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Record Store Day Black Friday (RSD) is usually a pain free experience because first off the releases are far fewer in number, and on top of that most of the releases are not as sought after/in demand as the regular RSD in April. I’ve never had a problem getting every RSD Black Friday release I wanted and I’ve never had to line up to get them. It’s gotten so lax that this year I purposely did not go to my local store, and opted instead to buy everything I wanted online as stores posted their leftovers. That decision was made after the only release I felt may be difficult to track down, the Dustin Kensrue 7″, was being sold online, albeit a different variant, prior to RSD Black Friday. The two other releases I wanted, the Underworld Soundtrack and the Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics LP I felt were worth rolling the dice on, especially since Bull Moose, who I bought these two RSD releases from online, had cheaper prices than my local store.

Mr. Hankey’s Christmas Classics was originally released in 1999 as a promo. That first pressing was also on brown vinyl, and had some slight difference with the cover art/jacket when compared to the RSD Black Friday pressing. The first pressing has a hype sticker on the cover and the parental advisory warning is much smaller. The hype sticker may or may not be an actual sticker, and if not its apart of the actual artwork and done to be a mock hype sticker in an attempt to poke fun at how ridiculous some hype stickers can be. This RSD Black Friday pressing definitely has a hype sticker though, which is affixed to the top right corner. I’m posting a photo of the original album cover for comparisons sake. The picture without a record next to it is the original, the one with a record next to it is the RSD Black Friday pressing.

The RSD Black Friday pressing was limited to 3,000 copies pressed on brown vinyl, and it became one of the more sought after releases. I bet wrong, as I thought 3,000 copies would be more than enough to go around and this record would be easy to find online. I should have known better based on the fact that two previous South Park RSD releases flew off the shelves and now fetch around three times the original price, and on top of that this latest South Park RSD release is a Christmas themed album.

One of the unique things about this record is that it’s scented. Yes, you read right, scented. People speculated, and rightly feared, that this record would smell like poo. Turns out it does not smell like poo. It does not smell bad at all. People are picking up different scents but they’re all in the same ballpark. Personally I think it smells like Play Doh or decorative bath soaps your mom/girlfriend/wife insists on putting in the bath room and yells at you if you happen to use them. Other people have said it smells like potpourri. One common theme though is that the scent is very faint. It’s not overwhelming and shouldn’t affect your other records in terms of the scent being passed on to them. The scent is actually more powerful on the dust sleeve than the record itself.

The record comes in a full color printed dust sleeve along with an insert. The dust sleeve has a cartoon image of Mr. Hankey on one side with the opposite side being blank red. The insert has the liner notes printed on both sides. It’s nice to have a printed dust sleeve and an insert, but it’s not ok for there to not be a download card. It’s unacceptable these days for any non-licensed release to not come with a download card. Not including a download card is another cost cutting measure taken by a major label (Sony) to increase profit margin.



Another South Park 7″ was released for a Record Store Day (RSD) event, this time for 2014’s Black Friday RSD. Once again, the 7″ is a picture disc, but with a lot more copies pressed than the previous South Park 7″. Instead of 2000 copies like they did with the San Diego b/w Gay Fish 7″, 2500 copies were pressed of this new 7″, entitled James Cameron b/w My Bitch Ain’t No Hobbit. Something like this is the only acceptable release to press as a picture disc, as an animated show going the route of a picture disc is more than fitting.

This 7″ comes housed in a picture disc sleeve with a sticker on the front. It’s not really a hype sticker, it’s simply something that denotes what the release it. The a-side, “James Cameron,” is taken from the ninth episode of season 16 entitled “Raising The Bar.” The b-side, “My Bitch Ain’t No Hobbit” is taken from the 10th episode of season 17 entitled “The Hobbit.” The Kanye West theme is obviously running through both of these South Park releases, but unfortunately that theme will likely come to an end as there have only been these two songs done revolving around Kanye West.

One of the oddest release for Record Store Day is a South Park 7″, which features two songs from the show. South Park has had numerous classic songs throughout the show’s run, “San Diego” and “Gay Fish” are two from more recent seasons. There were 2,000 copies pressed as a picture disc. It comes in a picture disc sleeve and does not have a cover, despite an image of what appears to be a proper cover or jacket that circulated. Given it’s an animated TV show, a picture disc is the perfect choice for this release, even if it sacrifices sound quality.

But in a move from one of their classic episode, The Simpsons did it! Simpsons did it! There have been several Simpsons records released over the years, including 7″ picture discs. Hopefully if this South Park record is successful, which I think it already is as it’s one of the RSD releases in highest demand, it leads to the release of more South Park records. Maybe an LP compilation of all the songs from the show, maybe more 7″ singles, or maybe the soundtrack to the Bigger, Longer, Uncut movie.