New Found Glory – Makes Me Sick Again

Posted: October 23, 2018 in Vinyl

In keeping with a lame tradition (that I hope would stay buried in the past) Hopeless Records released a special edition of New Found Glory’s latest album Makes Me Sick, with a poor pun for a title; Makes Me Sick Again. But it’s not all bad, as Hopeless didn’t go overboard with variants like they tend to do with their releases.

Makes Me Sick Again was only pressed on two variants, with both being limited to 1,000 copies each. The first variant, which appears to be a Hopeless exclusive (only basing this on the fact it’s not available anywhere else; it’s not explicitly stated in their web store) on blue with yellow splatter. The second variant, which is widely available, is on “hot pink” with yellow splatter. I say “hot pink” because the color the record actually turned couldn’t be farther from hot pink. It’s straight up red. All copies come with a download card for high quality 320 kbps MP3s.

As with many special edition re-releases, there are some exclusive bonus tracks on Makes Me Sick Again, three in total. But it’s not what it seems, as only two of them were not released in some form prior to the re-release of the album. The three bonus tracks are “Heaven Sent,” “Vacation Day” and “20 Years From Now.” The last of which is the song that was previously released, albeit in acoustic form. The version of “20 Years From Now” found on Makes Me Sick Again is full band with electric guitars.

Somehow Hopeless squeezed all these tracks onto a single LP, but altered the track listing of the original studio album (Makes Me Sick) in order to do so. So “Heaven Sent” becomes the lead song (track 1), “Vacation Day” is track 7, while “20 Years From Now” slides in at the end as the final track. So basically what happens with Makes Me Sick Again is that all the songs found on the original release of the album get bumped down one track or two tracks depending on where it lands on the album. Not the end of the world as this album does not have the greatest flow, so not much is interrupted.

Other key differences with  Makes Me Sick Again compared to Makes Me Sick are the obvious cover art change. But only the background color changes from white to yellow. Gone is the insert from Makes Me Sick, but the exact same imagery/layout etc. was moved to a printed dust sleeve.  Save for the additional tracks and accompanying lyrics.

Retail price on this is around $20 depending on where you buy it. A ridiculous price for a single LP that is essentially a re-press of a still in print record. My advice is to wait to buy this is you’re planning to, as prices will inevitably go down. Hopeless pulled this same stunt with NFG’s other album on the label (Resurrection & Resurrection: Ascension) and it’s still readily available with prices steadily falling. There were simply too many copies pressed of Makes Me Sick Again. And before anywhere says why didn’t you take your own advice; I bought this for $12 shipped using a coupon code.


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