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Whenever a tour exclusive release is announced it always causes a pit in my stomach because there is usually means any collection I have going will likely stay, or become incomplete. Many times these tour exclusives are the lone outstanding item I need to complete a collection. Thankfully Asian Man Records did the right thing with this Dan Andriano and Mat Pryor Tour Split 7”, as they sold some copies online and made them available on said tour.

If you ask anyone that is the way to do it; make a release accessible to as many people as possible. It’s one thing for there to be a tour exclusive variant (I’m not a huge fan of those either), but it’s an entirely different thing for a release to only be available on a tour. People make the argument tour exclusives reward fans, specifically the most diehard or “true” fans in particular. But there will always be circumstances beyond any so called diehard or “true” fans control. For example, what if a tour doesn’t stop anywhere near them? Or they can’t go because they can’t afford to take off work for any multitude of reasons. Or they have a baby to take care of at home. Then there are the unforeseen medical reasons or other life things that get in the way, like weddings, child birth, funerals. Why should someone who happens to live in North Dakota or Alaska miss out on a record based solely on that circumstance? And why should that person be forced to pay $100 for said record on the secondary market if they want it?

Rant over. Back to the finer details of this split 7”. It’s not your traditional split, as both Dan Andriano and Matt Pryor sing on both songs (two songs on this split, one per side) and shared writing duties for one of them (the b-sided is a Paul Simon cover). The 7” is housed in a thin jacket, not a fold over sleeve or one of those paper sleeves 45 singles used to come in. It also comes with a download card/code, which yields you ridiculously large WAV files that are over 2 gigs in size. Those two songs are bigger files than some band’s entire discographies that I have in iTunes, and not bands with 2 or 3 albums either. For example New Found Glory, Alkaline Trio, Against Me! And Circa Survive.

This split 7” was pressed on two colors, white and black, each limited to 500 copies apiece. It cost about $10 if you ordered this online from Asian Man Records. Both colors were available online, with white being the only one to sell out (online) as of posting this.

Dan Andriano - Matt Pryor Tour Split - Copy


This is Tuesday’s only full length release, Freewheelin. It was released by Asian Man Records and was limited to 2,000 copies on black vinyl for the first pressing. Tuesday is Dan Andriano’s band prior to joining Alkaline Trio.

In 2016 Asian Man Records re-pressed Freewheelin’, this time on colored vinyl. The second pressing was done on two different colors and has new alternate artwork. There were 100 copies pressed on purple/blue and 300 copies on red/blue. Both variants are a half/half split, with the split done diagonally. The blue in the red/blue looks more black or deep purple (not the band) than blue. Odds are the two colors blended together a bit at the plant. The blue in the purple/blue matches the album art pretty close. The alternate artwork is inspired by the original and also another album/single altogether. If you’re a fan of 80s synth pop you might recognize this new, alternate artwork for Freewheelin’.

There was a single released by Kraftwerk in 1983 called “Tour De France” which first used the artwork found on this second pressing of Tuesday’s Freewheelin’. Everything is exactly the same except the artist and title are changed between them.

If there is one thing about Asian Man to love other than the music they churn out it’s their prices. Mike is charging $12 for this re-press and didn’t do a pre-order for them. He just announced the pressing on social media completely out of the blue and orders started shipping almost immediately. Admittedly I slept too long on buying a copy and missed out on the purple/blue for a stupid reason; I wasn’t sure if the cover art was actually changed or not. So rather than waste money I decided to wait and see pics of what people ended up getting in the mail to verify the artwork change. In hindsight I could’ve simply emailed Mike to verify, but you know what they say about hindsight.


This is the Tuesday Early Summer 7″. It’s Dan Andriano of Alkaline Trio’s first band. This was limited to 2,000 copies and is now out of print. It was released by Asian Man Records.