Panic! At The Disco – Pray For The Wicked

Posted: November 12, 2018 in Vinyl

Panic! At The Disco’s latest album, Pray For The Wicked was pressed as a single LP with several variants. Some of which are advertised as “limited” but without pressing info given for any of them. The general idea here is that only the colored vinyl are “limited,” with all of them being exclusive to the band’s official web store. But even that last statement can be confusing.

There are three colored variants; clear, translucent red and black/white marble. But of those only the red and marble are “limited” according to the band’s web store. However, the hype sticker on the clear variant also says “limited edition” like the hype stickers for the other two colored variants.

On top of those three variants, there is also a retail black variant. Oddly enough black vinyl is not available from the band’s web store. Pressing info has not been released for the black variant either. The hype sticker on the black variant, while 99% identical to the hype stickers found on the other variants, makes no mention of it being “limited edition.”

All copies are pressed on 120 gram vinyl. The only reasoning to advertise this cheap, lightweight vinyl is likely because customers either started complaining about the weight of records not being advertised or the complaints stemmed from expectations of heavier weight vinyl and people became angered when the record wasn’t on 180 gram vinyl (despite no claims it ever would be). My money is on the later.

The record is housed in a gatefold jacket, with an insert included. There is a download card/code, which has an expiration date (June 2, 2020). I would complain about the fact there is an expiration date, but at least there is a download card/code included with this release, as a handful of major labels have stopped including them as of 2017. But I will point out the fact that it’s lame the label does not advertise the fact that the download code has an expiration date.

Retail price on this is on the ridiculous side; $25. Wait for this to drop in price in some manner, because you should be able to get this for incredibly cheap. I bought this for $12 shipped by taking advantage of a coupon/discount code.


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