Swiss Army Man Soundtrack

Posted: June 12, 2017 in Vinyl
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Collecting records can lead you down some strange roads. I never thought I would buy the soundtrack to a movie about a guy stranded on a desert island finding a dead body (played by Harry Potter), befriending it ala Tom Hanks with Wilson in Cast Away, and riding it around like a jet ski that is propelled by farts. But here we are, with that record added to my collection and you reading about it.

The soundtrack to the film Swiss Army Man was composed by Andy Hull and Robert McDowell of Manchester Orchestra fame. Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) even contributes vocals to some songs. It was released by Iam8bit in conjunction with A24 under license from Lakeshore Records. This is the first Iam8bit release I own, and I have to say I’m impressed. Iam8bit is a niche label that specializes in video game products and has a bit of a cult following like Mondo, Waxwork or Spacelab9.  And following in line with those labels, they overcharge for their releases. This single LP cost $28 before shipping directly from Iam8bit. I was able to buy this from Amoeba for $25 with free shipping, plus I was able to use their monthly 15% off coupon to get it for a little over $21. I always found it ridiculous that some labels charge more than physical record stores and other distros.

The soundtrack may or may not have gone through a second pressing. I know for a fact that the label was sold out of the soundtrack for a brief period, then it was suddenly available for purchase again. Which indicates they had to press more copies. The pressing info has never been released, and as of posting this Iam8bit has never responded to my efforts to find out the pressing info. What I do know is that at the very least, all copies of the first pressing (if there are multiple pressings) were pressed on “ocean” colored 180 gram vinyl. The “ocean” color is simply opaque blue with white marble, which I included a photo of.

Another indication that there may be a second pressing is that Iam8bit’s website used to have “ocean” blue copies for sale, but now they just list it as 180 gram vinyl with no color given. Also, keep in mind mock ups aren’t final and do change, the original mock up Iam8bit released had the color listed as translucent “ocean” colored vinyl. But I doubt they changed the color from translucent to opaque for a re-pressing. For what it’s worth, the hype sticker on my copy (pictured below) simply says 180 gram vinyl; no color is mentioned. I’m still waiting for a response back from the label about this.

All copies also come housed in a gatefold jacket with a printed dust sleeve and an insert of sorts. This insert is comprised of cut out/punch out paper doll characters and props that are meant to be used on the diorama, with the diorama being what I’m assuming is the inside of the gatefold jacket. The artwork was done by Mark Englert. No download card/code is included with physical copies, but if you order directly from Iam8bit they will email you a download code. Ridiculous that a label charging $28 for a single LP can’t pay for download cards.

Regarding the price of this record, some people have foolishly paid over $50 for it on the secondary market. Don’t be one of those idiots. As aforementioned, the label is selling these for $28 plus $5 shipping. Save yourself money.



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