Kyle Kinane – Loose In Chicago

Posted: October 2, 2018 in Vinyl
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Kyle Kinane’s latest album, Loose In Chicago, was recorded at The Metro and released on vinyl as a double LP on translucent blue vinyl. It comes in a single pocket jacket, which is a disappointment considering two of his other albums were released in a gatefold jacket. A download card is included for high quality 320 kbps MP3s.  There is a black circle hype sticker placed on the top left corner.

Some of the jokes on Loose In Chicago are older ones that were released on previous albums. An interesting thing Kinane did with the track listing is have them be random food, ingredients, condiments, or elements found in food; like “Beef,” “Corn Syrup,” “Mustard” and “Sodium.” The track listing printed on the back of the jacket reflects this randomness, as instead of having it printed in a numbered sequence or each track on a separate line; the tracks appearing on each side are listed out in order in one line, separated by commas.

The album was released by Comedy Central Records, and pressing info has not been released for it.  As far as I know it was only pressed on this translucent blue color. If you’re a fan of Kyle Kinane’s standup, you’ll enjoy this album.


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