Moneen – Pleasantly Saying The Most Terrible Things 7″

Posted: June 12, 2017 in Vinyl

I was finally able to track down a copy of the bonus 7” that was included with pre-orders for Dine Alone Records’ bundles released last year. It took over a year, but I managed to get one for $12 shipped. Factoring in what the bundle cost and everything in it that I didn’t want which I would’ve wasted money on, I came out ahead I think. Especially considering this 7” wasn’t even announced at the time pre-orders for the bundles went live. Plans for this 7” were only made public as way to thank customers/fans who pre-ordered a bundle for being so patient with Dine Alone. You see, pre-orders for those bundles and the records in them took nearly one year to ship due to numerous delays.

The single sided 7” features “Pleasantly Saying The Most Terrible Things,” a b-side from the Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now? sessions that was previously only released on a Vagrant Records comp entitled Another Year On The Streets Vol. 3. It has a screen printed b-side. The screen printing is of the butterflies that are found on the cover art for the band’s album Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now?, and they circle around the entire circumference of the record. Only the a-side of the record has a center label. There were 200 copies of this bonus 7” pressed, and they were only given out to the first 200 customers who pre-ordered any of the Moneen records or any of the bundles.

Quite a few have made their way onto the secondary market due to what I’m guessing are Alexisonfire fans who have no desire for a Moneen 7”. Quite understandable, but still no reason to try to and flip them on ebay for $40 like some of them tried. The highest any of these 7”s have sold for is $29, with most selling for around $15. I think that $29 sale was the first one to pop up on eBay, which is likely the reason for the higher price. Plenty of these are currently up for sale for around $15, but of course none of that stops clowns from listing copies for $35.


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