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Midtown’s final album, Forget What You Know, was finally pressed on vinyl by I Surrender Records, which by no coincidence is run by former Midtown drummer Rob Hitt. Forget What You Know was largely forgotten as it strayed greatly from Midtown’s two previous albums. It’s not the same sound as their pop punk Drive Thru days, which turned off a lot of people. Personally I think this is Midtown’s best album.

Forget What You Know was pressed on two colors, white and half green/half clear, each limited to 500 copies a piece. White is exclusive to the I Surrender Records web store, with a few copies being sold at the band’s reunion show in Brooklyn back in May 2014. Everywhere else selling copies of the album on vinyl will have the half green/half clear split. The color choices for this record are completely random, and I’m willing to bet the pressing plant gave the label a good deal on these colors, which is why they went with them.

The records come in agatefold jacket and include a fold out insert, with the lyrics and liner notes on one side with promo shots of the band on the other. One nice touch, well perfect touch really, is that the album is divided up into the four separate acts properly, something you don’t get with the CD version. Act I – “Armageddon, Motherf*ckers” is on side A, Act II – “God Is Dead” is on side B, Act III – “The Tragedy Of The Human Condition” is on side C and Act IV – “Help Me Sleep” is on side D. The center labels of each record also read what act each side is as well.


Midtown – Living Well Is The Best Revenge

Posted: December 30, 2012 in Vinyl

In a mixed bag of emotions Midtown’s Living Well Is The Best Revenge was finally pressed on vinyl earlier this month, but it also marks the end of Midtown releases on vinyl unfortunately as the odds that Forger What You Know getting pressed are slim to none. The biggest hand in getting both Save The World, Lose The Girl and Living Well pressed also tried to get the ball rolling on getting Forget What You Know pressed, but since that album is owned by a different label (Sony) who is tougher to work with than the label the rights owners (MCA/Universal) for Midtown’s first two full lengths, their final album will likely never see the light of day on vinyl.  For whatever reason Sony refuses to press Forget What You Know, even if a single retailer will take the responsibility of selling the entire pressing.

Now that the rant is done with, here are the details of Living Well. There were 1500 copies pressed on translucent red with black swirl. Rather than going the black route, this color fits the cover best. The only thing aesthetically that bugs me are the center labels, as they are bright blue, which fits nothing artwork or layout wise with this album. Black center labels would have been a much better choice, as they are clearly inspired by the CD, which is not blue, but black. The gatefold artwork is taken from the CD booklet and is additional photos from the bar scene depicted on the cover art.

This song started out a demo that Gabe Saporta recorded for shits and giggles, and it took off from there. When Snakes On A Plane the movie came out all you heard was this song. It was pretty contagious and infectious and put Cobra Starship on the map. Going from a fun apartment time consuming endeavor, Cobra Starship turned into a full fledged band after Gabe was sought to record a song for the Snakes On A Plane soundtrack. He tweaked the demo “Bring It” to fit the needs of the movie, changing several lines along with the chorus and bridge.

The song was also a Fueled By Ramen star studded treat as a few guest vocal spots included William Beckett of The Academy Is… and Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes. Maja Ivarsson of The Sounds was also featured on the song. And par for the course during this period of FBR related things, Pete Wentz also made a cameo in the music video. Yes kids, you can thank the success of this single, the cult following of shitty movies for the sake of being shitty movies following Snakes On A Plane recieved and of course, Samuel L. Jackson, for everything that is Cobra Starship.

The single recieved two different pressings, a picture disc version and a regular version which came in an actual jacket. The b-sides are different between the two. The non picture disc pressing features a remix of Snakes On a Plane (Bring It), the Juan Maclean Remix

The 7″ picture disc made to promote the movie features another song off the soundtrack. The a-side is the theme song from Snakes On A Plane and the b-side is another song from the movie’s soundtrack, Patrick Stump’s remix of The Sound’s song “Queen Of Apology.”

Cobra Starship – Kiss My Sass

Posted: September 7, 2010 in Vinyl
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This is one of my guilty pleasures. Say what you will but I will always support Gabe in whatever he does because we go way back. This is a remix album that was released by Fueled By Ramen during their crazy period of pressing almost all of their current releases on vinyl and even creating some new ones just to give the vinyl treatment. Kiss My Sass was only pressed on one color, purple, and it was limited to 1500 copies.

This is another of piece of my collection from the New Jersey scene, the Humble Beginnings/Oblivion split 7″.

For those who don’t know Humble Beginnings is a very big band in the grand scheme of things as many members went on to form more well known bands. This is Gabe Saporta of Midtown and Cobra Starship fame’s first band. Eben D’Amico went on to play in Saves The Day. Members also went on to form or join Bigwig, Near Miss and Day At The Fair. That’s not even mentioning all the bands that are somehow tied to Humble Beginnings. Check this link for all of them.

V/A – Rock Music: A Tribute To Weezer

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Vinyl
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This is the other vinyl release to feature Midtown music. It’s the Weezer Tribute album pressed as a double LP on two variants, black and clear. I’m not sure on the pressing numbers for either color. As You can see I own the black variant.

Each band on the comp covers a Weezer song, with Midtown covering “Suzanne” and Pieblad covering “No One Else.”

Midtown/Donots – Split 7″

Posted: September 6, 2010 in Vinyl

Since I made the below post on the Midtown test, I decided to put in an entry of the other Midtown releases on vinyl. This is the Midtown & Donots split, pressed on blue vinyl limited to 500 copies. It’s long out of print ands it was and still is very hard to come by in the United States. This was pressed by a German label, which makes sense since Donots are a German pop punk band. It was available across Europe, mainly in Germany and the UK, with some copies getting into the Netherlands, Finland and other Scandinavian countries. I’ve never seen it listed on ebay US, but have seen it on Ebay UK and Ebay DE (Germany), which is where I snagged it.

Bushido Record in a joint effort with Stereodrive! Records put this 7″ out, and it features “A Faulty Foundation” and “Direction” by Midtown on the b-side and “In Too Deep” and “Better Days (Not Included)” by Donots on the a-side.