Taking Back Sunday – s/t (1st Press)

Posted: June 12, 2017 in Vinyl

After much hype Taking Back Sunday finally released their self-titled album in mid 2017. First it was rumors a few years ago that never panned out, then it suddenly became confirmed and was talked about for a few months without a pre-order or release date, and finally in late March 2017 the record was finally released. Lastly, there is the even longer talked about band exclusive colors that have yet to be released as of posting this.

You see, when the pre-orders first went live in early February, people asked the band on social media where their pre-order was or if an official pre-order would be happening. The band responded by saying they will have exclusive colors of Taking Back Sunday along with the Louder Now re-press available “soon.” That infamous “soon” phrasing turned into a release date of summer 2017. Several months after the March release date. So with that in mind, I am considering the colored variant a second pressing, since there is no way they were pressed at the same time as the initial copies on black vinyl. For those curious, the color for s/t is supposed to be on green vinyl based on the mock up the band released.

Pressing info has not been released for the first pressing on black vinyl, and it likely never will be because s/t was a major label release. All copies come with an insert, which has the lyrics printed on one side with the liner notes on the reverse side. No download card/code is included, which is inexcusable these days. This wasn’t a licensed release; it was the original rights holders putting it out, but the major label was too cheap and greedy to include a digital download for it. It’s even more inexcusable when you consider the retail price: around $17. But at least they did press it, so there is some silver lining.

In late July 2017 the highly anticipated second pressing on colored vinyl was released. Copies were sold on tour and online only at the band’s official web store hosted by Shop Bench Mark, for the ridiculous price of $25 for a single LP. Tack on shipping and the total came out to around $32. The color is green limited to 500 copies. The band is also selling copies on tour with them, a limited amount per show.



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