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Anberlin were featured on a Record Store Day (RSD) sampler in both 2009 and 2010. Universal Music put out these comps to promote artists on their vast roster. This entry is for the 2009 comp, which is titled Choice Cuts 2009. FYI, the 2010 comp has the same title, just 2010 instead of 2009.

This comp was intended to be given away on RSD in 2009 to anyone who bought a Universal RSD release. Although I know many stores around the country just started giving them away to anyone who bought any RSD release for many reasons; either they weren’t familiar with the guidelines for giving this comp away or they wanted to be rid of them and started giving them away to everyone as the day wore on so they wouldn’t be stuck with them. I even know of some stores that sold however many copies they had left over after RSD, they just threw a price tag on them and put them out on their sales floor.

There are a few subtle differences in some copies of this comp. All copies come with hype stickers on the cover, however some come with more than others. All copies come with the same red oval sticker on the bottom right corner that promotes the Universal Music by encouraging people to check out a specific website. The second sticker that not many copies came with is a RSD Exclusive Release sticker that most people interested in RSD are familiar with. This RSD release sticker is not the embossed silver one that is currently being used, the one on this comp is an earlier form of it that is an un-embossed white with the RSD logo and date (April 19, 2009).

Pressing info was never released for this comp because it’s a promo release. But all copies were pressed on black vinyl and come in a single pocket jacket. The Anberlin song on this comp is “Breaking” off their fourth album New Surrender. Other bands/artists of note on this comp included Owl City, K’Naan and Chester French.

RSD 2009 Choice Cuts - Copy


Even though they broke up one year prior, Anberlin would not bow out quietly as the band released a double live album on vinyl in late 2015. The double LP set contains two separate studio albums, Never Take Friendship Personal and Cities, each played live front to back. The recordings were taken from one at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City during the band’s 2014 farewell tour, hence the name of this release; Never Take Friendship Personal And Cities Live In New York City.

When this live album first went up for pre-order, people immediately started speculating about variants, well, because people are variant crazy. To help fuel the speculation places like Amazon, Best Buy and $hit Radio Cast all put up pre-orders way before an official one from Tooth & Nail Records was launched, with very little information other than “hey this is coming out buy it from us before you realize you can get it elsewhere.” When Tooth & Nail finally put up the official pre-order more information came out. Tooth & Nail released the pressing info, which was 2,000 copies on royal blue and “crush” orange, but even then that did not stop people from anticipating other variants, and even believing there were other variants out there despite the fact it was confirmed the blue/orange would be the only variant.

As aforementioned, this was pressed as a double LP on colored vinyl, with Never Take Friendship Personal coming on royal blue and Cities coming on “crush” orange. There were 2,000 copies pressed total, with the only variant being this blue/orange one. The records are housed in a gatefold jacket and each one comes in its own printed dust sleeve. This is hands down the blandest packaging job ever. The Beatles White Album has more to it than Never Take Friendship Personal And Cities Live In New York City. As you can see from the photos of the release below, the album art is all white with very tiny text in the top left corner for the album title. The gatefold jacket has a black & white photo along with the credits in black ink. The printed dust sleeves also have small black & white photos on each side. There is a hype sticker on the front, but guess what, it’s black. And to make matters worse, there is also a glaring typo on the hype sticker as well. The sticker reads “Two Classic Anberlin Albums Played Live, Start To Finish, Form The 2014 Farewell Tour.” Did you spot the typo? Because someone at Tooth & Nail clearly didn’t.

Pre-orders first went up in early June with a release date of early September, and despite all that time and the relatively small pressing for Anberlin’s rabid fan base, this record has yet to sell out. Prices on this range around $30, with Tooth & Nail charging $28 before shipping for it down to sellers on ebay selling it for $25 ppd or less. A download card/code is not included with the release no matter where you buy it from, however, if you buy this directly from Tooth & Nail you will be emailed a download code. Apparently due to licensing rights and legalities surrounding it (Tooth & Nail had to license the songs for a physical release from Universal Records) a download card/code could not be included with the vinyl release. I want to believe the download code via email is the reason Tooth & Nail is one of the more expensive places to buy this record from, but I doubt that is the real reason behind their price.

Anberlin – Lowborn

Posted: September 11, 2014 in Vinyl

Anberlin’s final album, Lowborn, was released in July of 2014. The album has many different covers, but all feature the hand with two crossed fingers. There are nine covers in total, with some being exclusive to certain retailers, time of purchase (pre-order or not) and formats, but it is mostly random in where you find them. A nice touch with these coves is that you know what you are buying should you purchase this in store rather than online The vinyl version of the album has its own cover, which is the only one which doesn’t have the wrist pictured and has the album title centered on the cover. The vinyl cover has been dubbed by some as the floating hand cover. It’s important to note that the vinyl version of the album has only one cover. The other eight covers are for either the CD or digital versions

All variants of this album come in a gatefold jacket with a printed dust sleeve. Unfortunately a download code/card is not included and neither is a CD, which is inexcusable in this day and age. The pressing info for this record has not been released in full. The one bit confirmed is that there is a Hot Topic exclusive variant, which is on gold vinyl limited to 600 copies. There seems to be some confusion and false information being spread around though.

People are falsely spreading pressing info online, citing sources that can’t be verified. The only known and confirmed numbers on this is for the Hot Topic exclusive variant. The numbers and info that can’t be confirmed are a first pressing on black vinyl limited to 2,000 copies and that there are multiple pressings of this, especially a third. Again, that 2,000 number has no source, unless you count a post on a message board that is no longer there. In my book there is also some discrepancy as to whether or not there are truly multiple pressings of this. When the album first went up for pre-order Anberlin’s merch store was the only place to order it. However, Amazon briefly had up pre-orders along with other places like Interpunk and Bull Moose. Amazon and Interpunk eventually took down the items, but Bull Moose left it up for the duration despite apparently not being allotted copies initially and through the delays.

The delays stemmed from the album’s release being pushed back a month. As pre-orders went up more than a month before the original release date, this added some confusion as there was a delay with the vinyl version of the album. I’m thinking the band/label wanted to be the only place to pre-order the record from, as it was no coincidence that the “first pressing” sold out about a week before the album’s release. And by no coincidence, a few days later the Hot Topic exclusive variant was announced.

Combine all that with the fact there are no differences between the supposed two black vinyl pressings; the matrix numbers are the same, the bar code on the back of the jacket is the same, etc, and I feel there is only one true pressing of this album. It was only sale tactics and marketing that made it seem like there were multiple pressings. The band saying it “sold out” would drive up future sales with more people clamoring to buy a copy. The drastic price drop on Amazon also leads to an increase in sales for a record, one that may have thousands of copies pressed. The aforementioned price drop happened out of the blue, as the supposed re-stock/re-press of the album happened without notice and just appeared on Amazon. The album was marked down to $10, which is cheap even by standards from 10 years ago before the vinyl craze price gouging.

The strongest case for there only being one pressing if the definition of ‘pressing.’ A new pressing means the plant  presses more copies after pressing a previous run was made. Separate pressings are not distinguished solely by different colors of vinyl. Think about it, it would be a world record pace for any plant in today’s world to churn out a first pressing, regardless of amount, press another 600 copies in a few weeks, and then churn out another pressing in another few weeks. It’s not feasible. All other projects would have to go on the back burner for one album to go through three separate pressings in that short of a span.

So in short, in my informed opinion, there is only one pressing of this album, with an unknown amount on black vinyl and 600 copies on gold vinyl. By informed opinion I am taking into account personal research into other people’s claims on message boards (which have so far been unsubstantiated) and emails from reputable sources (the label and band). You can’t believe everything you read on places like Discogs, Vinyl Collective and fan site message boards. It’s amazing what you can find out by simply asking someone who should know. And yes my opinion is just that, an opinon. But I am not presenting it as fact, as people on message boards love to do.

Anberlin – Vital

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Vinyl

Anberlin’s latest album, Vital, is hard to find for a reasonable price. It costs at least $30 from the band’s official webstore hosted by Shopbenchmark. And that seems to be the only place to buy it online. however, some indie record stores are carrying the record, with some of those selling it online as they took the store online as well as having a physical location. The indie stores are selling it for cheaper for whatever reason. I got my copy from Twist & Shout in Denver for less than $20 shipped.

The record was only pressed as a double 10″, with the d-side being blank. There have been mumblings about a regular LP pressing, which was mentioned by the band, but so far nothing as surfaced. That LP pressing, which would be a second pressing, would indicate that 10″ version of the album may be limited. But pressing info was never released for the 10″ pressing and it has not gone OOP yet. One interesting thing about the 10″ pressing is that the cover has the title of the album embossed. It’s tough to see in the photos or even the naked eye because the test is made to blend into the artwork, but when the hold the jacket you can felt the embossed letter.

The Quiet Life is the sophomore album from Anchor & Braille. It was pressed and released by Tooth & Nail Records. All copies were pressed on 180 gram black vinyl, and pressing info was never announced. There is alternate artwork for the vinyl version of the album, as it features and anchor with mountains in the background instead of the silhouette of a face with trees mixed in found with the CD and digital version. No insert or download code/card is included with this and the record is housed in a cheap jacket. Other than the 180 gram part, which is not mentioned anywhere by T&N, they really cheaped out with this release.

As of now there are two places to buy the record, through Anchor & Braille’s official store hosted by Shopbenchmark or through T&N’s official store hosted by Merchdirect. You can get it cheaper through T&N’s Merchdirect store.Anchor & Braille - The Quiet Life - Copy

Never Take Friendship Personal was pressed on vinyl and released as a Record Store Day exclusive in 2012 along with Blueprints For The Black Market. 1,000 copies were pressed on black vinyl. It’s a shame they went with black as they could have done something nice with the color of the record that would match the artwork. A white with blue swirl or vice versa, or maybe baby blue. Hell, even white would be better.

Anberlin’s debut album was finally pressed on vinyl and released as a Record Store Day exclusive in 2012. There were 1,000 copies pressed on black vinyl.