Two Tongues – Two Tongues 2

Posted: June 12, 2017 in Vinyl
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One of my most anticipated albums last year was Two Tongue’s sophomore album, aptly titled Two Tongues 2. And boy, was it a huge let down. The first Two Tongues album was great. Not only because it combined lead singers from two of my favorite bands (Saves The Day and Say Anything), but the music was inherently good. But the follow up sounds nothing like its predecessor. It sounds more like recent Say Anything albums, and that should give you an indication of how disappointing this album is.

Two Tongues 2 was pressed as a single LP spread across three colors. Yes you read right, three colors. Equal Vision hid the fact that they pressed a third variant because it was intended to be a tour exclusive, and said tour was abruptly canceled with no reason given. In fact, the label really only advertised one variant and never made mention of the 180 gram black either. But people actually knew the 180 gram black exists because it’s available for sale at some places.

So here are the three colors and pressing info (which is exclusive to this blog); split white/black with purple splatter 180g limited to 500 copies, black 180g limited to 500 copies and white 180g limited to 500 copies. The splatter (which is half white/half black base) was a label/band exclusive via Merchnow, and when it sold out Merchnow started selling black copies. Black is likely a mass retail exclusive though, so if you buy this at your local record store or online anywhere you’ll get black. White is the aforementioned tour exclusive. But since the tour fell through Equal Vision is just sitting on these. They did make same available to a random record store out of Michigan, Revival Records, which now goes by the name Alien Cow Records. When I emailed Equal Vision for the pressing info I was told the white was given to Revival Records, but the store changed their name long ago to Alien Cow Records, which I only discovered via a Google search. This indie record store was given a mere five copies of the white variant, and they sold all five copies on eBay for retail price.

An insert is included along with a download card/code.  Retail price on this is around $20. Something to be aware of with this record is that they were likely not shipped properly somewhere along the way; either from the plant or from distributors. As the copy I was sent that I ordered from a distro had a seam split, and both copies I saw at my local record store had seam splits as well, which is why I didn’t buy a copy from my local store. I would say the distro didn’t pack great, which they didn’t, and they’re notorious for shoddy packaging, but considering my record store had copies with seam splits indicates the problem runs higher up the food chain. It also helps when I told the owner of my store about the seam splits, because the store is usually very good about not putting out damaged copies like that on the sales floor, and he told me “That is how they arrived to us. So we’re kinda stuck with them. Nothing else in that shipment came damaged.”


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