Kyle Kinane – Death Of The Party

Posted: October 2, 2018 in Vinyl
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Kyle Kinane’s debut album, Death Of The Party was first released in 2009, but didn’t see the light of day on vinyl until a few years later in 2012. It was released by Stand Up! Records on three variants; white with black haze limited to 100 copies, half white/half clear with black splatter limited to 100 copies and black limited to 300 copies. The haze was a tour exclusive, while the splatter was partly a 2017 Black Friday Record Store Day exclusive. I say partly because it was finally put up for sale online on Black Friday 2017. It was not an actual RSD release sold in physical indie record stores. Based on Pirates Press record of the week blog, where this record was featured back in 2012, all three variants are pictured, Stand Up! sat on this variant for over five years.

Retail price on Death Of The Party, is a bit squirrely in my book. The two colored variants cost $25, while the black variant cost $20 (all before shipping). It’s nice that the label eventually put up the splatter variant for sale, but it’s not cool that they charged $5 more for it. And it’s not just that colored variant they charged more for, it was both colored variants. One of my pet peeves is colored variants costing more than a black variant. I understand it’s a bit more expensive to press colored vinyl as some plants charge extra set up fees, especially the more extravagant variants like splatters, swirls and hazes; but it doesn’t come out to $5 per record. Clearly some labels don’t up-charge for colored variants, which means if you’re a label that can’t afford to press colored vinyl but want to anyway because you’ll just charge more for that variant(s); please don’t do it. Vote with your wallets people.

As of posting this the only variant not sold out is the splatter, but according to the label (where I got the pressing info from) there aren’t many copies of it left. So if you’re looking for this album and aren’t willing to wait looking for a better deal, you should jump on buying it from Stand Up! Records now. This is one of the harder to track down Kyle Kinane records, which is partly due to how long ago it was released, with the other part being how limited it is compared to some of his other releases. While his album I Liked His Old Stuff Better was a RSD release only sold in a select few record stores since it was one of RSD’s “limited/regional release” releases, there were more copies of that pressed; 1,000 copies. But with all that said, prices aren’t crazy for Death Of The Party on the secondary market. You can actually pick up a copy for less than original retail price, at least the black variant. The problem is, copies rarely pop up for sale. I bought a used copy for $15 shipped off ebay.

Death Of The Party is probably Kinane’s weakest album. Not to say it’s a bad album, it’s just not as funny as his later efforts. While I found myself hysterically laughing at least once per every track/bit on his later albums, there were a handful of tracks/bits on this, his first album, that I wasn’t even laughing. The album was recorded live on 8/21/09 at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles. The final track on the album, (B5) is a bonus track not listed anywhere on the release (CD or vinyl version). Though it is included on the download card found with this record, with the track entitled “Live At Budokan.”

Kyle Kinane - Death Of The Party - Copy


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