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The All-American Rejects’ latest album, Kids In The Street, received two different vinyl versions. One is a four LP box set, with each record being die-cut. They are cut in the shape of people/characters found in the album artwork and packaging, with the heads and arms/hands being die-cut. The box set also includes a mask and a 10-page lyric booklet. When laid out in order te four dust sleeves make on larger image. One side of the sleeves line up to form the photo of the band that is on the insert of the standard LP pressing and the other side is each character found on their respective picture discs. This set costs $100 before shipping and is limited to only 500 copies. Despite the price, the set still managed to sell through more than 3/4 of the 500 copies. Eventually copies started popping up on ebay for half that price, all sold by one seller, which is where I snagged one.

There is also a standard single LP version. It was pressed on translucent red with green circles. I’m sure this color/pattern of vinyl has an actual name, as I’ve seen a few records with the same pattern, but it escapes me at the moment. The green circles are only pressed on the b-side of the record but can be seen on the a-side because of the translucency, albeit faintly. Pressing info was never released, as it probably never will because the record was released by a major label.


Not sure how many copies of this 7″ were pressed, but all copies were presses as a picture disc housed in a picture disc sleeve that is sealed with a sticker. This was the only piece missing from my AAR collection and I was finally able to track one down in ebay for less than retail price.

The All-American Rejects’ latest album, When The World Comes Down, recently got the vinyl treatment after a long over due process. Surprisingly, Warner Bros. licensed out the album to a small indie label, Magic Bullet Records. The guy who runs Magic Bullet is quite the character. He would get type-casted in many movies as the not very funny asshole who when trying to be funny, and thinks he is funny, he fails miserably and the room is silent aside from the crickets. On a public message board he treated his customers like complete shit, and went out of his way multiple times to do so. The only reason I supported his label was to complete my AAR collection, otherwise I would have never bought one of his releases based off his jackassery, overall asshole behavior and how he treats both potential customers and people in general. And I went the best route as to not give them money, at least not directly. I bought this from my local record store, and it was CHEAPER than buying it directly from Asshole Bullet Records. Before shipping costs.

Apparently Magic Bullet will never release the pressing info for no reason other than spite. People asked for the pressing info and he decided not to release it simply because people asked. This record was pressed on black and blue vinyl, amount of copies unknown for both.

This is the UK version of the “Dirty Little Secret” 7″. Unlike the U.S. version, pressing info was never released. The UK version is also a picture disce, however.

7″ single for “It Ends Tongith.” It was pressed on red vinyl and it now OOP. I have no idea how many were pressed.

This is one of two version of the title track single off of The All-American Rejects’ sophomore album. There was also a picture disc pressed that I think is pretty rare. I’ve only seen one once or twice on ebay and haven’t seen one in a few years. I have no idea how many of either were pressed.

7″ single for “Swing Swing,” The All-American Rejects’ first single and what shot them to fame. 2,981 copies were pressed on orange vinyl. I have no idea why Doghouse presses AAR stuff in such odd quantities.The All-American Rejects - Swing, Swing - Copy