V/A – Suicide Squad Soundtrack

Posted: November 12, 2018 in Vinyl
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Compilations and Soundtracks can be some of the more expensive records to add to your collection for a number of reasons. Actual price aside, many times you’re buying a comp for as little as one song just to keep your collection complete. So that makes the price even worse all things considered. As a sensible and savvy shopper now when it comes to records, patience is a much needed virtue. It can take years before you can cross a record off your want/need list and completing a collection in the process. Case in point; the Suicide Squad Soundtrack.

The movie was released nearly two years ago in 2016, but I was only now finally able to buy a copy of the soundtrack on vinyl for a reasonable price. When the soundtrack was first released on vinyl retail price was close to if not over $30 depending on where you were shopping. The double LP set, while nice, is not worth that much. The traditional record (non picture disc) does come in a gatefold jacket, has an etched d-side and includes an insert on top of the gatefold jacket. But the insert is pointless, and you can even make the same case for the gatefold jacket and etching. All things Atlantic Records opted for just to drive the price up. If it meant having the price be closer to $20 instead of $30, I’d gladly take this record without the insert and housed in a single pocket jacket (extra large pocket to fit double LP).

The insert has the credits on one side and a promo image from the movie on the other side. The artwork inside the gatefold is nice, and it’s clever; giving a caricature for each artist/band featured on the soundtrack inspired by the cover art and the images used for each of the characters in the movie/comic. The etching is simply the Suicide Squad text logo. In this case a blank d-side would have been a better option. All this stuff is just an excuse to charge more money, but who am I kidding; Atlantic (any major label for that matter) would likely still charge about as much without all these extras.

The soundtrack is both eclectic and star studded; featuring the likes of Panic! At The Disco, Creedence Clearwater Revival,  Lil Wayne, Skrillex, Imagine Dragons, Eminem and War. I bought this for the Panic! At The Disco song, which has them cover Queens’ legendary Bohemian Rahpsody, in order to round out that collection.

Pressing info for this soundtrack has never been officially released, though there are three variants for it. There is a $hit Topic exclusive on “The Joker” purple vinyl, an FYE exclusive picture disc and the wide release variant (available everywhere other than FYE & $hit Topic) is on black vinyl. Both standard vinyl variants have the same etching, gatefold jacket, etc. All copies also come with a download card/code for high quality 320 kbps MP3s.

The picture disc comes with its own unique hype sticker, which simply says it’s an FYE exclusive. And it also comes with the same insert as the standard vinyl variants, though I’m not sure if the picture disc insert is made of card stock or not like many inserts/backers for picture discs are. Since it’s a double LP, the picture disc variant comes in a double pocket picture disc sleeve; it’s not a gatefold sleeve/jacket as some sites suggest. It’s simply two separate picture disc sleeves attached (pretty much melted) together. The artwork for the picture disc is imagery used from the insert, cover and gatefold from the standard variants; but the b-side artwork for each disc in the set is the same.

As per usual, $hit Topic charged more for their exclusive than all other retailers; $34 before tax and shipping if you opted for that route. Though they did eventually slash the price to the steal of $27.90! Such a pathetic attempt to rid themselves of their vinyl stock, as the company is still in the process of getting themselves out of the vinyl game completely. But I couldn’t think of a better company to struggle selling records and be forced to lose money doing so. Karma.


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