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The Young Veins was a band that flew under many people’s radar. The band was formed by former Panic! At The Disco members Ryan Ross and Jon Walker. Almost immediately after leaving Panic! At The Disco the duo formed The Young Veins, and the band released their first song a few weeks later. Considering the direction Panic! At The Disco took, you can see why Ross and Walker left over creative differences.

If you enjoyed Panic! At The Disco’s Pretty. Odd., you’ll like The Young Veins. They have a Sgt. Peppers era Beatles vibe. Ryan Ross and Jon Walker trade lead vocal duties, and they do a decent job. Their debut, and lone album Take A Vacation, was released on July 8, 2010, and the band went on “hiatus” less than a year later in December 2010. That hiatus has lasted to this day, so it’s pretty safe to assume the band is broken up for good.

Take A Vacation was only pressed on black vinyl, with pressing info never being released. All copies come with a CD copy of the album rather than a download card/code. The CD comes in a card stock sleeve with the cover art on it instead of the cheaper alternative, a thin plain white paper sleeve. This record was available for a long time, and it even went on clearance at many retailers. But it now appears to being quickly going out of print. Copies were selling for around $10, but now because they’re becoming harder to find people are trying to sell copies for around $20.

An odd thing happened with the copy I bought. I bought it from an online distro, which will remain nameless, and as you can see by the photo below, the cover came with a hard to miss defect. That smearing is not how the artwork is supposed to look. How and why this was shipped a customer is beyond me. It should have been destroyed, or at the very least sold as “damaged” or “defective” with a marked down selling price as well. None of those steps were taken. I paid full price for this (not really because I used a discount/coupon/promo code. But the point is the distro charged full price for it and made no mention of the obvious problems with the jacket), and this piece of garbage is what I was sent. And it figures that this jacket didn’t arrive with seam splits. I actually would’ve be a happier had this jacket had seam splits rather than another record. I would’ve tried to return it for another copy, but was told it was on “back-order.” So in other terms, it was sold out with no chance of coming back in stock.


Panic! At The Disco’s latest album, Death Of A Bachelor, is much better than their previous album. I anticipated the worst, but if you can get past the fact that they, well he, has turned into a full fledge pop act the album is enjoyable. Yes, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, not that Panic! At The Disco ever was, but the type of music he plays is a far departure from the earlier albums.

Death Of A Bachelor was pressed on two variants; red and black. Black is not exclusive to anywhere, it’s available everywhere aside from $hit Topic and will likely be kept in print for the foreseeable future. So no pressing numbers on the black variant. Red is a $hit Topic exclusive, and pressing info for it will likely never be released because they use it as a sales tactic. They simply advertise things as “limited” even though they may not really be limited in the grand scheme of things. $hit Topic has gotten so bad with their overpricing and other terrible business practices that they’re finally beginning to phase out vinyl from their retail stores. Vinyl will be online only, and it won’t be too long before they’re out of the game completely. Odds are their exclusive variants will be slowly phased out over time as well, if they haven’t already begun to do that. And I couldn’t be happier.

Just to further illustrate their terrible business practices, just with this exclusive variant they admitted they oversell things and hold back stock to sell at a later point to drive up sales; sending people into a false panic (no pun intended) because it “sold out” so quick. So once it becomes available for purchase again everyone races to buy it before it “sells out” “again.” A $hit Topic rep came out and said on a public message board that “there is a chance this could sell out before the balance of copies shows up.” That “balance of copies” line is complete BS, it’s their exclusive variant. They don’t have to re-order it and the label/plant is not going to spend more money to send multiple shipments for the same order.

And if that wasn’t enough the same $hit Topic rep assured people the red variant would be put online on release date (for the vinyl version; April 1, 2016) for months (reassuring almost every week after his initial statement in February 2016, whenever anyone asked about it) ahead of the release, and wouldn’t you guess it, it wasn’t. Copies went up for sale on $hit Topic’s website on April 2, yes it’s only a one day delay, but it’s another in a long string of BS from $hit Topic with no end in sight. It’s the same BS over and over. One false advertisement after another. To further illustrate that the same rep also falsely stated that there would be another color variant that would be exclusive to the band, which never panned out. He never corrected, amended or admitted he was wrong, even after it was brought to his attention numerous times. He just ignored it. You can still read his post on the message board, over three months after he said it.

Now to get a back on track, the record comes in a standard single pocket jacket with an insert and download card. The insert has the lyrics, although printed in tiny print, on one side with the reverse side having the credits along with imagery from the cover art. Instead of a dust sleeve on white paper, it’s black paper. There is a light blue hype sticker on the bottom left corner of the cover, with the $hit Topic variant having the color of the record indicated on the hype sticker. The black variant has no color mentioned on the hype sicker. And again, pressing info for either variant has not been released and likely never will be. The download code yields high quality 320 kbps MP3s.

Fueled By Ramen went on a pressing spree in late 2013, re-pressing some OOP albums and giving some the vinyl treatment for the first time. Amongst them was Panic! At The Disco’s third album, Vices & Virtues. Another Hot Topic exclusive, the album was pressed on maroon vinyl limited to 1500 copies for the first pressing. Instead of an insert a full color photo dust sleeve is included. No download code or CD is included with the record.

One thing of note with this and all of the Hot Topic exclusive records/variants that came out around this time (late 2013) is that the retailer is putting up the records in small batches at a time to drive up sales. For example, say a record is limited to 1,000 copies, with 300 going to physical stores and the rest allotted for online, instead of putting up all the copies they know they are getting at once, they are putting up 200 copies at a time, waiting for them to sell out, waiting a few days for people who missed out on a copy to get anxious, then putting up another batch of records so more people buy the record sooner than they normally would in fear it will “sell out” again. It’s all a marketing ploy to get more money and get it faster. My hunch is that they implemented this after seeing how long they are sitting on unsold copies of other Hot Topic exclusives, in some cases six months or more. A rep from Hot Topic claims they stagger the release of the records because “they get put online as they get them.” But if you know you are getting 700 copies to sell online why not put up all 700 copies for sale at one time. If you’re worried about overselling and having to refund people, put up 660 or 670 out of the whole 700 to account for stock system errors where people get an order in after it sells out.

Panic! At The Disco’s latest album, Too Weird To Live, To0 Rare To Die! was released in 2013. There were two variants for for the first pressing, one being a Hot Topic exclusive and the other widely available on black vinyl. The Hot Topic color was red/white/blue splatter and was limited to 1,000 copies. Hot Topic charged an outrageous price for the record compared to other retailers, $22 before shipping , obviously only $22 plus tax if you bought in a store. Other places were charging around $15, which is why I decided to get it on black vinyl rather than paying more for a rarer variant and giving my money to a company I hate. Unfortunately I have to buy records from Hot Topic from time to time because they are the only ones who have it, but I try not to buy from them whenever possible after the stunts they pulled not too long ago with records.

Each copy comes with a download code, which has an expiration date. Yes, an expiration date, and one that expires too soon after the album’s release date. The code in my record expired in mid December 2013. I’ve seen expiration dates with download codes/cards before, but it’s usually a few years after the album or record’s release date. Considering the album came out in October and the code expires in December of the same year, that’s insanity. I would hope the label would put new codes in the records as they are getting pressed, but it’s highly likely many people will not get to use the download codes that came with their copy of the record because it’s expired. I’m sure the label pressed up a huge batch of this album at one time, probably 3000-5000 copies, and all those copies did not sell before the end of 2013.

Apparently sometime in 2016 this was unnecessarily re-pressed as a cash grab, getting another $hit Topic exclusive variant (clear w/ red, yellow and blue splatter). Considering the record is still widely available on black vinyl, with some indie record stores even selling used copies for $10, this new pressing is clearly a cash grab. It’s also a bit puzzling because at the time it was released $hit Topic was starting to greatly scale back their vinyl endeavors. They were phasing out vinyl from physical stores, by no longer sending records to physical stores to sell and going as far as putting whatever remaining records were in stores on clearance for insanely low prices. To this day (late February 2017) my closest $hit Topic still has records on clearance for like $3, and of course they are in horrible condition (no shrink wrapped, horrible bent corners (well past the point of corner dings), writing on them and any records with white covers are dirty and/or stained), jammed into a cardboard box on the floor. My closest $hit Topic actually started out having their vinyl section unalphabetized in milk cartons on the floor, then graduated to alphabetizing them in somewhat proper shelving, then devolved back into not caring and putting them back on the floor in a jumbled mess. But this time sinking lower and putting them in a crappy cardboard box with one side cut out.

Fueled By Ramen really dropped the ball with how they handled this 7″. There are two different versions of this 7″, the Panic! At The Disco version and the Fun. version. Each is pressed on a different color and comes with different cover art. Each version is limited to 500 copies a piece. The Panic! At The Disco version was pressed on clear vinyl and features a robot on the cover and the Fun. version was pressed on clear orange/gold vinyl and features a tiger on the cover. Originally people thought this was a one-sided 7″, which is partly true. While there is music n the b-side, it is just the title track in reverse. The song featured is “C’mon,” which is a joint effort between Panic! At The Disco and Fun. These were sold online, but the bulk of the pressing was meant as tour exclusive record and was made specially for the Panic! At The Disco and Fun. tour during the spring/summer of 2011.

When these first came out people had the option to buy two copies from the Fueled By Ramen store, but did not have an option or choice as to whether or not they would get both versions of the 7″. From what I gathered from people complaining on message board, most people who ordered two copies received two copies of the same version, not one of each which they hoped for. That is messed up and should never have happened. Customers should have been able to select which version they wanted and even if they couldn’t, a person ordering two copies should have received both versions. It’s as if the people filling orders went out of their way and purposely sent someone two identical copies. Since each version was limited to the same amount, there should be no discrepancies with how many copies of either version were left or one version running lower than the other from people ordering two copies. If anything giving someone two identical versions will deplete the pressing faster.

The pricing of these records also came under much criticism. Fueled By Ramen was charging $7 for what is essentially a 7″ that only has one song, and on top of it they were charging $7 for shipping to anywhere in the U.S. So in all these would run a person at least $14, for just one song. I was able to snag a copy of both versions for less than the price of one from the FBR store thanks to ebay. On tour theses were being sold for $15, and from what I gathered from message boards they were being very stingy with how many they were selling them on tour. In some instances selling a small amount, like five total per show or even none at all claiming they were sold out. Which later turned out to be not true at all since the leftover copies that were not sold on tour were put back up for purchase online in FBR’s webstore.

For this 7″ I know which record is from which country. The U.S. version was released as a Record Store Day 2008 exclusive, and there was an undetermined amount pressed. It was probably a couple thousand as they were still readily available up to a year after RSD. It was pressed on black vinyl. The UK pressing was done as a two-part set. Part 1 comes housed in a gatefold jacket while part 2 comes in a regular jacket. Both parts come with a their portion of a fold out poster, with the two parts joining together to make one giant poster.

I will post photos of everything below, but I will post the U.S. pressing first followed by the first part of the UK pressing, then the second part and finally the posters of both UK parts joined together.

“But It’s Better If You Do’ was pressed a two-part 7”. The first part is on black vinyl and the second part is on red vinyl. I have no idea how many copies were pressed. The first part also comes housed in a poster sleeve while the second part comes in a regualr jacket.