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Senses Fail released a new EP in 2016 entitled In Your Absence. It features three new songs along with two acoustic versions of songs off Life Is Not A Waiting Room (“Family Tradition”) and Still Searching (“Lost And Found”). However, the three new songs are acoustic as well, but full band. So in a sense this is an acoustic EP, but it’s not being promoted that way. The EP was released by Pure Noise Records, and is already on its second pressing.

The first pressing is spread across four variants, with all of them only being available through certain means. The colors are cream with black and maroon splatter [Pure Noise web store (Merchnow) exclusive limited to 300 copies], black and maroon smash (indie record store exclusive limited to 300 copies), gold (VIP ticket bundle exclusive limited to 500 copies) and white (mass retail exclusive limited to 900 copies). The second pressing is on half black/half white and is limited to 500 copies. I’m not sure where you can buy the second pressing, but it is available via Pure Noise’s web store (Merchnow).

In regards to the VIP ticket exclusives. The band embarked on a 15 year Anniversary Tour, despite only having one original member left. The gold was given to “oro” and “plata” ticket packages with the white, despite it being listed as a mass retail exclusive, was also given to “bronce” ticket packages. If you don’t know Spanish, “oro” translates to “gold” in English, “plata” is “silver” and “bronce” is “bronze.” Along with the records, the VIP bundles also had things like exclusive access to sound check, meet and greet, side stage access for the show, no waiting in general admission line, tour poster, signed set lists, enamel pin set, a plastic bg with a silk screened print professional photo with the band and a piñata party.

All copies come with a screen printed b-side and a download card/code. An insert is included as well, which has the lyrics and liner notes printed on it. There is a small rectangle hype sticker affixed to the top right corner, but it’s probably the worst designed hype sticker as it blends into the artwork. Not the brightest idea to put a red sticker on a red cover if you want it to generate hype and attract attention. Retail price on this is around $15, which is impressively affordable for a 12” EP with a screen printed b-side. The label could have easily charged $20 for this and it likely still would’ve sold as well.

What is pictured below is the indie store variant on black and maroon smash.


While I normally don’t sell stuff on this blog, or in general, I need to get rid of some things. This is the start of a thinning out process of doubles I’ve accumulated over the years along with getting rid of things I no longer listen to. Prices are set on all this for the most part. Except for the Alkaline Trio box and the Look Mexico and Lifetime collections I’m trying to sell as a lot, mainly because I have no idea what someone will pay for the stuff, but I’m not looking for crazy money. Yes, I am a bit late hopping on the Christmas present buying craze. So here are the ground rules:

Only the things on this list are for sale. Do not ask about anything else featured on this blog or anything that is not on the below list. Deals will be made for anyone who buys more than 1 thing. I’ll only ship to the USA. Paypal as payment only. So no bitcoin, Stripe or any of that other nonsense. If a color is not mentioned then it’s on black vinyl. Most of this stuff is either factory sealed or in NM condition. If it’s bad shape I’ll make note of it. If you’re concerned about condition as for pics and I will provide them.

If you’re interested in anything please leave a comment with what you’re interested in and your email address, and we can work out a deal. I will not make the comments public, so people will not get your email address or any other info, but I will be able to see it in order to reply to you via email. The subject line of such email responses will be “Stitches and Grooves record sale.” any questions or concerns about anything up for sale feel free to ask. I’m pretty firm on prices but if you don’t like a pice comment with an offer and we can try to work out a deal.

Everything will be mailed in either an LP or 7″ mailer. I should have plenty to go around, but if I run out I will let you know before making payment. Opened records will be shipped outside the jacket to avoid seam splits. Factory sealed records will not be opened under any circumstances. I know how to package records for shipping, plenty of bubble wrap and/or cardboard inserts will be used to try to minimize damage as best as possible.


– 311 – Hydroponic 10″ (still sealed, jacket has seam split along top edge) = $20 ppd

– Alkaline Trio – Help Me 7” (still sealed) = $7 ppd or $4 if bought with something else

– Alkaline Trio – My Shame Is True wooden box (won’t come with the records but comes with everything else – black t-shirt in men’s adult medium (never worn, still sealed in plastic bag), flag/banner, patch, Ouija game board and game piece) = offer – must come with everything* can’t buy just the box or other items out of box. Willing to go cheaper if you don’t want the shirt though.

– At The Drive-In/Burning Airlines – Split 7″ (no insert) = $10 ppd

– Back To The Future Trilogy Score Mondo box set exclusive jackets (only the 3 jackets, which have seam splits. no records are include with this) = offer, would prefer to sell all 3 jackets together

Bear vs Shark Collection – Would Prefer To Sell As Complete Lot = $110 (shipping to be determined later)

– Right Now (Purple & White swirl /250, U.S. 2nd press) = $20

– Right Now (UK red w/ black haze /250 hand numbered w/ exclusive alternate cover) = $30

– Terrorhawk (yellow /250, 2nd press) = $25

– Bars Of Gold – Of Gold (clear green, 1st press) = $20

– Bars Of Gold – Wheels (comes packaged w/ CD) = $15

– The Catholic Comb – Vampire Life 7” (w/ poster) = $7 ppd or $4 if bought with something else

– Circa Survive – The Amulet (Merch Limited Alternate Screen Printed Covers, Set of 4,  Designs #1, #2, #3 and #4. ALTERNATE COVERS ONLY, NO RECORD(S). INCORRECTLY FOLDED JACKETS W/ CREASE THROUGH COVER ART. Ask for pics if interested.) =$40 ppd OBO

– Bob Dylan – Must Be Santa b/w ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas 7” (red, still sealed) – $12 ppd

– Faction Of The Fox – Mannequin Hand 7” = $7 ppd or $3 if bought with something else

– Fake Problems – How Far Our Bodies Go (clear, Euro pressing) = $12 ppd

– Fake Problems – How Do You Spell Here E-V-E-L 12” (picture disc) = $9 ppd

** $14 ppd for both Fake Problems records **

– Gogol Bordello – Crack The Case 7″ = $10 ppd

– Gogol Bordello – Pura Vida Conspiracy (white, only record & insert, NO jacket or valid download card) = offer

– Hailey, It Happens – Aurora = $8 ppd or $4 if bought with something else

– Jimmy Eat World – Futures – (2nd press, blue 180g) = $40 ppd OBO


Lifetime Collection – Would Prefer To Sell As Complete Lot = $145 (shipping to be determined later)

– Background = $25

– Hello Bastards (mint, 2nd press, 2010 No Idea pressing, 1st pressing on No Idea) = $15

– Jersey’s Best Dancers (white, 2nd press, 2010 No Idea pressing, 1st pressing on No Idea) = $15

– s/t (pink, 2nd press, 2008 No Idea pressing, 1st pressing on No Idea) = $20

– Dwell 7″ (1st press) = $10

– Dwell 7″ (2nd press) = $7

– Tinnitus 7″ = $20

– 2 Songs 7″ (blue) = $7

– Boys No Good 7″ = $10

– It’s For Life comp LP (red /552, 2nd press on Victory w/ different cover, 1st pressing on Victory) = $15


Look Mexico Collection – Would Prefer To Sell As Complete Lot = $100 (shipping determined later)

– This Is Animal Music = $30

– To Bed To Battle (salmon) = $20

– You Stay. I Go. No Following 7″ (blue, hand numbered screened cover) = $10

– Real Americans Spear It 10″ (blue) = $13

– So Crucialtine (green marble) = $15

– Gasp Asp 7″ (green) = $7

– Gasp Asp 7″ (white w/ red foil stamp cover) = $10


– Moneen/Alexisonfire – Switcheroo Split 12″ (picture disc) = $30 ppd

– Mixtapes – Somewhere In Trinsic (white, No Sleep Sub exclusive) = $15 ppd

– The Music – Take The Long Road And Walk It 7″ (blue) = $6 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– New Found Glory – Tip Of The Iceberg 7” (picture disc) = $7 ppd or $3 if bought with something else.

– No Devotion – Stay b/w Eyeshadow 12″ (white, factory sealed) = $10 ppd

– No Devotion – 10,000 Summers 12″ (factory sealed, start of small seam split along top edge) = $9 ppd

** $14 ppd for both No Devotion records **

– Peace’d Out – Peace’d Out 10” (blue, still sealed) = $10 ppd or $6 if bought with something else


– The Police – Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic 7″ (U.S. pressing, A & M Records w/ picture sleeve) =  $6 ppd or $3 if bought with something else

– The Police – Message In A Bottle 7″ (w/ poster sleeve) = $7 ppd or $4 if bought with something else

– The Police – Message In A Bottle 7″ (no picture or poster sleeve, generic paper dust sleeve) = $6 ppd or $3 if bought with something else

– The Police – Synchronicity II 7″ (w/ picture sleeve) = $6 ppd or $3 if bought with something else

-The Police – Every Breath You Take 7″ (w/ picture sleeve) = $6 ppd or $3 if bought with something else

– The Police – Don’t Stand So Close To Me 7″ (w/ picture sleeve) = $6 ppd or $3 if bought with something else

– The Police – De Do Do Do, De Da Da da 7″ (w/ incorect die cut picture sleeve) = $6 ppd or $3 if bought with something else

** All 7 Police 7″ singles for $25 ppd **


– Portugal. The Man – Woodstock (standard vinyl version, 180g in gatefold jacket, still factory sealed) = $15 ppd

– Razorlight – Golden Touch 7″ (gatefold jacket) = $7 ppd or $2 if bought with something else


Senses Fail – If There Is Light, It Will Find You (yellow, still sealed. has seam split along top of jacket) = $15 ppd

Senses Fail slipmat – slipmat that came w/ If There Is Light It Will Find You Merch Limited bundles = $10 ppd

** Senses Fail bundle (new album & slipmat) = $20 ppd ***


– Bruce Springsteen – Dancing In The Dark 7″ (U.S. Pressing, Columbia Records) =$ 6 ppd or $3 if bought with something else

– Bruce Springsteen – One Step Up 7″ (U.S. Pressing, Columbia Records) =$6 ppd or $3 if bought with something else

** Both Springsten 7″ single for $10 ppd **

– Third Eye Blind – Ursa Major – (clear w/ black & white splatter – 1st Press) = offer

– Thursday – Kill The House Lights (still factory sealed, has crease in jacket) = $15 ppd

– Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers – A Woman In Love (It’s Not Me) 7″ (w/ picture sleeve) = $6 ppd

– What’s Eating Gilbert – Cheap Shots (half tan/half black) = $10 ppd

– V/A – Yes L.A. comp (2nd press – picture disc w/ green and red ink) = $20 ppd

– V/A – While No One Was Looking: Toasting 20 Years Of Bloodshot Records 3xLP (still factory sealed, pretty bad seam splits along top edge) =

– Record Store Day 2008 Choice Cuts comp (still sealed) = $8 ppd or $5 if bought with something else

– The 4 Squares/Toucan Slam – Doin’ Snuff With Roy Scherer split 12″ (still sealed) = $8 ppd or $3 if bought with something else

– Brushfire Records 12″ Sampler Volume 1 (still sealed. feat. Jack Johnson, Mason Jennings, G. Love & Special Sauce, Matt Costa) = $8 ppd or $3 if bought with something else

– Curtain Call – s/t 7″ = offer

– Hamilton/Malakhai/With Arms Still Empty/Just For Kicks – Forever Compilation 4-way Split 7″ = $6 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– Old & In The Way – Old & In The Way LP = offer

– Grateful Dead – For The Faithful (Pair Records) = $10 ppd

– Grateful Dead – Wake Of The Flood (cut corner, Grateful Dead Records) = $10 ppd

Other Random Stuff & CD’s

– Ryan Russell – Continental Obscura: Birmingham To Bellingham photo book =$13 ppd [shipping is high because book weighs 4 pounds. Book is still in shrink wrap (shrink is cut along bottom) and does NOT come with bonus 7″]

– The Simpsons Complete Season 9 DVD w/ Lisa plastic head case (still factory sealed/taped)

– MxPx – B-Movie DVD w/ The A/C EP CD = offer

– Senses Fail limted edition t-shirt (limited to 100) – Pull The Thorns From Your Heart album cover design, size Adult Mens Medium = offer

– Fake Problems – Live At Park Ave CD (still sealed) = $5 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– Spirit Club – s/t CD (still factory sealed) = $10 ppd

– July – What We Signed Up For CD (still sealed) = $6 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– The Promise Hero – Deja Vu CD (still sealed) = $6 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– Brett Detar – Bird In The Tangle CD (still sealed) = $5 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– Rock Against Floyd comp CD = $5 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– Hail The Villain – Maintain Radio Silence EP CD (still sealed) = $5 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– We Are Augustines – Rock The Vote EP CD (still sealed) = $6 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– Drive Thru Records Winter 2003 Sampler CD = $5 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– Drive Thru Records Summer 2004 Sampler CD = $5 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– Drive Thru Records/Rushmore Records Sampler CD = $5 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– Fueled By Ramen Spring 2005 Sampler CD = $5 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

– Tooth & Nail Records Spring 2004 Sampler CD = $5 ppd or $2 if bought with something else

-Wildhoney – Your Face Sideways CD (barcode punched) = $6 ppd or $3 if bought with something else

– REM Unplugged 1991-2001 lithograph poster (12″ high x 36″ wide)

Senses Fail’s new album, Pull The Thorns From Your Heart, is the band’s first release on Pure Noise Records. The label journeymen completed their transformation into a full fledged hardcore band with their previous album, Renacer, but this latest effort sees them take a slight step back towards their earlier sound. Pull The Thorns From Your Heart is a mixture of in your face, aggressive hardcore tunes and more mellow, post hardcore esque songs.

Pull The Thorns From Your Heart was pressed on three different colors; purple in pink with white splatter limited to 500 copies, blue/grey smash with magenta splatter limited to 500 copies and half translucent purple/half baby pink limited 1500 copies. The purple in pink with white splatter was exclusive to Pure Noise Records, and to add a kicker, it was only available in bundles with CD copies of the album. The Pure Noise exclusive sold out, but it took months. Surprisingly longer than I expected because Senses Fail stuff is usually a fast mover. The blue/grey smash with magenta splatter is a Hot Topic exclusive and cost $2.50 more than the two other variants available. The half translucent purple/half baby pink is available everywhere except Hot Topic, so that will be the color you’ll get if you buy this at your local record store, or anywhere online that is not Hot Topic.

The record went up for pre-order in late April 2015 and was released at the end of June 2015. As far as I know there were no delays with the vinyl version of the album. A few days before the album was released a merch company (Merch Limited) I’ve never heard of before launched an exclusive pre-order for copies of the album with an exclusive screen printed cover featuring alternate artwork. Apparently this is something Pure Noise has been doing with a few of their releases lately, and something I was not aware of. This exclusive alternate screened cover was only available with a t-shirt, which also featured an exclusive design that was a spin on the original album art. These limited bundles were only available for one week, which is something the merch company (Merch Limited) routinely does. I forgot to follow the stock level of the bundle so I’m not sure if they sold out or they were just pulled from the site because one week had gone by. Either way they are no longer available.

These alternate screened covers are limited to 100 copies, and they’re all hand numbered. They’re half fold sleeves that are designed to slide over the regular album jacket. Some people are complaining about the sleeves not fitting over the jacket properly, but my copy has no issues. It’s cut and folded almost perfectly actually. What I think is happening is that people are getting copies of the alternate screened cover that aren’t folded properly, and as a result don’t cover the jacket completely. Either that or people are whining about the sleeves being a half-fold, something that was obvious based on the pre-order page and from past Pure Noise alternate screened covers.

All the variants come in a gatefold jacket, which has a matte finish. The record itself comes in a full color, glossy dust sleeve. The lyrics are printed inside the gatefold. A download code is included as well. There is a hype sticker on the cover of all variants, but it doesn’t denote color, it simply states “limited edition colored vinyl.” However, as previously stated, unless you ordered the bundle with the CD for the rarest variant directly from Pure Noise or bought it at Hot Topic, you’ll get the /1500 half translucent purple/half baby pink variant.

If anyone wants to buy the t-shirt from me let me know by leaving a comment (your contact info and name will be kept private as I won’t make your comment public). It’s size Medium and I haven’t even tried it on let alone wear it or wash it.

Apparently Hot Topic had “just a little overage” with their exclusive of Pull The Thorns From Your Heart, as Merchnow randomly started selling roughly 30 copies of the Hot Topic exclusive variant at the very end of July 2015. Seeing as it has happened now with a handful of Pure Noise Records releases, and overruns are a common thing when pressing records, I find the Hot Topic rep’s “reason” for Merchnow selling copies of the “Hot Topic” exclusive fishy. Even more so when he only responded to the chatter once someone said “They probably got them because Hot Topic has a hard time selling most of their exclusive variants.” My feeling is the Hot Topic rep used it as a sales tactic to cause hype for Hot Topic exclusives, trying to cleverly point out that they do in fact sell well without saying those exact words. To top things off Pure Noise sold the “Hot Topic” exclusive for $5.50 less than Hot Topic, further proving Hot Topic marks things up just because.

Senses Fail released a split 7″ with Man Overboard in March 2015. Each band contributes a new song along with a cover of one of each other’s songs. Senses Fail covers “Real Talk” and Man Overboard covers “You’re Cute When You Scream.” The new Senses Fail song on this 7″, entitled “All You Need Is Already Within You,” is exclusive to this 7″. The same goes for the new Man Overboard song, “One Fixed Point.” The Man Overboard song is actually an old, untitled and unreleased b-side that the band re-worked for this split 7″. The new Senses Fail song is actually a b-side from the band’s latest album, Pull The Thorns From Your Heart, which was yet to be released at the time this split 7″ was released.

The 7″ was pressed on three different colors; half black/half clear w/ blue splatter on the clear side limited to 500 copies, black/baby blue/white tri-color limited 1,250 copies and black/aqua blue smash limited to 1,250 copies. All copies come with a download code and a single sided insert with lyrics printed on it. I also want to point out that personally, I like the Brady Bunch inspired cover art. Initially the half black/half clear w/ blue splatter was only available in bundle options, three to be exact. There were two different bundles with a t-shirt (a design for each band) and one with a hoodie. Eventually, like with all bundle deals that don’t sell out, this variant was put up for sale individually outside of the bundles.

This split 7″ was a joint release with each band’s respective label; so Rise Records (Man Overboard) and Pure Noise Records (Senses Fail). As such, the two variants that are /1,250 are exclusive to one of the labels (even though you could buy both through the same Merchnow page that wasn’t associated with either label). The black/baby blue/white tri-color is the Rise exclusive and the black/aqua blue smash is the Pure Noise exclusive.

When these records started shipping some people were complaining about damaged jackets, oddly in the form of stains on it. People were also complaining about shipping damage, but that is not the necessarily the fault of the label/distro. The staining however, is another story. I would write it off as some kid on a message board having no idea what he was talking about, but since more than one person came forward with the same complaints, it lends a bit more veracity to the claims. None of the people making the complaints posted a picture of the damage however. These people bought the /1,250 variant. I can report my copy has no damage, either staining or from shipping.  So it’s possible only a few copies of the /1,250 variant had the staining.

The last of Senses Fail’s albums not to be pressed on vinyl is now crossed off that list as Life Is Not A Waiting Room was released in early October. It was pressed on two colors both limited to 500 copies each. A “tie-dye” splatter which is clear with red, blue and grey splatter and blue/grey swirl. As of writing this the only color sold out is the tie-dye splatter.

The record comes with a fold out insert, which has the lyrics printed on one of the inside panels. I would assume the art layout for the insert was taken from the booklet found with the CD version of the album, with none of the artwork being re-imagined or brand new for the vinyl version. The fold out insert is a nice touch, definitely better than the typical double sided, one page insert that comes with most records.

V/A – Record Store Day 2013 comp

Posted: April 20, 2013 in Vinyl
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The annual free Record Store Day comp features Senses Fail, Killing Joke, Early Graves, Amaranthe, Stars In Stereo, Encrust, Major League, Kate Nash, Turbogeist, and Brooke Waggoner. No exclusive songs or b-sides, all album tracks to promote the artists on the comp. To further show how much RSD gotten out of hand over the years, this year the comp is even sponsored. It’s sponosored by Beck’s beer. I found out the track listing for this comp from my local store the day before RSD and was thrilled to get one at checkout so I could keep my Senses Fail collection complete without having to spend money on a record that was given out for free.

Don’t expect pressing info to ever be announced for this as it’s a free promotional comp. It’s safe to assume there are thousands upon thousands of these out there, with nearly every record store in the country that participated in Record Store Day this year getting copies to give away.Record Store Day 2013 comp - Copy

Senses Fail – Renacer

Posted: April 1, 2013 in Vinyl

With this latest album the transformation into a full fledge hardcore band is complete for Senses Fail. Renacer is the hardest sounding album Senses Fail has released to date, a progression I felt was coming but one I wished they steered clear from. After several listens I still don’t know what to make of the album, but so far my opinion hasn’t been swayed from thinking it’s the band’s worst. Maybe it’s just that my tastes have changed as I’ve become older or maybe I just think this album is a poor attempt at fitting into the hardcore genre. I love the Bayonet EP and I feel that if Buddy wanted to be in a hardcore band so badly he should have channeled all that aggression into Bayonet rather than turning Senses Fail into a worse version of Bayonet.

All my opinions aside, I’m sure people reading this want to know some of the finer points of the vinyl pressing of Renacer. There are two confirmed variants for this record, but the total amount of copies pressed is still up in the air until something confirms it one way or the other. Initially there were only two variants announced; one that was only sold online in the band’s web store hosted by Kings Road Merch, which was purple limited to 500 copies, and there was supposed to be a tour exclusive variant on orange/green limited to 500 copies as well.  Simple math says that would make a total of 1,000 copies. What raised some questions about the total amount of copies pressed happened after the purple copies sold out, which happened in a little over two weeks.

In early March, March 1 to be exact, a new color was added to the band’s web store, which was called orange/yellow swirl but which the band simply called orange in their social media posts. This color was limited to 500 copies. There was some speculation that this could be the tour exclusive variant or it could be an entirely new variant added to the pressing. The band and their label remained quiet about it without making an official announcement clearing everything up. As a result of this confusion still lingers.

Adding to the confusion is the band selling copies of the record on tour with them, and at this point not a single person can provide pics of the record being sold at shows to confirm if it’s a different color or not. No one can even simply say if it’s different than orange / orange/yellow swirl that was sold online. So there could either be 1000 total copies pressed spread evenly across two different colors or 1500 total copies pressed spread evenly across three different colors. Once either gets confirmed with an official announcement or with pics showing an obvious difference between the two variants with orange I will update this entry. UPDATE: As of mid April it appears that the copies being sold on tour are the same color as the orange / orange/yellow copies the band put up online. After seeing pics of ones people bought online and ones people bought at shows, they are practically identical. So I think it’s safe to say there are only 1,000 total copies pressed and not 1500, and only the purple and orange copies exist (500 on each color). At least thus far.

The purple copies and the orange / orange/yellow swirl copies are all individually numbered in gold foil on the back of the jacket.  Both variants sold online come with a sticker on the cover stating the color. One important note is that apparently some, maybe all copies of the orange / orange/yellow swirl have a sticker that says “green/yellow.” The copies sold online also come with a huge fold out double-sided insert, which has the lyrics and liner notes printed on one side and a poster of the album art on the other side. A download card is also included, but don’t use it as it only leads you to terrible quality MP3’s at 160 kbps. If you use the download link sent via email you get access to high quality 320 kbps MP3’s. The pressing (purple and orange / orange/yellow swirl) is completely sold out online so they only place outside of ebay to pick this up is at one of the band’s shows.