Fenix TX – CRE.EP

Posted: June 12, 2017 in Vinyl

Fenix TX surprisingly came back to release their first new studio material in 14 years in 2016, in the form of six song EP entitled CRE.EP (aka CRE-EP) Though there are only four truly new songs on the EP, including a vinyl only bonus track to bring the total up to six songs. The four new songs are tracks 2-5; “Church And State,” “Bending Over Backwards,” “Get Loose” and “I Don’t Know What To Say.” The opening track, “Spooky Action At A Distance,” was released prior to this EP, on the soundtrack to the video game MLB 13: The Show, which came out in 2013. The vinyl exclusive bonus track is an acoustic version of “A Song For Everyone” off Lechuza.

Cyber Tracks released this EP, launching pre-orders in early September 2016 with an expected released date in November (though digital version were released in September). Initially the vinyl version of the EP was only available in ridiculously overpriced, and unnecessary bundles. These bundles ranged in price from $25 on the low end all the way up to $100. Though I will point out you didn’t have to buy the ridiculously expensive bundles in order to get a certain variant or the record in general. You could buy the record in a bundle with a t-shirt, which ranged in price from $25-30 depending on the variant. At first I assumed the price may be indicative of rarity of the given variant, but after obtaining the pressing info from the label I discovered that not to be the case.

The $100 bundle, dubbed the private show bundle, included a private show, an autographed record, autographed CD, digital download and two limited edition t-shirts, with only five bundles available. The next lowest bundle, named the online live show bundle, cost $75 and included an online live show bundle, an autographed record, autographed CD, digital download and two limited edition t-shirts, with 100 of these bundles available. The third most expensive bundle cost $50, which was called a non-show bundle, only included the autographed record, autographed CD, digital download and two limited edition t-shirts. You could get any of the three variants announced at the time of pre-orders in those bundles.

Those three variants are a bit confusing, as the label can’t even get the names of them right in their own web store. They are milky clear/swamp haze, aka bone w/ haze, milky clear/green splatter, aka clear w/ green splatter, and oxblood red. The description/name before the aka is what appears in the drop down menu when going to order any of the variants, and is what the variants were called when the record was only available in bundles. The description/name after the aka started appearing after the variants were made available for purchase outside of the bundle, which happened after the vinyl version of the EP was released in November 2016.

With that said, as aforementioned certain variants cost more when they were in bundles (the cheaper options). The splatter cost $30, oxblood cost $28 and the haze cost $25 in the bundles with a t-shirt. All had an identical t-shirt. After the variants were available outside of bundles (without being autographed), the price came down drastically to $13 each. But there was still a catch, as shipping remained a ridiculous $9 per record. So if you wanted to buy all three variants, or even just two of them, you had to pay $9 shipping per record. I will point out that the label did fix this issue, because as of writing this they lowered the shipping price to $6 flat rate.

Again, as aforementioned I assumed the different prices for certain variants meant one may be rarer than another. The pressing info spoke volumes though, as each of the colored variants are limited to 100 copies each. At this point I should mention there is another, fourth variant out there, which is black vinyl. Black vinyl is limited to 200 copies, and is only available through retail outlets other than Cyber Tracks. The label is not selling the black variant. But with that said there is a slim chance you could get one of the colored variants if you buy this from say like Amazon, an indie record store or any other online distro.  So 500 total copies pressed for CRE.EP (aka CRE-EP); the cover art has a period in the title, while the label’s official web store has a hyphen. Not sure what is going on there with the title.

I bought a copy of this EP from a conglomerate distro that operates under literally three different names, and sells on both eBay and Discogs using those three names as well, and received a copy on black vinyl, which I didn’t even know existed at the time. This distro is a supplier for many web stores out there, for example Barnes & Noble and F.Y.E., so if you place an order with them that includes records or CD’s your order will ship from this distro’s warehouse in Kentucky.

The price for this EP ranges from $13 directly from the label, up to $20 depending on where else you buy it. The distro mentioned above has a wide array of prices for it depending on from which of the retail hubs you buy from; one site might charge $16 while on eBay they have it listed for $20. Bull Moose has this listed for $16 too. As of posting this none of the colored variants are sold out, despite them all being limited to only 100 copies apiece. So it’s quite obvious they didn’t sell out of that online live bundle. I’d actually be curious to see how well the live show bundles sold.

With those prices laid out, it’s not a justified price. This is simply a standard weight record stuffed into a cheap, thin single pocket jacket. No insert or printed dust sleeve is included, neither is a download card/code. You don’t even get one sent to you via email if you order directly from the label. I stand by this whole heartedly, and I seem to repeat it with every record that falls into the category; these days it is inexcusable for any unlicensed record to not come with a download card/code.

Fenix TX - Cre.ep - Copy



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