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Whenever a tour exclusive release is announced it always causes a pit in my stomach because there is usually means any collection I have going will likely stay, or become incomplete. Many times these tour exclusives are the lone outstanding item I need to complete a collection. Thankfully Asian Man Records did the right thing with this Dan Andriano and Mat Pryor Tour Split 7”, as they sold some copies online and made them available on said tour.

If you ask anyone that is the way to do it; make a release accessible to as many people as possible. It’s one thing for there to be a tour exclusive variant (I’m not a huge fan of those either), but it’s an entirely different thing for a release to only be available on a tour. People make the argument tour exclusives reward fans, specifically the most diehard or “true” fans in particular. But there will always be circumstances beyond any so called diehard or “true” fans control. For example, what if a tour doesn’t stop anywhere near them? Or they can’t go because they can’t afford to take off work for any multitude of reasons. Or they have a baby to take care of at home. Then there are the unforeseen medical reasons or other life things that get in the way, like weddings, child birth, funerals. Why should someone who happens to live in North Dakota or Alaska miss out on a record based solely on that circumstance? And why should that person be forced to pay $100 for said record on the secondary market if they want it?

Rant over. Back to the finer details of this split 7”. It’s not your traditional split, as both Dan Andriano and Matt Pryor sing on both songs (two songs on this split, one per side) and shared writing duties for one of them (the b-sided is a Paul Simon cover). The 7” is housed in a thin jacket, not a fold over sleeve or one of those paper sleeves 45 singles used to come in. It also comes with a download card/code, which yields you ridiculously large WAV files that are over 2 gigs in size. Those two songs are bigger files than some band’s entire discographies that I have in iTunes, and not bands with 2 or 3 albums either. For example New Found Glory, Alkaline Trio, Against Me! And Circa Survive.

This split 7” was pressed on two colors, white and black, each limited to 500 copies apiece. It cost about $10 if you ordered this online from Asian Man Records. Both colors were available online, with white being the only one to sell out (online) as of posting this.

Dan Andriano - Matt Pryor Tour Split - Copy


Asian Man Records has done a label subscription the past couple years, where subscribers get every release Asian Man puts out for that calendar year. Also included with the subscription are things like slipmats, t-shirts and sometimes exclusive releases. 2013 had an exclusive release; a vinyl compilation entitled Asian Man Music For Asian Man People.

The comp has Asian Man artists covering other Asian Man artists. I sought out the comp for the Dan Andriano song, in which he covers “Lincoln,” a Mu330 song. Other artists on the comp include Andrew Jackson Jihad, Bomb The Music Industry!, Cheap Girls, Sundials and Mikey Erg. Some of the bands covered include Alkaline Trio, Smoking Popes, Andrew Jackson Jihad and Slow Gherkin.

There was a total of 530 copies pressed, all on random colors with some marbling. The colors range from purple to pink to tan/brown, but most came out pink or purple it seems. Each copy is individually hand numbered in black ink, done with a ball point pen it seems. The numbering is done on the back of the jacket, which is a half fold screen printed sleeve. I bought this second hand off ebay so I’m not sure if a download card/code was ever included. The copy I bought did not have one.

To be honest I had no idea this comp existed, even though I’m a huge Alkaline Trio and Dan Andriano fan and collector. I only found out about it after Asian Man released the second volume in the Asian Man Music For Asian Man People series came out in late 2016. Calling it a series may be a bit premature, as there are only two releases to date with a huge three year gat in-between them, and there may or may not be more planned/coming out. Not like I would’ve subscribed to get this comp, but I might have been able to find a copy a lot sooner than I did. But in the end it didn’t take me long from the time I discovered this comp to the point when I bought a copy. It only took me a month or two without scouring the internet.

Since it was a subscription exclusive release from last year, the only way to get a hold of a copy was on the secondary market. And copies were few and far between. Discogs had copies going for an average of – and before the copy I eventually wound up buying on ebay popped up only – were ever sold/listed on ebay. I bought this comp for $20 shipped. Would I have liked to pick it up for less? Sure, who wouldn’t? But considering the scarcity of the comp coming up for sale and the price being fair based on previous sales, I felt comfortable buying it.

The Falcon’s second full length album, Gather Up The Chaps, was released in 2016 by Red Scare Industries. In an odd move, Red Scare didn’t sell any copies of the record themselves, instead opting to give them to distribution and have the band sell copies on tour. Initially the only place to buy the album on vinyl online was Interpunk, but then other distros started carrying the record, which is when I bought a copy. Interpunk’s prices and shipping charges are ridiculous, let alone their business ethics, which are terrible. Within the last year Interpunk started flipping records in a dedicated section of their webstore, holding copies of their regular stock items to sell for hugely inflated prices later on. Even going as far as selling records that were intended to be free promo items given to people who bought a copy of an album. Which is why everyone should think twice about buying anything from Interpunk. But I digress.

Gather Up The Chaps is the band’s first album as a four piece, as Dave Haus joined as a full fledged member of the band. It doesn’t change their sound much, if at all. The rest of the band remained the same; Dan Andriano, Brendan Kelly and Neil Hennessey. The record was pressed on two variants; pink and black. Pink is a tour exclusive and is limited to an unknown amount of copies, but it is apparently “limited.” The pink on the record is darker than you’d expect, and it really stands out compared to the center labels, which are hot pink. Even though the pink was supposed to be a tour exclusive, after the band’s tour was completed after playing a festival in Europe in May, pink copies were given to German distro Green Hell. To have a pink copy to the USA cost about $28 after shipping and conversion. Interpunk was also apparently given pink copies as well that they were supposed to give out in random orders. Can’t wait to seem being flipped by them! Black is available everywhere else, and pressing info for it has not been released.

All copies come with an insert, which has the lyrics printed on it. There is no download card included, which is a bummer. Retail price on this is around $16. The band ws selling pink copies on tour for $15. I remember hearing people brag about buying this for $17 shipped and then other people bragging about $15. Well, I bought this for $11. And I didn’t have to pre-order it.

Another zine (New Noise Magazine) started a subscription series, and the first release in the series was from The Falcon. The issue of the magazine The Falcon flexi was included with was Issue 23. The flexi disc subscription was not truly subscription exclusive, as the zine put up leftover copies of The Falcon issues for sale individually for $5 (including shipping). The Falcon flexi is white and features the song “Hasselhoff Cheeseburger,” which later appeared on the band’s second full length album, Gather Up The Chaps.

Some people were upset that the flexi was made available outside of the subscription, and rightfully so. If I subscribed to anything in order to get something and later found out I didn’t have to subscribe and spend more money than I had to in order to get said item, I would be angry too. But that is why I didn’t subscribe to the magazine, especially after my experiences with The Gaslight Anthem fan club and from my observations of how these types of things wind up. Inevitably there are problems, whether they be with delays, being scammed out of money one way or another or not having to partake in the subscription to get the so called exclusive items.

To be honest I just planned on waiting to buy one of these Falcon flexis on the secondary market, at a price I deemed worthy all things considered. There was no way I was subscribing and getting a bunch of flexis and magazines I had no interest in and would struggle to unload either through selling or trading. It was my due diligence through a google search looking for a copy of this flexi that I found that New Noise Magazine was selling copies of the magazine guaranteed to come with The Falcon flexi outside of the subscription for $5 shipped. The magazine itself wasn’t that important to me, but if I could get it with the flexi for that cheap I see it as a bonus.

I’ve never heard of New Noise Magazine prior to this flexi series. I flipped through issue 23 after I got it in the mail and it’s kind of a poor man’s Alternative Press. If you remember AMP Magazine, New Noise is basically that but in color, and a lot shorter. New Noise is 70% ads with the other 30% actual content. The feature interviews are terribly short. The Falcon’s cover story was only a two-page spread.

I know some people received damaged copies of the flexi; where they were all torn up, cut or wrinkled up. Damage to the point the flexi was unplayable as the grooves were mangled. New Noise Magazine made good by them by sending replacement copies free of charge. The damage was attributed to the flexi not being inserted into the magazine. New Noise Magazine has since told the printer that the flexis needed to be inserted into the magazine prior to being packaged (magazine comes sealed in a plastic bag) with hopes that will correct the problem. I have included a photo of how I received my copy of the magazine prior to opening it up, with the flexi outside the magazine placed outside the back cover. Fortunately my copy of the flexi didn’t come damaged, but upon close inspection I can see the beginning of similar damage people who received destroyed copies described. It also doesn’t help that New Noise Magazine ships individual issues inside a manila envelope without any cardboard or other support/protection.






Dan Andriano released his latest solo album under the Dan Andriano In The Emergency moniker in July 2015, and it’s his best work (solo) to date. Party Adjacent is his second solo full length, and it was pressed on three different colors, all limited to 1,000 copies each. Asian Man Records released the U.S pressing and opted to press it on 180 gram black, white and purple. All copies come with a download code and a fold out insert.

To go along with the U.S. pressing there is also a UK pressing that was released by Xtra Mile Recordings. The UK pressing is on yellow vinyl, but no pressing info has been released for it. However, the UK pressing comes shrink-wrapped with a hype sticker on the cover where as the U.S. pressing does not (for either).

Red Scare Industries released a split 7″ for Dan Andriano (Alkaline Trio) and Brendan Kelly’s (The Lawrence Arms) Summer 2012 European tour entitled European Vacation. Both guys by their monikers Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room and Brendan Kelly And The wandering Birds, respectively. Each contributes one brand new that is exclusive to this 7″, with the Dan song being “The Radiator” and the Brendan song being “Malthusian Clown.”

As far as I know it was only pressed on red vinyl. Red Scare typically does not release pressing info for any of their releases, so I probably won’t bark up that tree trying to figure it out. It’s also important to note that The Wandering Birds also features Nick Martin.

The first 7″ from Dan Andriano In The Emergency Room, “Of Peace, Quiet And Monsters” was pressed on three different colors; seafoam blue limited to 500 copies, white limited to 500 copies and black limited to 1000 copies. Seafoam blue was orignally seafoam green, but changed somewhere along the line without warning. One day it was called seafoam green and the next it was seafoam blue.What might have happened was that the records came out blue instead of green, because they are baby blue in color, but I don’t know what “seafoam blue” is supposed to look like. Not a big deal, but I think seafoam green would match the artwork much better than seafoam blue does, but the blue still looks better with the artwork than white or black will.

The 7″ features two new songs, “Of Peace, Quiet And Monsters” and “String Bean Jean-Piano Fix. The 7” comes with a download code, and if you order directly from Asian Man Records it will ship immediately. Well at least mine showed up a few dayas after ordering and well before the May 1st release date.