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After Piebald broke up Travis Shettel kept himself busy. First he started his solo project, TS And The Past Haunts, which he released one EP and one full length album with. From there he formed a new band; Fakers. Now based in Los Angeles, Travis has enjoyed a fruitful post Piebald career. Piebald has done a reunion tour of sorts, but there has been no mention of the band fully getting back together to record new material. To date Fakers has released two EPs, Personality Voices and Sound The Alarmists, with only one of them seeing a physical release.

Personality Voices is a four song EP but the physical release of it, done as a 7″, only had room for two of the four songs, thanks in large part to the final track being four and half minutes long. So the first two songs off the EP made it on the 7″. “$600” is on the a-side while “Gold Room” is on the b-side. If you like Piebald you will dig Fakers. They’re a bit wacky, but it has Travis on vocals and their sound is not a huge departure from Piebald. Along with Travis, Fakers also features Cameron Dmytryk of Vanaprasta/Sun Drug, Benjamin Heywood of Summer Darling and brothers Joey and Andy Siara of The Henry Clay People.

The 7″ was released by Chain Letter Collective (run by band member Benjamin Heywood and his wife) in 2015, and it’s the labels first release. It was limited to 300 copies, all on black vinyl and all hand numbered. The band’s bandcamp page has incorrect info, or at least inaccurate info. Their bandcamp page says “edition of 230,” which is likely how many copies were available via bandcamp. It’s quite obvious there are 300 copies based on the hand numbering.

The numbering is done on the white paper dust sleeve rather than on the record’s sleeve like most records have. Not a big deal, it’s just odd. It just makes it so you have to keep that original dust sleeve no matter how dingy it gets over time. The record comes in a half fold sleeve printed o glossy paper. It’s not thin paper like you’d find with a printer, but it’s not quite card stock either. The 7″ is very affordable, around $5 before shipping. Oddly, there are several places to buy the 7″ from, all run/shipped by the label, but all with different shipping charges. If you want the cheapest route, buy it from the band’s bandcamp page and you’ll save $1 on shipping.

There may or may not be multiple pressings for this 7″. I’m only basing that on the fact that all the pictures I’ve seen on the 7″ has the hand numbering done in gold ink, likely done with a felt tip pen. While the copy I bought has the numbering in black ink done with a ballpoint pen.


TS & The Past Haunts is a new band featuring the former frontman of Piebald, Travis Shettel. This new band sounds similar to Piebald mixed with a bit of Jack White’s various bands like The Raconteurs and White Stripes. if you’re a fan of Piebald, especially some of their later albums, you will enjoy TS & The Past Haunts. No Sleep Records released TS & The Past Haunts debut album, Gone And Goner, pressing it on four different variants/colors.

There is a tour pressing, which is limited to 200 copies on black vinyl and has a different cover than the regular pressing. These covers are all hand-numbered on the front. Copies for this tour press also feature blank center labels, as they were pressed as “advance test presses” to be sold on tour. Another big difference is that these copies do not come with a printed dust sleeve like the regular pressing does. The regular pressing is pressed on red vinyl limited to 500 copies and green vinyl limited to 300 copies. Red and green copies feature the album’s artwork instead of the special cover that comes with the tour pressing, and come with a printed dust sleeve that features the lyrics and liner notes. There is also a 2012 No Sleep Records Subscription variant, which is limited to 200 copies on white vinyl. These copies come in the same jacket as the red and green copies, but a letter pressed obi-strip/”wrap around” on brown paper is included for the subscription exclusive copies along with a special b-side center label. The only way to get these subscription copies was to subscribe to one of the several options that included either all vinyl releases (LP, 7″ and 10″) for 2012 or just every album on vinyl for No Sleep’s annual subscription.