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As part of the 2013 No Sleep Subscription Series there was a subscription only release entitled Warehouse Sessions Volume 1, which is a compilation comprised of No Sleep bands performing acoustic renditions of their songs inside No Sleep’s merch warehouse. This special release was pressed on two colors; coke bottle limited to 200 copies and coke bottle with coca cola splatter limited to 50 copies. The splatter copies were a friends press, with many of them given to the bands appearing on the compilation. The coke bottle copies were only available in the 2013 subscription, and no copies have been put up for sale by No Sleep. Unlike other releases in the 2013 subscription, the Warehouse Sessions Volume 1 does not have the exclusive b-side label or hand numbered obi-wrap, instead it has its own release specific center labels like most new release records out there these days.

During No Sleep’s Black Friday sale in 2014, they put up a small amount of the friends press variant of this release, which is where I snagged a copy. The price was reasonable at $15. A download code is not included with this release, but I’m assuming those who bought the 2013 subscription were sent MP3’s of this comp as part of the subscription. There is also no insert included with this record either.

The artists appearing are Jon Simmons of Balance And Composure, Francesco Montesanto of Sainthood Reps, Nick Diener of The Swellers, Reba And Kimi of Adventures, State Faults and Mixtapes.

Track Listing:


  1. Jon Simmons – Untitled
  2. Jon Simmons – Echo
  3. Jon Simmons – Dirty Head
  4. Francesco Montesanto – Hunter
  5. Francesco Montesanto – Dron
  6. Nick Diener – Should



  1. Nick Diener – Running Out Of Places To Go
  2. Reba And Kimi – Promise
  3. Reba And Kimi – Like Seed
  4. State Faults – Vespers
  5. State Faults – Ugly
  6. Mixtapes – Happy And Poor

    Sainthood Reps - Warehouse Sessions Vol. 1 - Copy


V/A – A Comp For Mom

Posted: October 1, 2014 in Vinyl
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In April of 2014 No Sleep Records founder, Chris Hansen, suffered the loss of his mother. Hansen decided to release a tribute comp in her memory, which raised funds for – and helped to cover some of the expenses incurred after her passing.

The comp features all previously unreleased songs from many bands on No Sleep’s roster, including Sainthood Reps, – There are 250 copies on red with crème splatter, 750 copies on red and 75 copies on red with clear splatter, which is a friends press. The comp is on the pricey side, in my opinion, $20 before shipping, regardless of any reason(s) behind the comp, so I held off on buying it at first, well at least pre-ordering it. The red with crème splatter sold out in a few weeks if not days, at this point I don’t remember. I bought the comp in August, – months after its release and there were still plenty of red copies left.

The comp is pretty bare bones, especially when you consider the price, again regardless of reason(s) behind the comp, and consider the price up against every other No Sleep release to date. It’s just a record in a standard jacket; no insert, no gatefold jacket, absolutely no frills.VA - A Comp For Mom - Copy

Renowned record producer Will Yip, who has worked with Circa Survive, I Am The Avalanche, La Dispute, Man Overboard, Braid, Polar Bear Club, Anthony Green, Koji, The Starting Line, Keane, Title Fight, The Wonder Years, CKY, Lauryn Hill, Citizen, Balance And Composure, Arctic Monkeys and Touche Amore, released a compilation album to raise funds to buy the studio he works out of; Studio 4 in Conshohocken, PA.

The comp was pressed on three different colors; red limited to 500 copies, green limited to 500 copies and black limited to 2000 copies. Copies on black vinyl eventually began to trickle out to indie record stores in the area, which is where I bought my copy.

Off The Board: A Studio 4 Family Compilation features unreleased songs that can only be found on this comp. Bands on the comp include, Title Fight, Daylight, Circa Survive, Polar Bear Club, Citizen, Light Years, Sainthood Reps, Koji, None More Black, Tigers Jaw, Turnover, Pity Sex, Man Overboard, Anthony Green and Balance And Composure.

Sainthood Reps have released their first two albums on two different labels; the first, Monoculture, on Triple Crown and the second, Headswell, on No Sleep Records. I’m assuming Triple Crown had little faith in the band as they didn’t even press the album on vinyl themselves, they licensed it out to a smaller indie label, Youth Conspiracy Records. Triple Crown’s loss is No Sleep’s gain as the band continues to grow in popularity and release quality music.

Headswell was pressed on several variants in typical No Sleep fashion. For the first pressing there are 300 copies on clear cream (pictured with this post), 500 copies on clear hunter green, 600 copies on white, which is a Hot Topic exclusive and 200 copies on coke bottle which is exclusive to the 2013 No Sleep Subscription. A second pressing was done, which is rather small run, with 430 copies pressed on forest green/cream haze.

Topshelf Records released a split featuring Sainthood Reps and Weatherbox that was pressed on three different colors. There are 200 copies on milky clear (which this post features pics of), 300 copies on opaque bone and 500 copies on a-side coke bottle green/b-side grey. The only color sold out as of writing this is the milky clear. The sleeve is a half fold, which I am slightly disappointed in as I was hoping for a real jacket. But for a $5 7″ you can’t complain too much. The cover art features a snare drum on fire, and inside the half fold sleeve the remnants of the burned snare are pictured along with the lyrics to both songs. Another nice touch is the center labels for each side are the state seals of each band’s home state; Sainthood Rep’s New York and Weatherbox’s California.

Sainthood Reps – Monoculture

Posted: March 7, 2012 in Vinyl

Sainthood Reps’ debut album was given the vinyl treatment by Youth Conspiracy Records, a vinyl only indie label run by Scott Heisel, who is Music Editor for Alternative Press Magazine. The album was pressed on three different colors, white limited to 100 copies, black limited to 300 copies and pink limited to 100 copies. Pink is a Hot Topic exclusive that is not available for purchase until on or after March 13, and will only be available online, not in stores. White copies are already sold out. After looking back at the label’s store to see if all copies were sold out I noticed pressing info was updated to show 298 copies on black, 108 on white and 108 on pink. My guess is that is the actual amount sent from the plant due to over run/overages, and those numbers are now the up to date and official final pressing info according to the label.

Both songs on this split featuring Sainthood Reps and O’Brother can only be found here. This was Sainthood Reps’ first release and they contribute “Condor.” O’Brother contributes “Lay Down.” There were 500 copies of this split pressed on four random colors. No word on how many copies of each color were pressed, but it’s likely no one actually knows as the label told the plant to use whatever colors they had lying around. The colors that came out though were all marbled and were purple, blue, grey and peach. The split was released by The Ambitious Guest, which I believe is now defunct after running into some problems with this release, either logistical or financial, or both.

Each copy is hand numbered on the jacket, which is silk-screened. The artwork for the 7″ was done by a member of O’Brother.