Motion City Soundtrack – Even If It Kills Me (10th Anniversary Edition)

Posted: October 23, 2018 in Vinyl

Keeping with trends, Epitaph released a 10th Anniversary Edition of Motion City Soundtrack’s Even If It Kills Me in 2017. Why didn’t they do this for I Am The Movie or what many consider their most popular and/or best album Commit This To Memory you ask? Well vinyl was not quite as popular in terms of sales back when the anniversary for those particular albums came around.

You may also be asking yourself why are you writing about this in 2018? The answer is simple: money. In my book this record cost too much when it was first released. But that didn’t stop people from quickly buying up the limited variants of it. Which is why labels not only charge the insane prices they do, but know they can get away with it too. Retail price on this was around $25 (before shipping). I waited months to buy this and snagged it for $16 including shipping (which was free by the way), all because I smartly waited and didn’t care what variant I got.

Circling back to the variants for the anniversary pressing (which is the second overall pressing of the album if you want to count it in the grand scheme of things. Technically this is a separate release.), there are four of them. Opaque pink limited to 500 copies, clear limited to 800 copies, light blue limited to an unconfirmed amount and black 180g limited to an unknown amount. The pink was a label (Epitaph) exclusive, blue was an indie record store exclusive and clear was a band exclusive. All copies come with the same hype sticker, which does not denote the color of the records. A download card/code is also included.

The 10th anniversary pressing, like the original pressing, was done as a double LP. It comes in a gatefold jacket with “printed dust sleeves.” I say “printed” because they’re made of the same material as printed dust sleeves, but there is actually nothing printed on them. They’re both solid colors (one light/baby blue and the other light/baby pink).

For me at least, there were two draws for the anniversary pressing. There was bonus tracks not found on the original vinyl release, and alternate artwork. There are 14 bonus tracks, which essentially amounts to a whole other album worth of material. Ranging from b-sides, acoustic versions, live recordings and demos, all the bonus tracks are found on the second disc in the set. Some of these songs were previously released, as Epitaph went back and included the five song acoustic EP and the Japanese bonus track. Here are the bonus songs, in order as they appear on the record:

Side C

  1. Not Asking You To Leave
  2. Fell In Love Without You (acoustic)
  3. It Had To Be You (acoustic
  4. Broken Heart (acoustic)
  5. Can’t Finish What You Started (acoustic)
  6. Point Of Extinction

Side D

  1. It Had To Be You (live)
  2. Broken Heart (live)
  3. Last Night (live)
  4. It Had To Be You (Prequel Holiday Show Intro Version)
  5. Fell In Love (live demo)
  6. Last Night (live demo)
  7. Antonia (live demo)
  8. Even If It Kills Me (Justin’s Original Daniel Johnston Style Bedroom demo)


The anniversary pressing sounds much worse than the original pressing for the simple fact that they crammed the original studio album onto one disc. The original pressing was spread out over both discs in the set, where as they put the studio album on one disc and the bonus material on the second disc for the anniversary pressing. While it’s nice to have new material, or at least never before released on vinyl songs, it shouldn’t come at the cost of sound quality. Would it cost more had the label made it a triple LP? Definitely. But in this instance I think it would be better to pay a bit more for a better (or at least potentially) sounding record.

What is pictured below is the Euro/UK import pressing of the 10th Anniversary Edition of the album. The catalog number differs from the U.S. pressing, even for the 180 gram black variant. The catalog number is7562-1, while the U.S. pressing’s catalog number is 87562-1.  Despite me buying this from a U.S. based distro, I still somehow received a copy from the Euro/UK pressing. But considering this distro re-sells damaged items that were returned to them for being damaged, and damaged items in general (how else can they sell a “used” copy of a release that literally came out two days ago), all for close to original retail price, nothing should surprise me.



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