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For Fest 12 (taking place in October/November 2013) Asian Man Records released a split 7” featuring Larry And His Flask and Cobra Skulls. The split was limited to 500 copies, with each band getting 100 copies to sell and the remaining 300 copies going up for sale on Asian Man’s webstore. The Larry And His Flask song is brand new and exclusive to this 7”. I say that because the band has recycled some songs in the past that were on past release and wound up on new releases.

The split sold out online much sooner than I expected, and neither band put up any leftover copies post Fest online, so my lax of late in pre-ordering/buying records almost hurt me with getting this 7”. Fortunately in mid December Asian Man put up about 50 copies for sale in their webstore and I snagged one. All 500 copies of the split are on random colored vinyl, which in this case turned out to be all purple marble. Usually random colored vinyl means a mix of colors throughout the pressing; some red, some blue, some green, etc. But in this case I think Asian Man did not order a specific color and the plant gave them whatever color they had lying around, had an abundance of or whatever would be cheapest for Asian Man in terms of pressing fees.Larry And His Flask - Cobra Skulls Split - Copy


For Larry And His Flask’s latest album, By The Lamp Light, the band held their own Kickstarter type fund-raiser called Fill The Flask. There were several rewards to choose from and one was a vinyl package that included the album and a bonus 7″ from the recording session. Up until the point where the band had the records in their hands the songs that would be included on the 7″ were a mystery.

It turns out there are two tracks on the 7″, disappointingly both the same song. On the a-side is the album version of “The Battle For Clear Sight” and the b-side features an acoustic version of it. I was fully expecting two b-sides, not an album track and an acoustic version of that same album track. At this point the only place to get this 7″ was through the Fill The Flask campaign and hopefully it stays that way as it was supposed to be exclusive to people who pledged a decent chunk of change through Fill The Flask. But I have my doubts after seeing the track listing for this 7″

There were 220 copies pressed, all on red and white swirl vinyl. The record comes housed in an envelope style jacket. It’s similar to The Horrible Crowes – Elsie 7″ and Circa Survive – B-Sides 7″. It has a foldable flap in the back and is printed on card stock.

To my disappointment this 7″ was re-pressed by Silver Sprocket sometime well after the Fill The Flask campaign for the By The Lamplight album ended, around two years later. This perfectly illustrates why I rarely participate in crowd funding, because 99% of the time people who pre-order/buy stuff though crowd funding get screwed in some way shape or form at some point. This 7″ was only suppose to be available through the Fill The Flask campaign, not randomly re-pressed years later.

This re-press, the second overall, is limited (for now because I’m sure it will be re-pressed yet again) to 300 copies on black. The cover also appears to be different than the first press; the first press has brown/dark red ink and the second press has black ink. The second pressing has Silver Sprocket printed on the back for the label credit while the first pressing has Cascadian Record Co. (likely Larry And His Flask’s label) printed on the back. A black Larry And His Flask logo sticker is also included with the second pressing.

Larry And His Flask used a Kickstarter esque funding source called Fill The Flask for the recording and release of their latest album, By The Lamp Light. It was essentially the same as Kickstarter except the band hosted the fund-raiser themselves on their own website. The rewards ranged from patches, CD’s, t-shirts, the vinyl version of the album all the way up to the expensive rewards like a camping trip with the band and private house shows. The one reward that drew my attention was the vinyl package, which included the album on an exclusive color variant and a bonus 7″ from the recording session. There will be another post dedicated to the bonus 7″.

The album ultimately wound up being release by the band’s own label, Cascadian Record Company and Silver Sprocket Records, who the band has worked with in the past. The Fill The Flask exclusive color turned out to be an orange/red/yellow swirl and is limited to 250 copies. There is also a regular variant which is available everywhere else, which is on white vinyl and limited to 250 copies. The vinyl version of the album was ultimately delayed by over a month, with the release date at the end of June 25 and the records starting to ship August 5.

Everyone who contributed to the Fill The Flask campaign has their name mentioned in the liner note thank you’s, which is printed on one side of the insert that comes with the record. For helping to fill the flask, I also received two patches and a key chain along with my LP and 7″

Hobo’s Lament is the latest release from Larry And His Flask. It was released by Paper + Plastick Records, and to no one’s surprise it was delayed. Though not as long as some of their other releases. The first pressing was done as a picture disc, and P+P has hinted that additional pressings will not be done as a picture disc. There also seems to be a discrepancy with the pressing info or a rep for the label made a typo, as the P+P’s store says there were 2,00 copies pressed, but someone with the label said there are 3,000 copies. It wouldn’t surprise me if P+P got in more copies and never said anything, as they initially said one color of their Nightmare Of You/Nightmares For A Week split was limited to 100 copies when pre-orders first went up, then as it started selling out they added 75 copies of that color to the pressing.

Regarding the music found on this EP, it’s a bunch of re-recorded songs. Of the six songs only one is actually a new song, “Big Ride.” the rest have been released on one of, if not two of the band’s early self released stuff. That’s a bit disappointing but the re-recorded versions are not terrible nor are they leaps and bounds better than the original.


When Silver Sprocket Bicycle Club signed Larry And His Flask they also started doing their own pressings of the band’s s/t 7″, which they had self released up until that point. Silver Sprocket did not change much with the EP layout wise, as their two pressing feature the same silk-screened paper bag and regular jacket inside as the band’s first two self-released pressings. They (Silver Sprocket) have quickly moved on to the 4th overall pressing of the EP, which is currently still in print and is being carried through a few distributors. Before going into details about the 4th pressing, here is a little bit about the 3rd pressing, which I completely slept on and completely missed out on.

The third pressing, which is the first on Silver Sprocket was pressed on two colors, “rot gut whiskey (brown)” and “gin (clear).” When I asked the guy who runs Silver Sprocket how many copies were pressed on each color from the third pressing and if any copies were still available, he had no idea because they did not keep track of the amount pressed and that the third pressing was sold out and out of print. He didn’t even keep any copies for himself/the label according. The brown copies feature a silk-screened bag with brown lettering, however, I do not know what color writing the bags of clear copies has, because obviously it can not be clear.

For the fourth pressing, which the pics below depict, the color matching silk-screening remains constant. This pressing was also down on two colors by Silver Sprocket; “Bombay Sapphire/Crystal Blue (light blue)” and “Absinthe (green).” According to Silver Sprocket’s website there were only 200 copies of blue pressed, but according to a sticker on the cover of them 300 copies were pressed. I asked the guy who runs Silver Sprocket about this and he stands by that there are 200 copies on blue and does not know why the stickers say 300. There were 550 copies on green pressed, but they do not come with a sticker. All Silver Sprocket copies come with download codes through Silver Sprocket’s website.

One of my most anticipated albums this year was Larry And His Flask’s All The We Know. It’s the band’s debut full length on Silver Sprocket and if I’m not mistaken first release with a label’s backing. The tunes are in the same vein as their s/t 7″, for those of you familiar with that release if you’re not familiar with their older material. I think they knocked it out of the park with this album and it has everything you’d expect from these bearded fellows.

All That We Know was pressed on three colors, with a slight mixup from the plant than what was initially advertised and wanted by Silver Sprocket. When pre-orders first went live Silver Sprocket announced that there would be 290 copies on blue/green swirl, 600 copies on blue and 999 copies on green. The green and blue copies ran into no problems, but the plant screwed up with the blue/green swirl, pressing the wrong color and fewer copies. What Silver Sprocket received was 280 copies of a turquoise/light blue, not a swirl at all as it is one solid color. Which, even though the label announced the error in color, it was later changed again to be creme a few months later. So at this point I have no idea what that particular variant is supposed to look like, as I have never seen pictures of it and the label keeps changing the color.

The three colors were also only available through certain packages or outlets, with the now light blue/creme only being available through a deluxe package deal from Silver Sprocket that included the CD version of the album, a few stickers, and an engraved flask with the band’s log. The flask is currently available for purchase by itself, so either the package deal did not sell well or more than 290 flasks were made. The blue copies were only available through indie record stores and Interpunk, although Interpunk has yet to even put copies of this album on vinyl up for sale. Green copies were available from Silver Sprocket and everywhere other than Interpunk or indie stores.

Larry And His Flask decided to do a special run of their s/t 7″ in the spirit of Halloween. They pressed 250 copies on glow in the dark vinyl, which is the second pressing of this 7″ EP. This version comes in a silk-screened paper bag just like the first press, only the lettering is black and orange, to go with the Halloween theme. The jacket the record is actually housed in is also the same as the first press. It’s impossible to get a picture of the record actually glowing in the dark because of the camera’s flash, but trust me it does glow in the dark although faintly.