Kyle Kinane – I Liked His Old Stuff Better

Posted: June 6, 2017 in Vinyl
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Despite Record Store Day (RSD) growing in size and notoriety, some releases don’t get on the official list for whatever reason. Yes, RSD does reject releases. And yes, RSD does prevent many an album from getting pressed in a timely manner. Often times those releases end up coming out on RSD despite those hurdles, they’re just no on the official list. One of those releases from 2015 was Kyle Kinane’s I Liked His Old Stuff Better. This record was not on the official list, in any of the subcategories. But with that said not every store got in copies for whatever reason, but it had nothing to do with RSD allotments.  My store did not get copies in, but it wasn’t limited to certain parts of the country, it was available at stores all  over the country.

I Liked His Old Stuff Better was pressed as double LP on clear vinyl, housed in a gatefold jacket. The jacket has a matte finish and its nice quality. The gatefold has an old photo of Kyle Kinane on one panel with liner notes on the other panel. There are unique center labels for each side of the record, though they are just different shades of the same color. Sides A/B are green an sides C/D are red. The records themselves are in thin glossy paper dust sleeves; they’re almost like wax paper. I’ve never seen any dust sleeves like this before.

All copies come with a download card too. There is a vinyl exclusive bonus track, “Sold Out, Suck It,” which is the only track on the d-side. Not sure if it’s available on the download card though, because when I entered the code I got an “expired code” error message. Apparently Drop Card codes expire after two years, which is an absurd policy. There is no expiration date printed on this Kyle Kinane download card (nor any Drop Card code for that matter), I only found out the expiration date by clicking on the help button on the download website. So buyer beware if you’re buying records that are two or more years old, as the download codes may not work. I’ve never had this problem before, no matter the download card host. And I’ve only ever actuallly seen an expiration date printed on one download card for a record I own, out of the thousands I own.

I did some digging and couldn’t find pressing info for this record. Had this been an official RSD release the amount would be published. When this originally came out the price was around $20. Prices have started to come down a bit, I got this for $15 shipped, but they’re not the easiest record to find. Though more and more copies have started popping up on eBay, that used to not be the case. Discogs has a handful of copies though. At this point you’d be hard pressed to find a brick and mortar store with copies.




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