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With the popularity of vinyl, you sometimes get re-pressing that are long overdue and releases getting pressed on the vinyl format for the first time that are long overdue. What you can’t control unfortunately is how they’re pressed. The American Pie Soundtrack was released on vinyl in 2015, but sadly only as a picture disc. Though no one would argue against it being pressed as a traditional record (on any color) in a traditional jacket with inserts and maybe even a download card/code.

My bigger complaint about this is that it falls into the cash grab category, capitalizing on two trends; picture discs and soundtracks. Lately the two go hand-in-hand, but that never used to be the case.  First it was the soundtrack craze, with labels cashing in on multiple facets of consumer culture; nostalgia, collectors and trendiness. There are film nuts and score/soundtrack nuts who will collect anything related to a film they like, and then there are people who don’t like the film, or haven’t even actually seen it, who still collect soundtracks/scores because they like the music. There will always be those who buy things for nostalgia’s sake, which sadly is a strong selling point with records these days. And it leads to things like picture discs, $35 single LP’s and stuff like My Little Pony and the Forest Gump Soundtrack clogging up pressing plants.

This soundtrack comes in a picture disc sleeve with a hype sticker affixed to the bottom right corner, with the sleeve having one of those re-sealable flaps. No idea on pressing info, and it will likely never be released because this is a major label release. No download card/code is included, which isn’t a huge shocker.

Circling back to the mention of $35 single LP’s, when this record first came out in September 2015, that was the price for it; $35. And it’s why I held off on buying this for almost two years after its release. It took that long for me to find it within the price threshold I wanted to spend. I paid $17 shipped for this, which I’m comfortable with because this record is actually becoming harder to find via traditional means. But of course places like ebay and Discogs will always have copies, but those sellers rarely, if ever, lower their prices.

The reason I wanted this soundtrack is for the Blink-182 and Third Eye Blind songs. Blink-182 contributes “Mutt” off Enema Of The State and Third Eye Blind offers up “New Girl” off Blue. If you went to high school when American Pie came out, or even recently graduated, you undoubtedly love the movie, at least the first one. Personally I feel like the choice of using Blink’s “’Mutt” for the scene where Jim runs from his house to Kevin’s house to watch Nadia change, and then picking the song back up again as Jim runs back home to “score” with Nadia, really added something to the scene. It at least made it more memorable for me, hence why I’m able to recall it with such ease.


Valencia’s debut album, This Could Be A Possibility, was finally pressed on vinyl in 2016. I Surrender Records released it, who originally released the album back in 2006 and also pressed Valencia’s B-sides And Rarities 7″ in 2011. This Could Be A Possibility has already gone through a second pressing, which is surprising.

It’s not surprising that the record sold well, just how fast the first pressing “sold out” and why I Surrender would go ahead and do a second pressing so quickly. Let’s get some things straight before going any further. The first pressing, which is on red vinyl limited to 1,000 copies, is not exactly sold out. It’s just no longer available via I Surrender Records’ web store. What happened was they sent out a portion of the pressing to distros. So there are copies  from the first pressing floating around in various places. Places like indie record stores, Amazon and other online retailers of records. Then there is also the secondary market like eBay, where you can still easily find copies for close to if not below retail price. Retail price on this by the way is around $20. I Surrender charged $20 for it in their web store, but I was able to pick this up for $17.99 at my local record store, even after their mark up. Go figure. At one point you could even buy copies on eBay for $16.

The first pressing comes in a thin single pocket jacket with a full color, printed dust sleeve. There is no download card/code, despite I Surrender being the label that originally released the album. No excuse for that, especially when you want to charge more for it than a brick & mortar store. Not sure if the second pressing has the same packaging as the first pressing, it should, but you can’t take anything for granted. The second pressing is limited to 500 copies on random blended colors. I’m assuming “blended” is the same as No Idea’s infamous “random mix.” The picture I Surrender posted with the item page in their web store for the second pressing has the record on a mint green color.

Valencia – B-sides & Rarities 7″

Posted: October 3, 2011 in Vinyl

When this 7″ first came out it cost $10 before shipping, which made tons of people not buy it. The first 50 copies were also autographed by the band, which may be the reason for the high price tag for a two song 7″. But even after these 50 copies sold out, most likely all bought by super fans, the price did not come down. The band was still selling them on tour for $10.

There were a total of 500 copies pressed of this 7″, all on black vinyl. Each copy is also hand numbered, but it’s down in pencil on the back of the jacket. A big sign that the band was just sitting on these and they were not selling, at the end of August of this year the band put up the remaining copies in their webstore for half price, $5. With this price cut, the record now cost less than it initially did before shipping. This go around after shipping the total for me came out to $8, which I feel is an acceptable price. Another indication that these did not sell well was that I received copy number 336, which means if the band sold them number by number, which is an assumption on my part but a logical one, they did not even sell half of the pressing in one year’s time.

To make matters worse the band most likely did not store these properly during the long time they’ve had them, most likely piled on top of each other or just thrown into a box after every show while on tour, and combined with the fact they were shipped horribly, there was a good deal of damage to the copy I received in the mail. It was shipped in a unpadded envelope wrapped in newspaper. It’s important to note that the jacket for these records is white. So there are creases, corner dings, ring wear, bends, and the newsprint from the newspaper rubbed off on the jacket, resulting in black streaks and smudges all over the place. Thankfully some of it easily came off by using an eraser, but not all of it came out. I should have taken a picture of everything before I worked some magic on the jacket, but I didn’t. So after looking at these photos imagine there be significantly more black streaks and smudges.