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311’s debut album, which is self-titled, or better known as the Blue album by fans, was officially pressed on vinyl for the first time, timed to be first released in conjunction with Record Store Day 2014. Some people are complaining about the album being re-pressed, exclaiming ‘They lied! It’s not RSD exclusive!” Well if you read the official RSD release list you would see that not only this 311 release, but both of them were in the “RSD first” section, meaning that they would be first released on Record Store Day, that they would NOT be RSD exclusive releases. The section even explicitly stated “The releases on this list are exclusive on Record Store Day but will be released to other retailers in the future.” I also say officially pressed because there are thousands of promo copies of this album floating around. There are so many promo copies that it might as well be an official pressing of the album. Those promo copies were pressed as a single LP.

Now down to the finer details of this version of the release; plain and simple it’s a pure RSD cash grab. Given the price of this, $35, there should be more to it. There should be a gatefold jacket, or at least a jacket that is of nicer quality. The jacket itself is very thin, to the point where it flexes when holding both LP’s. It’s so thin I would be very concerned about seam splits if you order these from anywhere where they’ll have to be shipped. The copies of both 311 records that I ordered from a record store post RSD, for cheaper than the $35 price tag I should add, had seam splits. An important note is that the records come on poly dust sleeves instead of the traditional paper dust sleeves, which combined with the thinness of the jacket is a recipe for seam splits. So beware of that, as my copy has seam splits starting from storing the records inside the jacket. I advise storing them outside the jacket inside a protective poly sleeve bag. An insert is included with the record, which somewhat makes up for lacking a gatefold jacket.

The records are pressed on 180 gram black vinyl, and every copy is individually numbered on the back of the jacket in gold foil stamping. The s/t aka Blue album is limited to 4000 copies, which is more than the RSD pressing of the band’s – album Evolver, which is limited to 3000 copies. I have yet to read or hear about a sound comparison between the single and double LP pressings.

There is a single LP pressing floating around that came out when this album was originally released in 1995. It’s a promo version, indicated by gold oil stamping on the back of the jacket, ironically in the same spot as the numbering on the RSD 2014 pressing, and was never meant to be sold in stores. Regardless of that fact, there were tons of these pressed and are fairly easy to come by. The hefty price tag for promo copies are the only deterrent, averaging out to around $60 on the secondary market. So this is why I’m not sure what to call the RSD 2014 pressing, the first or second pressing. Because promo pressings are hard to classify as legitimate pressings since they were never commercially available. But I’ve never seen so many promo copies of a record in the digital age; the early 90’s. By this time most promos sent out to radio stations, record stores and press were CD’s.




311 – Come Original b/w Rub A Dub 7″

Posted: March 6, 2013 in Vinyl

Lately there have been box sets released with a 7″ and a t-shirt. These sets feature some universally popular and completely random bands like the Beatles, Beach Boys, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Hall & Oates, ben Folds Five, Korn, Incubus, Willie Nelson, Quiet Riot, Poison,  Roy Orbison and 311.  The labels releasing these sets are cashing in on the novelty factor of vinyl now and covering all their bases by releasing stuff from artists spanning all the genres. Most of these sets are exclusively sold through Target, further backing up the novelty factor. However, quite a few make their way to be sold online by various distros and even Amazon.

The quality of the 7″ leaves a lot to be desired. The sleeve used, at least for the 311 set, is very cheap and are similar to the 45 sleeves used for singles released in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Which makes sense for some of the artists featured in this “Threads + Grooves’ series but doesn’t make much sense to use for a band like 311. All the shirts are one size too, an Adult Large, which is used in hopes that it fits as many people as possible. It’s probably done to cut down on production costs as well.

Two random songs, off two different albums, were picked for this set, at least for 311. “Come Original” is off Soundsystem and “Rub A Dub” is off Transistor. No idea how many copies were pressed/made, but it’s easily a couple thousand. As a result you can probably wait to pick this up cheaper than the MSRP of somewhere near $20. I would recommend picking this up whenever you find it being sold marked down online, when a distro is running a sale  or when you have a coupon for Target.


311 – Universal Pulse Remixes

Posted: May 4, 2012 in Vinyl

311 had 1 1/2 releases for Record Store Day. The 1/2 being Music, which I’m only counting as half since the rest of the pressing will be released in its entirity later this month. The full release is a four track 12″ of remixed version of songs off the band’s latest album, Universal Pulse. There were 1,000 copies pressed, all on black vinyl and housed in a stock white jacket with a sticker in the top left corner.

The songs featured on the record are “Trouble (Skins & Hexum Remix),”  “Weightless (Skins & Hexum Remix),” ” Sunset In July (Supa Dups Remix)” and “Time Bomb (BBang SRalston Remix).”

311 – Music

Posted: April 23, 2012 in Vinyl

Music was first released exclusively on Record Store Day 2012, but will be widely available again in May. There were 5,000 copies pressed on 180 gram black vinyl as a double LP. Each copy is individually numbered in gold foil stamping on the back of the jacket in the top left corner. The record comes housed in a gatefold jacket and comes with no insert. The records are also housed in poly dust sleeves rather than paper dust sleeves.

Another 311 promo, this time in the form of a 12″. Not sure how many copies were pressed, but all of them are on black vinyl and come housed in a stock black jacket with a 311 sticker on the top left corner.

The Jackolantern’s Weather 7″ is a promo, and I’m not sure of its origins being a promo, as in I do not know when or how it was given out for free. All copies were pressed on blue vinyl and do not come in a jacket, just a paper sleeve. “Jackolantern’s Weather” is on the a-side and “Guns Are For Pussies” is on the b-side. As with most promos, pressing info was never released. when this 7″ pops up on ebay they tend to sell for between $15-$35.

311 – Soundsystem (2nd press)

Posted: January 23, 2012 in Vinyl

Most of 311’s catalog will be/has been getting pressed for the first time or re-pressed over the course of the past year or so. Soundsystem just got released last week, and the initial batch of records has already sold out. But do not worry or shell out a ridiculous amount of money for a copy, as 4500 more copies will become available in the near future, most likely around April.

Initially advertised as being limited to just 500 copies total being exclusively sold through Hot Topic, what actually turned out to be true is that Hot Topic was the first place to sell the re-press and was given only 500 copies of the entire pressing to sell. In total there are 5,000 copies pressed for the second pressing, with all copies being individually numbered in gold foil stamping on the back of the jacket. Numbers were randomly distributed as people have gotten numbers from Hot Topic ranging from the 2,000’s up to the 4,000’s. The second pressing was pressed on 180 gram black vinyl and come in poly dust sleeves housed in a gatefold jacket. The gatefold artwork is the same as what is found on the first pressing.

So other than a red sticker on the cover on the perforated shrink-wrap/poly bag the records initially come in, individual numbering and the records being on 180 gram vinyl, this second pressing is pretty much identical to the first pressing.