Bush – Razorblade Suitcase: In Addition

Posted: March 5, 2018 in Vinyl

In keeping with releasing anniversary editions of old albums, Bush released a “20th Anniversary” edition, albeit in 2017, of their sophomore album Razorblade Suitcase. Razorblade Suitcase: In Addition is the album’s official title, and the band made it worth purchasing even if you already own a copy of the album on any format. It comes packaging in a high quality gatefold jacket, with alternate artwork, and most importantly it comes with some good b-sides. In total Razorblade Suitcase: In Addition has four b-sides that were left off all previous releases of the studio album on vinyl (or any format for that matter), with one of them being unreleased until now.

These four b-sides are (in order of appearance) “Old,” “’Sleeper,” “Broken TV” and “Bubbles.” The lone never before released song out of those is “Sleeper. “Bubbles” was previously released on the soundtrack to the classic Kevin Smith film Mallrats, and prior to the release of Razorblade Suitcase: In Addition, the song was exclusive to the soundtrack. “Old” was previously released on the “Greedy Fly” CD single, “Broken TV” was previously released on the “Swallowed” CD single. My only complaint with the track listing of this anniversary release is that they omitted one b-side; “In A Lonely Place,” which was released on the “Bone Driven” CD single. But this was likely due to time restraints, as the D-side (where all the b-sides are located) of the Razorblade Suitcase: In Addition clocks in at over 20 minutes in length, and “In A Lonely Place” is a six minute song. So without re-arranging the track listing of the original studio album, “In A Lonely Place” was left on the cutting room floor, for a second time.

I mentioned above alternate artwork; it’s not as alternate as you’d think. It’s the original Razorblade Suitcase cover art, only with a pearlescent/metallic finish to it. Each record in the double LP set comes in a full color dust. A huge foldout poster is also included, which has the lyrics for every song printed on it. There is a download card for high quality 320 kbps MP3s of all the songs on the record, including all the b-sides.

Pressing info was never released, and I doubt it ever will be. But all copies were pressed on black/white swirl. Razorblade Suitcase: In Addition was released by Round Hill Records, who seem to specialize in anniversary re-presses as they also did the 20th Anniversary edition of The Offspring’s Ixnay on The Hombre released in the later part of 2017. This record was also released in conjunction with Gavin Rossdale’s own label, Zuma Rock Records.

When this record was first released it was overpriced; $30 was the retail price. But prices have started to come down, but only slightly. Instead of buying this for $30, you can now easily find this for the heavily discounted price of $25! My advice, wait longer for it to inevitably further drop in price, because these things are not selling well. Or use a smartly timed discount/coupon/promo code in order to save more money on it if you’re getting tire of waiting for this to drop to a reasonable price. Which is what I did to bring the price down to $18 shipped.


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