recorded in San Francisco at the Fillmore Theater in 2015. Other than the download card, it’s just a record stuffed into a single pocket jacket.

Patton Oswalt - Talking For Clapping - Copy


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