Minus The Bear – VOIDS

Posted: June 12, 2017 in Vinyl

Minus The Bear’s new album, VOIDS, was not a variant fest or have insanely limited ones either. It’s great to see a label like Suicide Squeeze make a record widely available while offering choices for people if they want a more limited variant or colored vinyl. VOIDS was pressed on three variants; 180 gram black, “electric” blue and splatter.

The splatter is clear with blue, black and peach splatter. It was an indie store and tour exclusive, limited to 5,000 copies. “Electric” blue was exclusive to the band’s official pre-order and is limited to 1,000 copies. The mock up released for the blue had it looking like a straight forward translucent blue, but what actually turned out was more of a opaque navy/royal blue with black and white marble. The 180 gram black is widely available, even some indie stores got copies of it, and it’s also limited to 5,000 copies.

All copies come in a die-cut jacket, and full color printed dust sleeve and a download card/code. The artwork and layout was designed by Nick Steinhardt. The die-cut portion is on the cover, with the album title spelled out in big letters. This die-cutting creates some issues, since the album title is spelled out in such large letters that take up the bulk of the cover, it doesn’t lend much structural support for it. So once you slide the record out of the jacket, the cover collapses in against the back of the jacket. This should go without saying, but be careful sliding the record back in the jacket because it can catch on each thin strip left behind from the die-cut.

With the die-cutting, the printed dust sleeve shows through to add another element to the artwork. The sleeve shows through the die-cut, adding depth to the artwork. Instead of the typical white backing, or even black, inside the jacket is a peach color. The lyrics are printed on the reverse side of the dust sleeve.

There is a circle hype sticker on copies which indicate color along with saying “limited edition.” The splatter is simply called “splatter” on the hype sticker though. It doesn’t list out what colors make up the record. Retail price on this is around $20. Suicide Squeeze and the band are actually charging more for the blue and black variants online than many records stores are. I bought this from Amoeba on black vinyl (they actually had the splatter and black vinyl) for $19. They were selling the splatter for $21 though. I took advantage of their monthly 15% off sales and picked this record up for less. If there is one thing I learned about Minus The Bear is that it’s better to buy their albums sooner rather than later, as they typically sell records very well. And once they sell out they can fetch a pretty penny on the secondary market.


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