Isotopes – Nuclear Strikezone

Posted: February 28, 2018 in Vinyl
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At some point Isotopes Punk Rock Baseball Club changed their name to simply Isotopes. It’s the same band, save for a few member changes. Nuclear Strikezone was released in 2015 and is not only the band’s first release under their new moniker, it’s their first full length studio album. Up until now the band has only released EPs. Nuclear Strikezone is also the band’s first release on an actual label; Stomp Records. All but one of their previous releases were self released on the band’s own label; 643 Records. That should come across as a clever name for a baseball themed band as 6-4-3 is the scoring for a common double play. The way the album title is printed on the cover is also a clever touch in line with their baseball theme; as the ‘k’ in Stikezone is pritnted backwards; which is the scoring for a strikeout where the batter did so looking (without swinging at the pitch).

Nuclear Strikezone was pressed as s single LP on two colors; white and “nuclear” yellow, both limited to 250 copies apiece. All copies come with a download card, but it’s for crummy 192 kbps MP3s. Aside for the download card, it’s just a record stuffed into a single pocket jacket. Considering this record was on the expensive side; around $20, it’s a bit of a let down. The band is sold out of copies, but some online distros have copies left. Nuclear Strikezone is getting tougher to find, so if you want a copy you better buy one sooner rather than later.

Isotopes - Nuclear Strike Zone - Copy


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