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2017 finally saw the release of Santi by The Academy Is… on vinyl. It was released by Enjoy The Ride Records (ETR) on two variants, each limited to 500 copies. ETR was touting this as a “10th Anniversary” pressing, but other than a brief mention in the item description in his web store, there is no mention of it anywhere else.

I was a bit disappointed with the color choices, as the obvious choice would have been black as a base for any splatter, swirls, etc. But no, ETR went with clear for the base color for the splatter they released, and chose to do a half and half split for the other variant. And again, no black was used for the split; clear and magenta were used. The splatter is clear with red/orange and neon red splatter (ETR’s pre-order announcement image says red, but the web store description says orange). The artwork is red neon lights set against a black background; how much simpler does picking colors get?

As this is an ETR release, it received the typical ridiculous ETR pricing; $25 for a single LP before shipping. ETR also jacked up their shipping prices, as I was charged over $6 for shipping. I bought both the Yo Gabba Gabba records he released (under his Enjoy The Toons moniker) not too long before buying Santi, and was only charged $5 and change for shipping two records (bear in mind I bought these records back in the summer, closer to their original release dates. I’m just very late posting about them). You can say I’m a sucker for still buying this record after complaining about the price. Believe me, I’d would have preferred to wait and hope there was a sale (something he rarely does), but the pressing sold out pretty quick and it was either pay the asking price or not get a copy and be forced to pay flipper prices, which are even more ridiculous.

Santi comes in a single pocket jacket that ETR claims is “upgraded” to a 400 GSM card stock jacket. I don’t notice anything superior about this “upgraded” jacket. If it is thicker, it’s only thicker ever so slightly. And it’s definitely not card stock; it’s the same standard cardboard material used for most jackets. The jacket does have a spot gloss finish on the neon light lettering, which is a nice touch. But even that could have been done better, as it’s not as noticeable as it should be when compared to other records I have with spot gloss finishing on the jacket. You have to look at the jacket for Santi closely, and at an angle to see the spot glossing is actually there. When you should be able to easily see it no matter how you look at it. The only thing that pops on the spot glossing is one spot on each letter, which makes it appear that the finish is not done on the entire letter.

No insert is included with this release, and the center labels are a variation of stock Atlantic Records labels.  It’s an odd choice for the center labels, because all the other Academy Is vinyl releases, even the ones with an association with Atlantic, have album/release specific center labels that are inspired by the cover art or other imagery associated with the release. I own the CD version of Santi, and even that doesn’t have any stock Atlantic imagery on the disc itself. One thing to note with this release is that ETR has apparently started springing for shrink wrapping on their releases, so Santi comes shrink wrapped, but without a hype sticker of any kind.

One good thing ETR did with Santi is included the bonus track “Ghost” at the end of the studio album, appearing as the last track on side B of the record. ETR could have done better though, as there are four bonus tracks for Santi. Yes, the studio album with all four bonus tracks would not fit on a single LP. But ETR could have done a double LP, either stretching out the master to fit on all four sides, or do a nice screen print or etching of the album art on the d-side.  And yes, I don’t know the fine print of the license deal ETR worked out to release Santi, but considering Atlantic let him use one bonus track, odds are they would let him use all four of them. And considering he already charges $25 for a single LP, it shouldn’t cost much more for consumers for a double LP. Say it costs $30, that would be $15 per record, which last time I checked is cheaper than $25 for a single LP.

The record as it stands with just the one bonus track, clocks in at 42 minutes, 47 seconds. Which barely fits on a single LP at 33 1/3 rpm to begin with. The studio album, with all four bonus tracks, clocks in at 50 minutes, 25 seconds. ETR could have done the studio album on sides A and B, and then put all four bonus track on side C, leaving room for the aforementioned screen print or etching on side D. Or even mastered it at 45 rpm and spread it out over all four sides.

An interesting note about this release is that the splatter sold out much faster than the split, doing so in about 4 hours. The entire first pressing took a few days to sell out. So further illustrates that people love splatter variants, if you somehow weren’t aware of that by now. This week (as of the posting date of this entry) ETR announced a second pressing, on yet to be announced colors and pressing info.

The Academy Is - Santi - Copy




Punk Goes Christmas is the first in the series of Punk Goes comps that received the vinyl treatment. It went up for pre-order a few months before Christmas, was delayed, and still started shipping a few weeks before Christmas. As you would assume, the comp features “punk” bands performing Christmas songs/carols. I bought the comp for the New Found Glory, Yellowcard and William Becket (former The Academy Is.. front man). The comp also features Man Overboard, All Time Low, Real Friends, The Summer Set, Crown The Empire, Issues, Jason Lancaster of Mayday Parade and Go Radio, The Ready Set and Set It Off

When it was first put up for pre-order it was advertised as being limited to 1,000 copies. At some point after that it was reduced to 500 copies without notice. I’m guessing Fearless lost their shirt on this release and pre-orders were not what they expected, so they cut the pressing amount because they couldn’t sell that many copies. The $18 price tag didn’t help anything either, which many people feel is way more than any record should cost. Had the record been cheaper obviously more people would have bought it. I had a coupon code so I opted to use it on purchasing this as it made the record significantly cheaper.

So the record is limited to 500 copies and is pressed on half red/half green vinyl. It comes with an insert and also included are gift tags, with one tag for every band on the comp plus two more Punk Goes Christmas logo tags.

Almost Here, the debut album from The Academy Is.. was finally pressed on vinyl and was a Hot Topic exclusive of sorts. I say sorts because Fueled By Ramen also sold a small amount of the 1500 copies pressed. The record was pressed on green vinyl, with the shade of green matching the album art pretty closely. Instead of an insert the record comes with a full color, printed dust sleeve.

To a few people’s surprised, including myself, Almost Here sold out pretty quick. I felt it could have went one of two ways; either sell out quickly, like it did, or sit around for months and eventually get put on clearance like some of the Midtown, Hot Rod Circuit, Underoath and Starting Line records. I was hoping for the later but unfortunately that did not pan out.

In the summer of 2015 The Academy Is… got back to together and played a couple shows and festivals while also announcing a full 10th Anniversary tour for Almost Here. To coincide with this, they also announced a re-pressing of the record that as of now you can only get on said 10th Anniversary Tour.

This box set of 7″ singles released by Fueled By Ramen/Decaydance was only sold in Hot Topic stores and through their online store. It retailed for $27.99, but these sat around for so long that the price was usually slashed in half, then slashed in half again a few months later when they were still on the shelves. 5,000 copies of these sets were made, and they featured five 7″ singles from bands that were not Fall Out Boy or Panic! At the Disco. This set was mainly used to promote the five bands featured, The Academy Is…, Cobra Starship, Gym Class Heroes, Paramore and Cute Is What We Aim For.

There is a major error with every copy of these sets. The center labels of all the records have been mixed up, switched, screwed up, whatever phrase you like. The important thing is that they are wrong. They center labels on each record do not correspond to the music that is on it. Fortunately though, the mix up is across the board. Every set has the same error, so you don’t have to play a guessing game trying to figure out which band is on which 7″. I forget what the error is, but I have it jotted down somewhere. Once I find it I will update this post.

As for how this set is packaged. I wouldn’t exactly call it a box set. It’s five 7″s packaged together in an oversized 7″ sleeve housed in a flimsy slip case. Because of the flimsy packaged, majority of these sets were damaged either after being shrink wrapped too tight, in transit to stores or on the store shelves. The damage does not affect the records themselves, it’s only cosmetic damage to the outer slip case. On most sets the sides on folded in on themselves, and the slip case is not exactly straight.

This was another album that Fueled By Ramen decided to press when they went on a pressing binge about 1-2 years ago to cash in on the vinyl craze. The Academy Is…’ other albums deserve the vinyl treatment more than this one, but I’ll take what I can get. Things were kept simple for this record, only one color, baby blue marble, which was limited to 1500 copies.

Not sure on pressing numbers for this, but this 7″ is pretty self explanatory. First single off their sophomore full lenght, Santi.

The only difference between this and the UK version is the cover art and that the record is on black vinyl. I’m not sure of pressing info.