Fall Out Boy – M A N I A

Posted: October 23, 2018 in Vinyl

Where do I begin with the latest Fall Out Boy album? To sum things up; it’s one of the worst pieces of garbage I’ve ever had the displeasure to hear. If you thought it couldn’t get worse than their previous album American Beauty / American Psycho you’d be wrong. But then why did you buy it you say? Well you see, I didn’t actually buy it. I used some loyalty points I saved up to get this for free from my local record store on Record Store Day.

With  M A N I A the band/label released several variants, most of which were exclusively available via the band’s official web store. They released four colored variants this way, along with the standard black vinyl that was widely available. These colors were blue, red, lavender and swirl (lavender base w/ red and blue swirl/marbling). One thing to note is that the “lavender” color the two colored variants are described as is actually more of a purple than lavender. Pressing info has never been released for any of the variants, and it appears that after many months the colored variants are sold out.

The record comes in a single pocket jacket with both a fill color printed dust sleeve and insert. The insert, however, is not full size. Size wise the insert is like one you’d find included with a 10” record instead of a 12”/LP of any sort. Once again, Island Records did not include a download card/code with this release. Which seems to be their MO at this point in what is very likely an effort to maximize profits by cutting costs anywhere they can, along with the hopes of suckering people into spending more money for either digital files or a CD copy of the album after already buying a copy of the album on vinyl.

Retail price on this album is around $20 depending on where you buy it from. Some online retailers have started slashing prices on it, so you can find this for closer to $15 (before shipping should you be charged for it).



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