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Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground’s second full length album was released by Suburban Home Records, and the vinyl pressing came out well after the album’s release. Ithink it was held up for various logisitcal reasons. It was pressed on two different colors, white limited to 300 copies and red limited to 700 copies. The record comes housed in a gatefold jacket and coems with an insert.

At first Shit Radio Cast was the only place to buy the album on vinyl due to a partnership with them and Virgil at Suburban Home Records. Virgil was however selling red copies for sale both on ebay and another auction site Limited Pressing. Rather than giving Shit Radio Cast any more of my money after they screwed up the only two orders I placed with them and held my money hostage, I bought my white copy directly from Virgil to avoid the mess that is Shit Radio Cast. As time went on though more and more distros started carrying this Kay Kay album, so I don’t know what happened to Shit Radio Caast being the exclusive retailer for Suburban Home releases.

Despite what people say about him, Virgil has always come through for me and I personally have had no issues with him when it comes to shipping me records, being willing to sell stuff to me directly even though he no longer runs a distro or being impossible to get ahold of. With that said, I don’t agree with some of the thing that happened revolving around the Vinyl Collective Co-Op Label.


This is Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground’s second vinyl release, a two-song 7″. This was pressed on two colors, green limited to 300 copies and clear limited to 700 copies. Only five test presses were made.

Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground spawned from the ashes of another great band, Gatsbys American Dream. Kay Kay seems to love obscurity, as they released all of their music thus far exclusively on hard to come by formats. Their first ever release was only put out on cassette by ECA records. Only 200 copies of those cassettes were made and MP3’s of the songs are extremely hard to come by. Their second release and first full length album was only pressed on vinyl and did not come with a download code. The vinyl was put out by Suburban Home Records/Vinyl Collective and is now in it’s second pressing.

The first press of the album as a double LP spread across three colors, each more rare than the last. “Rainbow Transparent,” which is essentially clear vinyl with red and green splatter, was limited to 200 copies. “Rainbow Milk,” which is essentially maroon with orange and white splatter, was limited to 300 copies and Orange with red speckles (which is pretty self-explanatory) was limited to 500 copies. The first press is now mostly OOP. The second pressing was limited to 1,000 copies on clear baby blue. This time around a CD version was finally made, which was released the same time as the second vinyl pressing.