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I’ve been on the hunt for this bootleg for years. It wasn’t exactly hard to find, it was hard to find at a good price. As with most things, it’s not that you can’t find it; it’s that the person selling it wants way too much for it. And like most sensible people, I want the best deal possible. Copies of this bootleg 7” are all over eBay and Discogs, but for $10 plus shipping. Someone even foolishly spent over $50 on it, but granted that was about 12 years ago.

This bootleg, entitled Pick A Winner 1994 UK Radio Session, has likely gone through multiple pressings. But like with all boots, it’s almost impossible to tell for sure. There typically aren’t any identifying marks, they’re not advertised or promoted because they’re illegal, and you’d be hard pressed to find any source material for them like a label’s website. I’m basing the multiple pressings on the fact that there are at least three different variants out there, along with the fact that this was released at the very latest July 2005 as that is when a copy sold. Obviously no label is given for this release, and even if a label was given, it’s a bogus “label” that the person producing this bootleg dreamed up. But with that said, there are some notorious bootleg “labels” out there like The Amazing Kornyphone Rebirth Label and The Swingin’ Pig.

One pressing, an early one, is on green vinyl. Later pressings are on black vinyl, and within those black vinyl pressings is likely another pressing. As the copy I bought, which is on black vinyl, does not have “promo only not for sale”’ printed on the center labels. It just has blank white center labels. The cover is also slightly different between the green pressing and black pressings, with the green pressing being lighter/brighter. It’s the same basic design and layout though.

Another difference is track listing, as earlier ones have four tracks, and later ones only have three. The additional fourth track on earlier pressings is a live version of “She.” Technically all these tracks are live versions because they were performed live at a radio session that was broadcast live over the air. I don’t have a copy from the green pressing, so I can’t say exactly what this extra version of “She” is.

No radio station or show is given for this bootleg. The other tracks on this 7” are “Basket Case” and “2,000 Light Years Away” on the a-side with “She” on the b-side. The extra version of “She” is the second track on the b-side of the green pressing. I mentioned it above, but prices for this 7” range widely, but you can pick up a copy for around $15 shipped. I bought a copy from my local record store on Record Store Day for $10.

Green Day - Pick A Winner - Copy


Many bootlegs go through several iterations throughout their existence. Titles change, cover art changes, vinyl color changes and “labels” releasing them change. This is one of those bootlegs. Initially it was released titled as Live At The Pier 48 Seattle 1993, and was later released by a different “label” under a new name; Drain You Live At The Pier 48, Seattle December 13th, 1993 – Westwood One FM (abbv. to Drain You from here on for simplification). This later pressing is featured here.

Both pressing were released in 2015, with the earlier Live At The Pier 48 Seattle 1993 released by DOL and the later pressing Drain You Live At The Pier 48, Seattle December 13th, 1993 – Westwood One FM released by Radio Silence. Both pressings have the same exact track listing, with the songs taken from a soundboard recording from the show mentioned in the title. The artwork is different between the two pressing. You can see the Drain You cover art below. The cover art for the earlier Live At The Pier 48 Seattle 1993 pressing has a photo of Kurt Cobain performing live, playing his guitar. This pressing also has a black hype sticker on the cover indicating “heavyweight 180 gram vinyl.” Both pressing were pressed on black vinyl, but only the earlier pressing is on 180 gram vinyl.

As with most bootlegs, pressing info is a bit sketchy. It was never released for the earlier Live At The Pier 48 Seattle 1993 pressing and the later Drain You pressing is apparently limited to 500 copies. You have to take that number with a grain of salt though, as bootlegs are far from an exemplary, honorable business.

Here is the track listing, which again, is the same between the two pressing:

A1 Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
A2 Drain You
A3 Breed
A4 Serve The Servants
A5 Rape Me
B1 Heart-Shaped Box
B2 Pennyroyal Tea
B3 Scentless Apprentice
B4 Lithium
B5 Guitar Demolition

Nirvana - Drain You Live At The Pier 48, Seattle, December 13th, 1993 - Westwood One FM - Copy

Nirvana – You Only Live Twice

Posted: July 7, 2016 in Vinyl
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You Only Live Twice is an odd bootleg in that the “label” behind it released promo copies and also sold test pressings. Both are rare occurrences, because you don’t exactly want to promote an illegal product, and test pressings of boots are usually just lumped into the production batch being sold to generate more revenue. It’s a scary day when bootleg labels are beginning to cash in on the test press game.

This Nirvana bootleg is compiled from a number of shows from a wide range of years. All the performances are pre-Nevermind era though, 1988-1992. As aforementioned the “label” that released this, Visible Records out of the Czech Republic, made test presses available for purchase somewhere. They sold 14 test presses, which have alternate artwork all the way around, not just the cover. The cover art is a photo of Kurt Cobain standing with his guitar, with all the imagery and font done in yellow against a black background. They are also all hand numbered, but the /14 portion is actually printed onto the back of the jacket with the rest of the artwork. These “test pressings” also have a different title; Maybe You Live Twice. If it wasn’t shady enough that a bootleg label is selling 14 (a very high number) test pressing with alternate artwork, they change the title from what they would be calling the final product. It has all the hallmarks of a cash grab to lure in suckers; rarity, hand numbering, alternate artwork, different artwork, test pressing.

The normal run of this release is titled You Only Live Twice. Apparently 450 copies of this bootleg were pressed. But like with all bootlegs take that number with a grain of salt, it may not be accurate and it may be purposeful lie to drive up sales. There is a hype sticker, a blue circle, which you can see below. I included a close up photo of if so everyone can see what it says. This hype sticker is also affixed to the promo copies of this bootleg. The promo copies come in a plain black jacket with a die-cut center hole in the middle so the center labels show through. The back of the promo copies have white “stickers” for the track listing and liner notes, which indicate where and when all the songs were recorded. Rather than actual stickers I’m guessing they’re just sheets of paper cut down to size and glued onto the jacket.

Here is the track listing:

A1 If You Must
A2 Pen Cap Chew
A3 Raunchola / Moby Dick
A4 Run Rabbit Run
A5 Token Eastern Song
A6 Stain
B1 Oh The Guilt
B2 Mr Moustache
B3 Verse Chorus Verse
B4 Talk To Me
B5 Swap Meet
B6 Beeswax


Tracks A1-A3 were recorded at the Community World Theatre, Tacoma, WA 3/19/88 and have Dave Foster on drums. Track A4 is from a dorm party on 10/30/88, apparently at Dorm K208 at Evergreen State College in Olympia. Track A5 is from theLifticket Lounge, Omaha, NB on 10/8/89. Track A6-B3 was recorded at The Off Ramp, Seattle, WA on 11/25/90. Track B4 was recorded at a venue called Bloom in Mezzago, Italy on 11/17/91. Track B5: was recorded at the Roskilde Festival, Roskilde Denmark on 6/26/92. Track B6 was recorded at the Estadio José Amalfitani, Buenos Aires, Argentina on 10/30/92.

Nirvava – Foretaste 7″

Posted: February 11, 2016 in Vinyl
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Nirvana bootlegs come in all sizes. This one is a 7″ called Foretaste and was pressed on multiple colors. There have likely been multiple pressings of it as well, but since it’s a boot it’s impossible to know for sure. Since it was first released in 1992 it likely went through at least one re-press, as I found this at my local record store in 2015 and have been a loyal customer (I’m in there at least once a month if not more frequently) of theirs for well over 10 years and this is the first time I saw this record in there.

There are three songs on this 7″; “Drain You,” “Dumb” and “Endless Nameless.” “Endless Nameless” is improperly listed on the back of the foldout sleeve as “The End Of Music.” Bootlegs often purposely either misspell or list song under improper names to skirt copyright laws. The songs were recorded live at Maida Vale Studio 5 in London on September 3, 1991.

I know of several colors this bootleg 7″ was pressed on; black, orange and seafoam green/mint/teal/turquoise. All color variants have plain white center labels with a large hole, except the seafoam green/mint/teal/turquoise variant which has a small hole. Sometimes boots have different covers or subtle variations of the cover art, but this boot is not the case as all the covers are identical no matter the pressing/vinyl color. No pressing information in terms of numbers pressed has nor ever will be released.

Nirvana - Foretaste - Copy

Nirvana – KAOS FM Live 17/04/1987

Posted: February 11, 2016 in Vinyl
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Yet another Nirvana bootleg in my collection, KAOS FM Live 17/04/1987 is aptly titled because it’s taken from a radio broadcast from Seattle radio station KAOS in April 1987. Obviously, because of the date of this radio session, this is with Nirvana’s original drummer Dale Crover and not Chad Channing or Dave Grohl.

Pressing info, as with all bootlegs, is sketchy at best. Some sites claim it’s limited to only 500 copies, but that number is to be taken with a grain of salt. All copies however were pressed on black vinyl. This boot was released in 2015 by Euro based Radio Silence, a newcomer to the bootleg game. They seem to focus on punk and grunge bands, as to date they’ve released boots from Nirvana, Ramones, Hole, Husker Du and Sonic Youth to name a few.

The jacket is your normal single pocket jacket, which is quite thin, but it’s a boot so quality in that area is not a major concern of anyone involved. But I will mention some “labels” churning out boots do take pride in quality and come in gatefold jackets. This boot’s jacket is far from DIY though.

Here is the track listing:

Side A

  1. Love Buzz
  2. Floyd The Barber
  3. Downer
  4. Mexican Seafood
  5. White Lace And Strange


Side B

  1. Spank Thru
  2. Anorexorcist
  3. Hairspray Queen
  4. Pen Cap Chew

Nirvana - KAOS FM Live 17-04-87 - Copy

Nirvana – All The Kings Horses

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Another Nirvana bootleg, this one, All The Kings Horses, has gone through two pressings and there are some difference between thing aesthetically speaking. The somewhat official title of this boot is All The Kings Horses, but also printed on the cover along the bottom is “The Milestone Club, North Carolina, USA. 2nd May, 1990” which some people consider a sub title. The second pressing drops the ‘The’ from that sub title however.

The two pressings have different covers but the same cover art, a picture of Kurt Cobain sitting down on a stage with a distressed look on his face as he runs his hand through his hair. Seems like that could be a bit confusing but it’s very easy to discern. The first pressing has a yellow background (piece of paper in reality) pasted to a stock cardboard jacket (plain brown/faded white in color) while the second pressing has a black background and is a traditional jacket. The first pressing comes on two colors; transparent yellow and black. The second pressing only comes on black vinyl. The first pressing was released by Trademark Of Quality, a “label” notorious for the DIY style jackets with the pasting of sheets of paper onto a plain stock jacket. Which explains the difference in the covers between the two pressing. The second pressing was done by an unknown, unnamed “label.” Names of those responsible for bootlegs are often purposely left off physical releases, so it’s not surprising to see this. The second pressing the catalog number ‘ATKH001’ cut into the matrix, which probably means something to someone.

The track listing is the same between the two pressings:

Side A

  1. Here She Comes Now
  2. Floyd The Barber
  3. Love Buzz
  4. Dive


Side B

  1. About a Girl
  2. Polly
  3. Scoff
  4. Pay To Play
  5. Molly’s Lips


Track 4 on Side B later became known as “Stay Away” which appeared on Nevermind with changed lyrics. The song in original “Pay To Play” form also later appeared on an official greatest/hits/discography/b-sides and rarities collection release, With The Lights Out.

Prices can be a bit absurd for this boot. There are hardcore Nirvana collectors out there who want everything and anything Nirvana related and are willing to pay whatever it takes to get it in their collection. So that turns at $15 bootleg into a $40 or $50 bootleg on the second hand market. Many bootlegs are hard to find. Many record stores don’t carry them because they don’t want to touch bootlegs with a 10 foot pole, and even if they are willing to flirt with the legalities, distribution on bootlegs is few and far between at best. This is one of the odd occasions where a copy from the first pressing does not necessarily go for more money.

Nirvana - All The Kings Horses - Copy

This Nirvana bootleg, Saturday Night Not So Live, consists of songs taken from their several appearances on Saturday Night Live in the early-mid 90’s. There are some other songs thrown on the boot as well, including audio taken from Nirvana’s MTV Video Music Awards in 1991.

I have seen this boot pressed on six different colors; black, yellow, red, blue, green and white. As is typical with nearly every bootleg, pressing info is not available. And even if it was you can’t trust it. The track listing for this bootleg is as follows:

A1 Smells Like Teen Spirit (Saturday Night Live – January 11, 1992)
A2 Territorial Pissing
A3 Heart Shaped Box (Saturday Night – September 25, 1995)
A4 Rape Me
A5 Lithium (MTV Music Award 1991)
B1 Penny Royal Tea (Withdrawn Remix)
B2 In His Hands
B3 My Sharona
B4 White Lace And Strange
B5 Suicide Samurai (Anorexorcist)
B6 Blandest
B7 I Hate Myself & Want To Die
B8 Verse Chorus Verse
B9 Spank This

Nirvana - Saturday Night Not So Live - Copy