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Comfort/Distraction is Broadway Calls first release on No Sleep Records. If you like any of their other albums you will also enjoy this one. Personally I like their last album better, but this is a solid record start to finish. The album was pressed on four different colors with 1400 copies total. But in all likelihood there are at least 1500 total copies out there as 1400 is a very odd number plus the overrun should take it close to 1500 copies anyway.

There were 200 copies on coke bottle clear, which is the No Sleep Subscription exclusive color that comes with an exclusive obi-strip and b-side center label, 300 copies on yellow cream opaque, 400 copies on grey blue opaque, which was a Hot Topic exclusive and 500 copies on dark blue transparent. For whatever reason the Hot Topic exclusive color was not available for a few month after the album’s release, and there were not major delays with the rest of pressing to speak of. The dark blue transparent is very tough to tell the transparency of, even when holding it up to the light. It’s look black when laying flat on your turntable or anywhere for that matter, but trust me it is transparent. There is also some marbling in it as well. The record comes in a gatefold jacket with the lyircs printed in it. The jacket features a matte finish and the record also comes with a download code as well.


This is the third split Broadway Calls is featured on, the other two being with The Riot Before and Teenage Bottlerocket. It was released by No Sleep Records ands as is typical with all No Sleep releases, there is a No Sleep Subscription exclusive color, which is coke bottle clear limited to 200 copies. In the past No Sleep has done alternate covers, different b-side center label or gave the record an obi-strip for the subscription exclusive, but I think they stopped doing the alternate covers doing that the last two years (2012 and 2013). All subscription exclusive still come with an obi-strip and different b-side center label though.

The entire pressing info for this split is 100 copies on tan-cream opaque, which was a Fest 2012 exclusive, 300 copies on walnut brown opaque, 300 copies on blue, which was a UK pressing sold exclusively through Banquet Records and 500 copies on iron red opaque. There is an interesting story with the Fest 2012 exclusive color as the jackets were not ready in time for Fest, so they were sold without them. People who bought the Fest exclusive were able to get a jacket for the record by contacting No Sleep once they were done. The whole thing was odd but not unheard of since most of the time the hold up with delays is waiting for the actual records to be finished, not the jackets. Another thing to note is that the UK pressing was announced way after this split initially went up for pre-order and was ultimately released, like months after.

Broadway Calls – Toxic Kids

Posted: November 1, 2011 in Vinyl

Broadway Calls has been a bit quiet lately in terms of touring and releasing new music, but that all changed with the release of their new EP, Toxic Kids, a few weeks ago. Even though the band is still signed to Side One Dummy, an upstart label, All For Hope Records, released this EP and gave it the vinyl treatment. The EP was pressed on four color variants, black limited to 600 copies, yellow limited to 200 copies, red limited to 200 copies and blue limited to 500 copies. Blue was released in conjunction with Banquet Records out of the UK, and it is a UK exclusive. A portion of the pressing, 300 copies, will be sold in stores and the remaining 200 copies will be saved for when the band tours the UK. All copies, at least of the U.S. variants, come with a one-sided insert that has the lyrics printed on it.

One thing that some people may be concerned with or have a problem with is that the sole online retailer in the U.S., Merchnow, is taking it upon themselves to open all copies of the record to verify colors. So the people who like or want to keep all their records sealed will be sadly disappointed. Even though I don’t agree with the idea of keeping records sealed for the sake of just collecting them and buying them with no intent to ever listen to them, I realize that quite a few people who read my blog do prescribe to that philosophy. So I post that bit of info about Merchnow cutting the shrink-wrap to check colors so those people are aware of the fact. If you must have your record sealed you can always go out and support the band by seeing them on tour, where you can buy a copy directly from them, as they took a good amount, copies of all three U.S. colors, to sell on their current tour.

The main reason I purchased this comp and decided I needed it as part of my collection was because it contains a Broadway Calls song. It was pressed as a double LP and the pressing info is as follows: 125 copies on gold, 225 copies on white and 425 copies on clear. The label who put this out also sold a box set that contained all three color variants of the record, and the box set was exclusive only to the label’s webstore.

This is another split that features Broadway Calls. It’s one of the rarest records in my collection and even though I discovered Broadway Calls late in the game, I was fortunate enough to snag a copy for retail price when Vinyl Collective came across left over copies in their warehouse.

There are only 133 copies of this split with the silk-screened jacket. I’m not even sure if they made copies without the silk-screened jacket because I have never seen them if they exist. There were two colors for this record, grey and purple. Exact numbers for either color were never released, only the 133 number that correlates to how many copies come with the silk-screened jacket. The center labels for all of these copies are blank.

This is one of the first releases that features Broadway Calls. It’s a split 7″ with Teenage Bottlerocket, a band very familiar with releasing things on vinyl. This 7″ is now in its second pressing.

The pressing info for the first press is extensive compared to the second press. There are four color variants for the first press compared to just one for the second press. The first press is limited to 2,000 total copies divided amongst 250 copies on clear with green splatter, 250 copies on opaque blue half and half (not really sure what that is, it’s the vaguest description of a color I’ve ever come across) 500 copies on clear with black splatter and 500 copies on half maroon/half white. The pressing info for the second press is very easy, just 500 copies on yellow with black splatter.

This is the first and only single as of yet off of Good Views, Bad News. It was pressed on three color variants, each limited to 500 copies; blue, orange and white. White copies were exclusive to Hot Topic. There song on the b-side can only be found on this 7″. I wonder how many people actually know that the term b-side comes from the b-side of 45’s, which many times features a song that is not featured on the studio album.