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Circa Survive – The Amulet

Posted: November 29, 2017 in Vinyl
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Circa Survive is back with their sixth studio album, The Amulet. The band’s latest effort is their best since Blue Sky Noise in my opinion. It’s definitely better than Decensus and Violent Waves. I know Blue Sky Noise is a bit of a jumping off point as many fans feel it’s too big a departure from the band’s tried and true, familiar sound. But personally, I loved Blue Sky Noise. Put it this way though, The Amulet sounds more like Juturna than Blue Sky Noise.

The Amulet has its fair share of variants, which has developed into a norm for Circa Survive albums. They’re either re-pressed into oblivion or get a half dozen variants to tide people over.  The Amulet is the band’s first release on Hopeless Records, so you knew they would go overboard with variants. There are 10 variants for this record, with half of them having different covers to make the new/different variant.

Circa Survive is very heavy in VIP packages for their tours; they’ve done it for both their Juturna and On Letting Go anniversary tours, and did it again for their current co-headlining tour with Thrice in support of The Amulet. For their previous VIP packages, the band included an exclusive, alternate screen printed cover, on an exclusive vinyl color, for the latest re-press of each respective album. And The Amulet is no different.

First off let’s tackle one big hurdle. Most of the variants are based on different covers, and some of them even have completely unique jackets. There are actually two different types of gatefold jackets, and what you could call six different cover arts. It sounds confusing, I know, but I will do my best to distinguish between them. To be clear, all variants come in a gatefold jacket. It just depends on the cover art/jacket type that goes along with it.

Let’s tackle the standard artwork first. There is the standard artwork that everyone should be familiar with, which once again was done by the awesome Esao Andrews, who has done the artwork for every Circa Survive release to date. It features the girl with the shell. In total there are six total variants that come with this artwork in some form, which is on the gatefold jacket the record itself is housed in. Only one of these variants is available individually, without a special alternate cover that makes a new, different variant. It’s the “indie record store” exclusive variant, which is on half clear w/ blue splatter/half black, limited to 2500 copies. I say “indie record store” exclusive because Interpunk somehow managed to obtain copies to sell.

The other variants that come in the gatefold jacket with the standard artwork are black (widely available) limited to an unknown amount, a tour exclusive variant on clear w/ blue and black splatter, and a VIP concert ticket exclusive on silver and black swirl limited to 1,000 copies. It’s important to note that all three of these variants also come with alternate covers, which constitute a new/different variant. All the variants with this version of the jacket come with the record housed in the same full color, printed dust sleeve, and the same artwork inside the gatefold. The dust sleeve is black, with a blue and white image of a slug on one side and a bell on the other. The gatefold is an image of a waves, and it has a spot gloss finish with the artwork used for the holographic jackets, which you can read about below.

On top of the standard artwork, there are multiple alternate artworks out there; seven in total. The biggest of these alternate artwork variants though are the two that are completely unique. These two variants come packaged in holographic jackets, with the holographic feature applied everywhere on the jacket. They also feature unique, but not exclusive, artwork. You can tell from the photos below (which needs further explaining – keep reading for complete details) what this alternate artwork entails. There are two different vinyl color variants with these holographic jackets; clear, and white with “transparent” blue swirl, with both limited to 2,500 copies each. I say “transparent” blue swirl because that is what the Hopeless Records web store (hosted by MerchNow) call this variant, but on the actual record the blue is not transparent, it’s opaque/solid.

The holographic jackets were initially exclusive to Merchnow, but later became available via another merch company (keep reading). The record itself is housed in full color, printed dust sleeve. The dust sleeve design is different than the one that comes with standard artwork jackets, so it’s exclusive to these two holographic jacket variants. Instead of being black with blue and white artwork (the snail and bell), it’s white with a blue and black image the slug and a bell. The gatefold artwork features the same wave as the jackets with the standard cover art, only done in the same holographic finish that is one the outside of the jacket.

Each color variant (based on record) also comes with an exclusive letterpress of the alternate cover art featured on the gatefold jacket. The clear variant has a white letterpress and the blue with white swirl has a black letterpress. This letterpress is packaged inside the gatefold jacket, placed inside the front/first pocket of the jacket. The jacket is placed inside the second/back pocket. The holographic jacket variants shipped a bit later than the jackets with the standard artwork for an unknown reason. It was about a week later, which by vinyl standards is not much of a delay to shake your head at.

The VIP exclusive variant is limited to 1,000 copies on silver and black swirl, with the aforementioned exclusive alternate screen printed cover. The artwork for the alternate screened cover is taken from the tour poster for the band’s current co-headlining tour with Thrice. It’s a quarter fold sleeve printed on card stock, that is meant to slide over the traditional jacket of the record. The back fold of the sleeve says “FALL 2017VIP EDITION” in gold/yellow text with a line below that text, and below that line it reads “THE AMULET” in grey text with the band’s safe camp logo further below that done in the same gold/yellow ink.

On top of the exclusive variant and alternate cover, the VIP package also included a general admission ticket to the regular show, an “intimate” three song VIP ticket holder exclusive performance, meet and greet with the band, a photo opportunity, a signed setlist from the show you attended and digital files for a yet to be determined live performance from the current tour. VIP ticket prices varied depending on the venue, but they were all close to $100.

If that VIP tour exclusive screen printed cover wasn’t enough, the band partnered again with Merch Limited, a company that specializes in small run, limited edition merch, to release four exclusive variants featuring four different screen printed cover designs. The band, and Anthony Green for that matter, have worked with Merch Limited in the past to release various limited edition merch over the years; ranging from shirts and hoodies, to wall flags and blankets. These four alternate screened covers were each limited to 100 copies, with a discounted bundle for all four offered that was limited to 50 units.

These alternate screened covers are quarter fold sleeves printed on card stock, just like the VIP exclusive covers, that are meant to slide over the traditional jacket of the record. They feature cover art inspired by or taken from the imagery used for The Amulet. Two of them are on black card stock, and the other two are on are white card stock. Two of them, one on each color, is the artwork used for the letterpress included with all copies with the holographic covers. The remaining two covers, one on each color, use the image on each side the center labels. So one cover per center label image. All copies are hand numbered, in silver ink, which is done of the back fold of the sleeve. In the photo gallery below, the covers go in order as per Merch Limited’s numbering system for them. So Cover #1, followed y Cover #2, and so on.

Each of the Merch Limited alternate screen cover variants slides over one of the gatefold jackets that houses the record. Cover # 1 has the record on black vinyl with the standard artwork gatefold jacket, Cover #2 has the tour variant of the record on clear with blue and black splatter in the standard artwork gatefold jacket, Cover # 3 has the holographic jacket variant with the clear record and Cover # 4 has the holographic jacket variant with the white with blue swirl record.

I was fortunate enough to be checking a message board within minutes of these Merch Limited exclusive covers/variants being announced and put up for sale, so I was able to grab a bundle for all four covers. Had I not seen it I likely would have missed out, or at the very least been forced to spend an additional $15 buying each of the four covers individually, because bundle sold out in about one hour.

As expected particular cover designs were more popular than others, and they sold out faster. Cover #2 seemed to be the most popular and it was the first cover to sell out on its own, which happened later in the night the day the pre-orders went live. It took roughly two days for the rest of the covers to sell out, which was surprising considering how limited these variants are and how rabid Circa’s fan base is. My best guess as to why it took so long for a Circa Survive variants limited to 100 copies a piece to sell out; lots of people were burnt out on variants by this point.

These Merch Limited pre-orders went live the same day as the album’s release date; September 22, 2017. But pre-orders for the album had been up since July 10. On top of that, these variants weren’t exactly on the cheap side. They cost $25 each or $85 for the bundle for all four covers. So on top of likely already having pre-ordered or received a copy of the record, or as many of the variants as they wanted by this point, people probably were tapped out financially considering the two holographic cover variants cost $25 each before shipping and the standard cover variants cost around $20 each before shipping. So you do the math; $50 plus shipping for the two holographic jackets, around $40 for the two standard cover variants (more for shipping if you bought online) and roughly $100 for the VIP ticket, then at least another $85 for these four Merch Limited variants a few months after you already spent close to if not more than $200 on this album.

Once the Merch Limited exclusive variants started shipping, at the end of October like they were scheduled to, there was a major problem. Someone at Merch Limited screwed up royally, as many of the alternate covers were folded incorrectly. They were folded smack dab in the middle of the artwork that is supposed to be the cover art. And what is supposed to be the back portion of the sleeve, the small ¼ fold portion, where the numbering is done, is folded so it is part of the front cover.  This seemed to affect random orders, both those that were for the bundle and individual covers. But this hasn’t stopped flippers from trying to flip these for more than three times original cost, as there is someone right now trying to sell the bundle with all four cover variants for $300; and it’s for covers that are folded wrong.

People with these incorrectly folded contacted Merch Limited and received varied responses to sort out the problem. Initially it took a while for Merch Limited to respond. Once they did, it seems quite a few people received a response from Merch Limited saying they didn’t have any extra/additional covers around so they couldn’t send replacements. Instead offering free merch from other artists they’ve worked with to make up for the issue. I, on the other hand, was able to receive replacement covers. I have no idea how it worked out in my favor. I sent them a polite, but stern email expressing my disappointment, and asked for replacement covers as a way to resolve the problem. Maybe the key was I replied to an already existing customer service inquiry. Because the identical email I sent to through via their ‘contact us’ form on their web site never received a reply.

Another minor complaint by comparison, that people had was that they received numbered covers that didn’t match. So for example, people who order a bundle for all four covers, or placed an order for multiple copies but a copy of differing covers, received Cover #1 numbered 10, but received a copy of Cover #2 that was numbered 11. Another combination I heard was having two or three of the covers numbered the same, but having one or two of them with a different number. What happened here was that Merch Limited screwed up again obviously. There is no excuse for this mistake either. As they should have set aside 50 of each cover and numbered them sequentially 1-50. Then numbered the rest 51-100. There should have been two separate piles of covers so people who ordered the bundles didn’t receive various numbers.

But the likely reason for the mismatched numbers is that say the first order was a person ordering only one of the covers, then the second order was for a bundle. If Merch Limited was making (by making I mean folding), or even just numbering the covers as they packaged orders, and assuming they packaged orders in the order they were received, that first order received a cover with number 1. So the rest of covers fell out of sequence until there was an order that evened things out again. But fulfilling orders like that is a rabbit hole because all it takes to go back out of sequence is someone not ordering a bundle. Personally, I received covers that all had the same number, and a relatively low one; 19.

All variants come with specific hype stickers on the gatefold jacket cover (one that houses the record), which denotes the color of the record found inside the jacket. The variants with the standard artwork all have large, clear rectangle stickers placed towards the top right corner that say what the variant is; “black vinyl,” “tour vinyl,” “VIP vinyl” or “indie exclusive splatter vinyl.” The variants with the holographic jackets have a small black circle sticker placed in the top right corner that say what the color is, along with what the variant is limited to. All copies, regardless of variant, also come with a download card. But this download card leads you to terrible 160 kbps MP3s. It’s a lame move on Hopeless’ part. Considering all the variants they churned out for this release, you think they least they could do is include high quality MP3 files with the download card.

For the photo gallery below, here is the order of the photos: Pics 1-4 are the Merch Limited Cover #1, pics 5-8 are the Merch Limited Cover #2, pics 9-12 are the Merch Limited Cover #3, pics 13-16 are the Merch Limited Cover #4, pics 18-33 include everything with both variants in/with the holographic jackets, pics 34-43 include everything with both variants in/with the standard jackets and pics 44-48 are examples of how the Merch Limited incorrectly folded covers arrived to everyone who received them (not just me).

If anyone wants to buy or trade for the incorrectly folded covers leave a comment with your email address and we can work out a deal via email (I won’t approve the comment so your email address won’t be made public. But I will still be able to read it) Thinking somewhere along the lines of $10 per cover plus shipping; only selling all 4 covers together, I won’t sell any covers individually or in a bundle/lot less than 4. These covers are folded incorrectly, as some have a crease/fold going through the cover artwork, and some are folded backwards so the back flap is part of the cover instead of being on the back. Willing to negotiate a price or trade for other records. I can send photos of the damaged/incorrectly folded covers, though some are included in the photo gallery below to illustrate how poor of a job Merch Limited did folding these coves.



In what appears to be a series of releases, Equal Vision Records re-released On Letting Go (OLG) for the album’s 10th Anniversary in 2017, again giving it a deluxe edition just like they did with Juturna. Again, just like Juturna, the deluxe edition of On Letting Go is a triple LP housed in a triple gatefold jacket. And again, just like Juturna, the deluxe edition of On Letting Go is limited to 2500 copies. And yet again, just like Juturna, the deluxe edition of On Letting Go was pressed on a combination of splatter and mix/marble/swirl colors. And if those agains weren’t enough, just like Juturna, the deluxe edition of On Letting Go also has on etching of the album art on the F-side.

The colors are as follows; first disc on blue and purple a-side/b-side mix with black splatter. Second disc on white and blue a-side/b-side mix and the third disc is on red and gray a-side/b-side mix.  The mixing is minimal, as in there is barely any intentional difference between the layout of the b-side and a-side. It’s the same colors from each respective a-side. So even though EVR went out of their way to have a lengthy description of the colors, they could have, and should have, simply put them as blue and purple with black splatter, white and blue mix and red and gray mix. No need for the a-side b-side nonsense.

As aforementioned, the deluxe edition has an etching on the final side of the triple LP set, which is the f-side. The etching features just the balloon girl from the artwork, nothing more like was done with Juturna, which has more elements of the artwork, like the gate along with the girl. There is a hype sticker affixed to the top left corner of the jacket indicating it’s the deluxe edition, the pressing info and the color of vinyl. The hype sticker actually has the colors of the set properly labeled, like I did above.

The triple gatefold jacket with OLG is much worse than what was done with Juturna . With Juturna at least EVR went different imagery on each of the three panels. It’s actually great , expanded artwork. OLG has the same exact imagery on two of the three panels. And the middle panel just has the lyrics printed on it, in small white font. But hey, there is symmetry to the gatefold!

There is also no booklet or insert with the deluxe edition of OLG, while the deluxe edition of Juturna came with a great full size, fold out booklet. The download card/code that comes with OLG is also a bit of an issue. As it does not blatantly deliver the stems that are included with the purchase of the vinyl version of the deluxe edition. They are somewhat hidden in a notepad/word document that you have to be careful not to immediately delete once you unzip the file. Once you open that notepad/word document, the only text in it is a link for the stems download that you have to copy and paste into your web browser, and a download automatically pops up once the site loads.  The only reason I discovered this is because after I added the folder to my iTunes I realized the stems weren’t in there. So I went back and double checked the folder and found a file that wasn’t an MP3. Otherwise I would’ve deleted it without getting the stems. And while we’re talking about the stems, those files are huge. Over 2 gigs in size and they’re in WAV form. Plus, they’re not properly labeled after you import them into iTunes, so you have to go back to the folder once again to match up the corresponding track names and edit each track in iTunes.

Along with the stems for each song, the deluxe edition also includes demo version of all the album tracks except “Carry Us Away,” plus some demos of b-sides as well. The demos are found on the record (sides C, D and E) along with the download card/code. The studio album and demos are in 320 kbps MP3s.

So in short, the deluxe edition of On Letting Go is far worse than the deluxe edition of Juturna. The price point is the same between both of them too, $50 before shipping. Which makes OLG stand out for being worse even more. Thankfully I bought some other things with the deluxe edition of OLG so I saved a bit shipping by being able to spread it out amongst a few records, instead of having the full $5 and change shipping tacked onto OLG.

Anthony Green is back with yet another solo album. It’s amazing how he is able to do so much. He has a bustling family, with his wife Meredith (who is featured on the cover art of Pixie Queen) just giving birth to the couple’s fourth child. He’s busy with not one but two bands; Circa Survive and Saosin. And that is on top of his solo endeavors. Pixie Queen is Green’s fourth solo album, with all of them being released in the span of eight years. The three year gap between Pixie Queen and his previous solo album, Young Legs seems like an eternity in Green time. I think Pixie Queen is Green’s best solo album since his debut, Avalon. It’s not that Beautiful Things and Young Legs are bad, they’re just not at the same level as Avalon or Pixie Queen.

Pixie Queen was pressed as a single LP on four different variants; black & red a-side / yellow & orange b-side limited to 500 copies, red a-side / orange b-side limited to 3,000 copies, black and red limited to an unconfirmed amount (1,000) and clear with yellow, red and black splatter limited to an unknown amount. Some of the variants are exclusive to certain places as well. The black & red a-side / yellow & orange b-side is Memory Music web store exclusive, the black and red is an indie record store exclusive and the clear with yellow, red and black splatter is a tour exclusive. The red a-side / orange b-side is the variant you will get if you buy it from all retailers other than a brick & mortar indie record store, though it can also be bought via Memory Music’s web store as well.

In the pressing info above I say unconfirmed amount for a very good reason, it’s just that, unconfirmed. That number has been posted on message boards and Discogs without a reliable source. The number being thrown around for the black and red indie record store exclusive was first posted on Bull Moose’s web site and everyone ran with it. Not saying Bull Moose is/was wrong, but they have been given incorrect/inaccurate info before. Same thing goes for the clear splatter tour variant, but the “source” is so shaky I won’t even call it unconfirmed. Someone on the aforementioned message board said the merch guy told him they “got 500 and it’s likely out of 1,000.” Because we all know if there is someone in the know it’s the merch guy/girl. Not even a sign at the merch booth/table saying limited to xxxx; pure word of mouth. But of course that doesn’t stop some fool from posting that info on Discogs.

All the pressing info I post is straight from the source, either from pre-order/item pages for that specific variant/pressing or straight from the label releasing it. So until I hear back from the label or even Anthony Green himself I will refrain from nailing down a number for the red/black and clear splatter variants.

The indie store exclusive red/black seems to be a bit misleading. They appear mostly black, but when held up to light spots of red become visible. Some people say the black & red a-side / yellow & orange b-side has little to no yellow or orange on the b-side. The a-side looks for like a swirl/splatter too when held up to light. The red a-side / orange b-side (which I own and is featured in the photos below) appears mostly red on both sides. The orange is a very subtle difference, but it you look at it long enough/closely enough you can tell the difference. What is pictured below is the red a-side/orange b-side retail variant.

The record comes housed in a gatefold jacket, with the record itself coming in a thin poly dust sleeve. Personally I hate the poly dust sleeves because they crinkle up when trying to slide them back into the jacket. But the poly lined paper dust sleeves are the best dust sleeves available. It’s insanely rare for any record to come with the poly lined paper dust sleeves, you typically have to buy them from specialty suppliers or record stores. All copies come with a download code, taking you to the Bandcamp page where you can choose what kind of digital files (320 kbps MP3, FLAC, etc.) to download.

Retail price on Pixie Queen is around $20. Memory Music charged $18 for each of the two variants they sold, then charged $5.40 for shipping. Since the least rare variant is limited to a couple thousand copies, you can likely wait and pick this up at a discount later on down the road. That is if rarity and/or color are of no importance to you. For example, I bought this for a little over $12.50 shipped.



While I normally don’t sell stuff on this blog, or in general, I need to get rid of some things. This is the start of a thinning out process of doubles I’ve accumulated over the years along with getting rid of things I no longer listen to. Prices are set on all this for the most part. Except for the Alkaline Trio box and the Look Mexico and Lifetime collections I’m trying to sell as a lot, mainly because I have no idea what someone will pay for the stuff, but I’m not looking for crazy money. Yes, I am a bit late hopping on the Christmas present buying craze. So here are the ground rules:

Only the things on this list are for sale. Do not ask about anything else featured on this blog or anything that is not on the below list. Deals will be made for anyone who buys more than 1 thing. I’ll only ship to the USA. Paypal as payment only. So no bitcoin, Stripe or any of that other nonsense. If a color is not mentioned then it’s on black vinyl. Most of this stuff is either factory sealed or in NM condition. If it’s bad shape I’ll make note of it. If you’re concerned about condition as for pics and I will provide them.

If you’re interested in anything please leave a comment with what you’re interested in and your email address, and we can work out a deal. I will not make the comments public, so people will not get your email address or any other info, but I will be able to see it in order to reply to you via email. The subject line of such email responses will be “Stitches and Grooves record sale.” any questions or concerns about anything up for sale feel free to ask. I’m pretty firm on prices but if you don’t like a pice comment with an offer and we can try to work out a deal.

Everything will be mailed in either an LP or 7″ mailer. I should have plenty to go around, but if I run out I will let you know before making payment. Opened records will be shipped outside the jacket to avoid seam splits. Factory sealed records will not be opened under any circumstances. I know how to package records for shipping, plenty of bubble wrap and/or cardboard inserts will be used to try to minimize damage as best as possible.


– 311 – Hydroponic 10″ (still sealed, jacket has seam split along top edge) = $20 ppd

– Alkaline Trio – Help Me 7” (still sealed) = $7 ppd or $4 if bought with something else

– Alkaline Trio – My Shame Is True wooden box (won’t come with the records but comes with everything else – black t-shirt in men’s adult medium (never worn, still sealed in plastic bag), flag/banner, patch, Ouija game board and game piece) = offer – must come with everything* can’t buy just the box or other items out of box. Willing to go cheaper if you don’t want the shirt though.

– At The Drive-In/Burning Airlines – Split 7″ (no insert) = $10 ppd

– Back To The Future Trilogy Score Mondo box set exclusive jackets (only the 3 jackets, which have seam splits. no records are include with this) = offer, would prefer to sell all 3 jackets together

Bear vs Shark Collection – Would Prefer To Sell As Complete Lot = $110 (shipping to be determined later)

– Right Now (Purple & White swirl /250, U.S. 2nd press) = $20

– Right Now (UK red w/ black haze /250 hand numbered w/ exclusive alternate cover) = $30

– Terrorhawk (yellow /250, 2nd press) = $25

– Bars Of Gold – Of Gold (clear green, 1st press) = $20

– Bars Of Gold – Wheels (comes packaged w/ CD) = $15

– The Catholic Comb – Vampire Life 7” (w/ poster) = $7 ppd or $4 if bought with something else

– Circa Survive – The Amulet (Merch Limited Alternate Screen Printed Covers, Set of 4,  Designs #1, #2, #3 and #4. ALTERNATE COVERS ONLY, NO RECORD(S). INCORRECTLY FOLDED JACKETS W/ CREASE THROUGH COVER ART. Ask for pics if interested.) =$40 ppd OBO

– Bob Dylan – Must Be Santa b/w ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas 7” (red, still sealed) – $12 ppd

– Faction Of The Fox – Mannequin Hand 7” = $7 ppd or $3 if bought with something else

– Fake Problems – How Far Our Bodies Go (clear, Euro pressing) = $12 ppd

– Fake Problems – How Do You Spell Here E-V-E-L 12” (picture disc) = $9 ppd

** $14 ppd for both Fake Problems records **

– Gogol Bordello – Crack The Case 7″ = $10 ppd

– Gogol Bordello – Pura Vida Conspiracy (white, only record & insert, NO jacket or valid download card) = offer

– Hailey, It Happens – Aurora = $8 ppd or $4 if bought with something else

– Jimmy Eat World – Futures – (2nd press, blue 180g) = $40 ppd OBO


Lifetime Collection – Would Prefer To Sell As Complete Lot = $145 (shipping to be determined later)

– Background = $25

– Hello Bastards (mint, 2nd press, 2010 No Idea pressing, 1st pressing on No Idea) = $15

– Jersey’s Best Dancers (white, 2nd press, 2010 No Idea pressing, 1st pressing on No Idea) = $15

– s/t (pink, 2nd press, 2008 No Idea pressing, 1st pressing on No Idea) = $20

– Dwell 7″ (1st press) = $10

– Dwell 7″ (2nd press) = $7

– Tinnitus 7″ = $20

– 2 Songs 7″ (blue) = $7

– Boys No Good 7″ = $10

– It’s For Life comp LP (red /552, 2nd press on Victory w/ different cover, 1st pressing on Victory) = $15


Look Mexico Collection – Would Prefer To Sell As Complete Lot = $100 (shipping determined later)

– This Is Animal Music = $30

– To Bed To Battle (salmon) = $20

– You Stay. I Go. No Following 7″ (blue, hand numbered screened cover) = $10

– Real Americans Spear It 10″ (blue) = $13

– So Crucialtine (green marble) = $15

– Gasp Asp 7″ (green) = $7

– Gasp Asp 7″ (white w/ red foil stamp cover) = $10


– Moneen/Alexisonfire – Switcheroo Split 12″ (picture disc) = $30 ppd

– Mixtapes – Somewhere In Trinsic (white, No Sleep Sub exclusive) = $15 ppd

– The Music – Take The Long Road And Walk It 7″ (blue) = $6 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– New Found Glory – Tip Of The Iceberg 7” (picture disc) = $7 ppd or $3 if bought with something else.

– No Devotion – Stay b/w Eyeshadow 12″ (white, factory sealed) = $10 ppd

– No Devotion – 10,000 Summers 12″ (factory sealed, start of small seam split along top edge) = $9 ppd

** $14 ppd for both No Devotion records **

– Peace’d Out – Peace’d Out 10” (blue, still sealed) = $10 ppd or $6 if bought with something else


– The Police – Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic 7″ (U.S. pressing, A & M Records w/ picture sleeve) =  $6 ppd or $3 if bought with something else

– The Police – Message In A Bottle 7″ (w/ poster sleeve) = $7 ppd or $4 if bought with something else

– The Police – Message In A Bottle 7″ (no picture or poster sleeve, generic paper dust sleeve) = $6 ppd or $3 if bought with something else

– The Police – Synchronicity II 7″ (w/ picture sleeve) = $6 ppd or $3 if bought with something else

-The Police – Every Breath You Take 7″ (w/ picture sleeve) = $6 ppd or $3 if bought with something else

– The Police – Don’t Stand So Close To Me 7″ (w/ picture sleeve) = $6 ppd or $3 if bought with something else

– The Police – De Do Do Do, De Da Da da 7″ (w/ incorect die cut picture sleeve) = $6 ppd or $3 if bought with something else

** All 7 Police 7″ singles for $25 ppd **


– Portugal. The Man – Woodstock (standard vinyl version, 180g in gatefold jacket, still factory sealed) = $15 ppd

– Razorlight – Golden Touch 7″ (gatefold jacket) = $7 ppd or $2 if bought with something else


Senses Fail – If There Is Light, It Will Find You (yellow, still sealed. has seam split along top of jacket) = $15 ppd

Senses Fail slipmat – slipmat that came w/ If There Is Light It Will Find You Merch Limited bundles = $10 ppd

** Senses Fail bundle (new album & slipmat) = $20 ppd ***


– Bruce Springsteen – Dancing In The Dark 7″ (U.S. Pressing, Columbia Records) =$ 6 ppd or $3 if bought with something else

– Bruce Springsteen – One Step Up 7″ (U.S. Pressing, Columbia Records) =$6 ppd or $3 if bought with something else

** Both Springsten 7″ single for $10 ppd **

– Third Eye Blind – Ursa Major – (clear w/ black & white splatter – 1st Press) = offer

– Thursday – Kill The House Lights (still factory sealed, has crease in jacket) = $15 ppd

– Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers – A Woman In Love (It’s Not Me) 7″ (w/ picture sleeve) = $6 ppd

– What’s Eating Gilbert – Cheap Shots (half tan/half black) = $10 ppd

– V/A – Yes L.A. comp (2nd press – picture disc w/ green and red ink) = $20 ppd

– V/A – While No One Was Looking: Toasting 20 Years Of Bloodshot Records 3xLP (still factory sealed, pretty bad seam splits along top edge) =

– Record Store Day 2008 Choice Cuts comp (still sealed) = $8 ppd or $5 if bought with something else

– The 4 Squares/Toucan Slam – Doin’ Snuff With Roy Scherer split 12″ (still sealed) = $8 ppd or $3 if bought with something else

– Brushfire Records 12″ Sampler Volume 1 (still sealed. feat. Jack Johnson, Mason Jennings, G. Love & Special Sauce, Matt Costa) = $8 ppd or $3 if bought with something else

– Curtain Call – s/t 7″ = offer

– Hamilton/Malakhai/With Arms Still Empty/Just For Kicks – Forever Compilation 4-way Split 7″ = $6 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– Old & In The Way – Old & In The Way LP = offer

– Grateful Dead – For The Faithful (Pair Records) = $10 ppd

– Grateful Dead – Wake Of The Flood (cut corner, Grateful Dead Records) = $10 ppd

Other Random Stuff & CD’s

– Ryan Russell – Continental Obscura: Birmingham To Bellingham photo book =$13 ppd [shipping is high because book weighs 4 pounds. Book is still in shrink wrap (shrink is cut along bottom) and does NOT come with bonus 7″]

– The Simpsons Complete Season 9 DVD w/ Lisa plastic head case (still factory sealed/taped)

– MxPx – B-Movie DVD w/ The A/C EP CD = offer

– Senses Fail limted edition t-shirt (limited to 100) – Pull The Thorns From Your Heart album cover design, size Adult Mens Medium = offer

– Fake Problems – Live At Park Ave CD (still sealed) = $5 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– Spirit Club – s/t CD (still factory sealed) = $10 ppd

– July – What We Signed Up For CD (still sealed) = $6 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– The Promise Hero – Deja Vu CD (still sealed) = $6 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– Brett Detar – Bird In The Tangle CD (still sealed) = $5 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– Rock Against Floyd comp CD = $5 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– Hail The Villain – Maintain Radio Silence EP CD (still sealed) = $5 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– We Are Augustines – Rock The Vote EP CD (still sealed) = $6 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– Drive Thru Records Winter 2003 Sampler CD = $5 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– Drive Thru Records Summer 2004 Sampler CD = $5 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– Drive Thru Records/Rushmore Records Sampler CD = $5 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– Fueled By Ramen Spring 2005 Sampler CD = $5 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– Tooth & Nail Records Spring 2004 Sampler CD = $5 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

-Wildhoney – Your Face Sideways CD (barcode punched) = $6 ppd or $3 if bought with something else

– REM Unplugged 1991-2001 lithograph poster (12″ high x 36″ wide)

After having the worst Record Store Day (RSD) ever last year, where I missed out on getting the most stuff on my list than ever before, I decided to head over to my store earlier than I ever have. Prior to last year the most I’ve ever missed out on getting from my local store was one thing, whereas I usually get everything on my list with ease after lining up 3 hours max before opening. But last year I missed out on 3, and I wasn’t sure if it was just because the line formed earlier at my store (I was out of state in 2014 and couldn’t see how the line formed) for some reason or simply because Deja Entendu was being re-pressed. It turned out to be the later as I could have gotten on line by 3 a.m. (which is still hours earlier than my norm) instead of midnight and been fine. But I wasn’t going to complain about being eighth in line, my best position to date, as I slept for those 3 hours anyway.

With that out of the way here is the Circa Survive/Mewithoutyou split 7″, which to be perfectly honest was the only reason why I participated in RSD this year. Everything else I could’ve easily bought online after RSD for retail price. The split features a new Circa Survive song, “Awake In A Dream,” and an alternate version of a previously released Mewithoutyou song, “Rainbow Signs (Fa So La Version).” The 7″ was pressed on three colors, with a quasi hidden variant mixed in. There are 1,200 copies on clear blue, 1,200 copies on clear orange and 100 copies on orange/blue. The orange/blue is a mix between the two colors, and the final product looks nothing like the mockups released by either Run For Cover Records (RFC) or Sumerian Records.

The mockups were first released by Run For Cover, and they couldn’t be more off from the finished product. They had a small hole and the /100 variant seemed more like a swirled blue/pink than an orange/blue mixture. RFC released their mockup image the same day as the official RSD list, March 8. Almost a month later and a little over 10 days before RSD, Sumerian released their own mockups, which were a drastic departure from RFC’s. Sumerian’s mockups, released on April 5, had a large hole instead of the small hole, and the /100 variant changed to more of a brown with green marble/swirl. The finished product for the /100 variant appears closer to Sumerian’s mockup, but most of the copies I’ve seen are a mustard yellow/pea soup green or straight up brown with hardly any other colors mixed in. All variants of the 7″ came out with a large hole and have a silver RSD exclusive hype sticker on the cover . As usual with all of Circa Survive’s releases, Esao Andrews did the artwork. No download code is included, which sadly is a running trend with majority f RSD releases this year. Nothing I bought this year had a download card/code, no matter the label releasing it. The only thing that did was the Nirvana Tribute comp released by Robotic Empire, and that wasn’t an official RSD release.

For those wondering, there is no way to tell what variant a copy of this split is prior to purchase. They all come sealed, and there is no discernible difference between the variants; the barcodes are all the same and there is no sticker anywhere indicating color. This inevitably led to people buying multiple copies looking for the /100 variant, which was probably the point the labels had in getting a variant that limited. Not that it would actually increase sales though, simply having a Circa Survive RSD release would ensure it would sell out. I despise these sorts of sales tactics, as it only encourages people to do unsavory things; whether it be by somehow cheating the 1 per person limit on RSD releases and/or turning around and flipping the unwanted extra copies they bought looking for the rarest variant.

After having the worst Record Store Day (RSD) ever last year, where I missed out on getting the most stuff on my list than ever before, I decided to head over to my store earlier than I ever have. Prior to last year the most I’ve ever missed out on getting from my local store was one thing, whereas I usually get everything on my list with ease after lining up 3 hours max before opening. But last year I missed out on 3, and I wasn’t sure if it was just because the line formed earlier at my store (I was out of state in 2014 and couldn’t see how the line formed) for some reason or simply because Deja Entendu was being re-pressed. It turned out to be the later as I could have gotten on line by 3 a.m. (which is still hours earlier than my norm) instead of midnight and been fine. But I wasn’t going to complain about being eighth in line, my best position to date, as I slept for those 3 hours anyway.

With that out of the way here is the Robotic Empire Nirvana tribute compilation to their debut album Bleach. These Nirvana tribute comps have become a bit of an annual tradition, with Nirvana’s other two studio albums receiving tribute the previous two years; in 2015 for Nevermind and 2014 for In Utero. It’s sad to see them go. For those unfamiliar with these tribute comps, it’s the original album covered front to back by various bands; ranging from Circa Survive to Thursday to These Arms Are Snakes to Cane In to La Dispute to Thou. And the comps usually have clever titles.

The Bleach tribute is entitled Doused In Mud, Soaked In Bleach. There was a RSD variant pressed on metallic silver vinyl, which came with an exclusive poster. The RSD variant is the only variant to come with a poster. The poster is a huge fold out poster, which is inspired by the comp’s cover art. The other two variants are clear and white. Pressing info has not been released, and don’t expect it to be for a long time if at all. The RSD variant does not come sealed and has a black hype sticker affixed to the poly sleeve that says ‘RSD exclusive.’ But don’t get that hype sticker confused with the official RSD release sticker that s silver. I’m not certain but I think all the variants come with the same black hype sticker, with the exception of the mentioning of “RSD exclusive.”

A download card is included with all copies regardless of variant. The two non-RSD variants are mail-order exclusive and could be purchased directly from Robotic Empire or other distros like Interpunk. I’m not entirely sure if physical record stores got any copies of the non-RSD variants after RSD, but there is a chance. I know some people actually received copies of one of the mail-order variants from their record store on RSD instead of the proper RSD variant. Robotic Empire also sold some copies of the RSD variant in their web store after RSD as well. Price on the RSD variant was around $23 depending on the store, and the price of the mail-order variants are $20. So that poster with the RSD variant essentially cost $3.

Here is the track listing for the comp:

Side A

  1.  Defeater – Blew
  2.  Thou – Floyd the Barber
  3.  Beach Slang – About a Girl
  4.  Basement – School
  5.  Circa Survive – Love Buzz (feat. Jon Simmons of Balance And Composure on 1 verse)
  6.  This Will Destroy You – Paper Cuts


Side B

  1. Young Widows – Negative Creep
  2.  Mean Jeans – Scoff
  3.  Rob Crow’s Gloomy Place – Swap Meet
  4.  The Fall of Troy – Mr. Moustache
  5.  Big Hush – Sifting
  6.  Daughters – Big Cheese
  7.  The Saddest Landscape – Downer

One of the most in demand albums on vinyl has been Circa Survive’s debut Juturna. In 2015, well I should say 2016 because that is when the record actually came out, the album was re-pressed for a fourth time, but this time Equal Vision Records (EVR) decided to commemorate the album’s 10th anniversary with a deluxe edition. Mired in delays, this latest pressing of Juturna finally started shipping in February 2016 when it was originally slated for a – 2015 release. The wait was actually beneficial for me because I was album to use multiple coupon codes (I’ll explain further below) EVR released around the 2015 holiday season.

This latest pressing of Juturna has both a traditional single LP version and a deluxe edition triple LP version. The single LP version is simply a re-press (which I may delve into details about at a later date), while the deluxe edition has all the bonus tracks (minus the stems) that were released with the 10th Anniversary edition of the album. The bonus tracks include demos and b-sides, however the download card yields even more bonus tracks including instrumental versions and all the stems to every song on the album. In all 34 tracks (all featured on the vinyl version of the deluxe edition) plus the stems are on the download card. The hidden bonus track, “House Of Leaves” is included at the end of the final track, “Meet Me In Montauk” after a short silence gap. So there are actually 35 songs on the vinyl version. Rather than list out the track listing I am going to include a photo (at the end of this post) of the back of the jacket, which has the track listing nicely broken down and clearly legible.

The deluxe edition is limited to 2500 copies and was pressed as a triple LP with the first LP on olive/cream splatter, second on orange/cream speckled and the third on pinkish red/clear haze. The mock ups EVR released at the time of the pre-orders are somewhat close to what the actual records came out looking like, but none of them are spot on. They weren’t the hardest colors schemes to pull off, but either way they turned out looking awesome. The olive/cream is more grey than olive and the cream is pure white. There is also black mixed in as well. The orange/cream speckled is actually white with orange splatter and the pinkish red/clear haze is flat out red circle on clear. The f-side is etched with the album artwork. It comes housed in a triple panel gatefold jacket and includes a fold out insert.

The insert is one of the most unique ones I’ve ever seen. It’s essentially a booklet because of the way it opens. The cover of the insert is split down the middle, with each panel opening up to reveal parts of the liner notes. The liner notes are stories told by the band members, the album’s producer Brian McTernan, Bill Scoville (album layout) and the artist responsible for all the band’s artwork Esao Andrews. The liner notes are done like an interview and delve into the history of the band, Juturna’s recording process and the band reflecting back on those times based on their current level of success. Some of Esao Andrew’s artwork concepts are also featured in the liner notes, and he explains his thought process behind each of those designs plus the final version. The back of the insert has the lyrics printed on it.

The tripe panel gatefold jacket features expanded artwork, again done by Esao Andrews. His artwork can be found all over this version of Juturna. One minor complaint about the jacket is that none of the pockets for the records are sealed; they’re all open ended so the records aren’t that secure. Typically on these types of jackets only the middle pocket is left open ended. There is a hype sticker on the cover that says “Juturna: Deluxe en year Edition Triple LP Set.” The sticker goes on to say the colors of the vinyl and details of the download card. The hype stickers are essentially the same across all the variants for this latest pressing of Juturna. They’re all small silver rectangles, the only difference is what is said on them depending on the variant.

So far there has only been one person complaining about sound quality issues, but said person has already blamed it on their set up once he got slammed for his complaints. So take those sound quality issues with a grain of salt. And to be perfectly honest I haven’t listened to this yet. It’s in a long line of records I need to listen to for the first time. But I do plan on going through my entire collection to do sound comparisons between the different pressings of albums I have. I’m doing this to give my advice and opinion on which pressing to buy.

As I mentioned above this record was delayed and those delays benefited me greatly. I tend not to pre-order records anymore because it seems they rarely sell out and I can get them cheaper down the road. My wallet has overpowered my desire to get new records coming in. Of course there are some exceptions to my not ore-ordering disposition based on a handful of factors, and this record was one of them. I fully anticipated the deluxe edition selling out quickly through pre-orders so I bit the bullet and pulled the trigger on pre-ordering it.

Retail on this is $50, but because of the delays, and there were several, I was able to use not one but two different coupon codes. The first one I used was for 15% off, so I canceled by initial order and re-ordered using that code. But since the record was still not slated to come out for another few months another coupon code was released for 20% off, so I canceled my order for a second time and re-ordered. So I went from spending $50, to spending $42.50 to spending $40 on this.

Now to the delays. Pre-orders were launched at the end of July 2015 with a release date in mid November. Then in mid October 2015 Merchnow (distro handling pre-orders for most variants) notified people via email that the vinyl version was delayed due to manufacturing and orders containing the vinyl “will” be shipping approximately late December/early January. But to make amends they sent out the digital downloads to everyone who pre-ordered before the date they sent the actual email. Then at the end of December Merchnow sent emails to everyone who pre-ordered saying it was delayed yet again, this time till the end of January/early February. That was the last delay. This release is the perfect example of why I don’t pre-order things anymore. It was one of the longest pre-orders I’ve ever dealt with, but far from the worst. I’m sure everyone who remembers the MTS nonsense will agree with me. The records finally started shipping in early February 2016.