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Record Store Day (RSD) 2015 was my worst yet. Typically I arrive about three hours before my local store opens and I’m usually no more than 20 people back, having no problems getting everything I want. This year, because of the Brand New – Deja Entendu re-press I decided to get to the store even earlier, anticipating a clusterf*ck because of the Deja release. Boy was I wrong in how early I should have gotten there. Even though I lined up five hours before opening, two hours earlier than I usually do, I was the 55th person in line, more than double where I usually am in line. How do I know where I was in line you ask? Simple; my local store is insanely organized when it comes to RSD. They keep all the RSD releases alphabetized and categorized by format (7″, 10″, LP, CD, tape, box set) behind a counter they set up just for RSD, have it set up menu style where you tell them what you want and they get it for you, only let a handful of people in the store (RSD area) at a time and they hand out numbered pieces of paper like a deli in a supermarket based on line order to make sure nobody further back in line gets RSD releases ahead of anyone because they have four or five different employees getting releases.

So to sum up, I got to the store earlier than ever before, was further back in line than ever before for my effort and didn’t get three releases that I wanted. Considering in the six previous RSD’s I’ve attended I only didn’t get one release over that entire span, not getting three in one year is a horrible swing. To be fair though, I bought one of the releases I missed online from Bull Moose. I found out from talking to people in the store and some employees that people started lining up at 5 pm on the day before (Friday) RSD, with the bulk of people getting the Deja RSD exclusive lining up by 11:30 pm the day before. No way will I ever line up that early for anything non-life essential.

A release that my store sold out of but plenty of others had copies leftover was the Vampire Weekend – Step 12″. This single/EP was originally tabbed to be released in early February 2015, but was first delayed, then apparently cancelled, then pushed back to be a RSD release.

There are some questions about the pressing info for the Step 12″. Some people think there are two separate pressings; a U.S. one and a Euro one. I can debunk theory, as the catalog and bar code numbers match between both so-called separate pressings. Everything about them is identical. Just because something gets released in two different countries or regions does not mean there are two, separate pressings.

However, where there is some real questions are the official pressing info given by the official RSD lists, both the U.S. and UK. The U.S. list says there are 3,000 copies, and the UK list says there are 500 copies. So one of two things happened; either the UK got 500 of the 3,000 copies, leaving 2500 copies for the U.S, or there are 3500 copies pressed in total. No matter what the truth is, all copies were pressed on white vinyl.

Here is the track listing:

A1. Step

B1. Step (feat. Danny Brown & Heems)

B2. Step (instrumental)

Vampire Weekend - Step - Copy


XL Recordings: Pay Close Attention is a four LP box set compilation paying tribute to everything that has contributed to XL Recordings getting to where they are today. It’s also the sixth and latest release in a commercial series of compilations that highlight their roster. The Comp features 34 songs from artists ranging from Vampire Weekend to The Prodigy to M.I.A. to Radiohead to The White Stripes to Adele. Also accompanying this four LP box set is a DVD featuring music videos and live performances.

The vinyl version of this comp was released in both the U.S. and UK, with no difference in pressings. All four records in the set are pressed on black vinyl and are housed in stock XL Recordings glossy paper dust sleeves, which are die-cut only in the front. The front of the dust sleeves has an X printed on it while the back has an L, which when joined together (obviously need to use two of the four sleeves) form the XL logo. This combination theme continues with the lid of the box set and the box itself, as the lid has an X on it and the back/bottom of the box has an L on it. The box is a slip lid box make of sturdy cardboard. On the inside of the box the liner notes are printed. The sleeve for the DVD has info about each of the videos appearing on it written by label founder Richard Russell. Along with the aforementioned DVD, the box set also comes with a huge double-sided fold out poster.

When XL Recordings: Pay Close Attention first came out in late August 2014, it was very pricey, coming in at over $50 directly from XL Recordings; even more if you bought it from a record store or distro, around $65 if you were lucky. A release like this is the perfect example of having patience. Fast forward over six months from release date and these box sets are popping up on ebay, brand new, for half the original price. Which is when I bought it. I paid $23 shipped for this box set, which is less than the price some scrupulous labels are now charging for single LP releases.

Track listing:

A1 SL2 DJs Take Control
A2 The Prodigy Out Of Space
A3 Awesome 3 Don’t Go (Kicks Like A Mule Mix)


A4 Liquid Sweet Harmony
B1 Jonny L Piper
B2 Roy Davis Jr. Gabriel (Live Garage Version)


B3 Dem 2 Destiny
C1 Nu-Birth Anytime
C2 Basement Jaxx Jump N Shout
C3 Dizzee Rascal I Luv U
C4 Wiley Igloo
D1 Various Production Hater
D2 Giggs Talkin The Hardest
D3 Sbtrkt Wildfire (Ft. Little Dragon)


D4 Jamie XX All Under One Roof Raving
E1 The Prodigy Firestarter
E2 Peaches Fuck The Pain Away
E3 The White Stripes Seven Nation Army
E4 Devendra Banhart I Feel Just Like A Child
E5 Badly Drawn Boy Once Around The Block
F1 Ratatat Seventeen Years
F2 M.I.A. Paper Planes
F3 Thom Yorke The Eraser
F4 Gil Scott-Heron New York Is Killing Me
G1 Radiohead Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
G2 Tyler, The Creator Yonkers
G3 Horrors, The Sea Within A Sea
G4 Jai Paul BTSTU (Edit)
H1 Bobby Womack Please Forgive My Heart
H2 The XX Angels
H3 Sampha Too Much
H4 Vampire Weekend Step


DVD track listing

1 The Prodigy Firestarter
2 Basement Jaxx Where’s Your Head At
3 The White Stripes Fell In Love With A Girl
4 Dizzee Rascal Fix Up, Look Sharp
5 M.I.A. Birdflu
6 Vampire Weekend A-Punk
7 Radiohead Lotus Flower
8 Gil Scott-Heron I’m New Here
9 Tyler, The Creator Yonkers
10 Adele Someone Like You [live from The Brits (British Award Show) TV appearance]


Some notes about some of the videos on the DVD. All of them except for the Adele video are music videos. Adele’s video is the only live performance video on the DVD, which is taken from her Brits TV appearance. The Brit Awards is a British award show akin to The Grammy’s. The video for The Prodigy’s “Firestarter” is actually the second take of the video. They scraped the first version and went back to re-do it because “it wasn’t right.” For The White Stripes video, XL apparently thought LEGO would pay to make it, and a quote from the DVD sleeve regarding it; “We thought LEGO would pay for this video but they didn’t want anything to do with it.”

It’s hard to believe that two volumes of soundtracks/”Music From…” releases from the hit HBO show Girls have gone completely under the radar for the most part. Seeing as how pressing soundtracks and scores is all the rage these days, the two Girls soundtracks are still readily available and had no fanfare or hype surrounding them.

The official title for this release is Girls Volume 2: All Adventurous Women Do… Music From The HBO Original Series. It was pressed on black vinyl. Volume 2 features a lot of popular and highly collected bands, as did Volume 1. Volume 1 had an unreleased and exclusive (at the time f the soundtrack’s release) Fun. song, a band people go nuts over in terms of vinyl, yet places can’t give the Volume 1 away. Volume 2 has Vampire Weekend, Oasis, Jenny Lewis and Beck, all insanely popular bands/artists with rabid vinyl collectors, yet Volume 2 still sits on shelves unsold.

To be fair, Volume 2 is on the pricey side in most people’s minds, over $20 before shipping for a single LP that features quite a few previously released songs. So I’m guessing many people won’t spring for the soundtrack because of the price, or won’t because of a combination of the price and the fact they already have the songs on studio albums , prime example being Oasis. However, I bought this soundtrack for the Vampire Weekend song, which is unreleased and exclusive to this soundtrack. It’s a Bruce Springsteen cover, who is one of my favorite bands.

All copies of Girls Volume 2: All Adventurous Women Do… Music From The HBO Original Series were pressed on black vinyl and come with an double sided, full color insert. The record comes in a standard single pocket jacket and includes a download card for middle of the road 256kbps MP3’s

Here is the track listing:

Side A

  1. Vampire Weekend – I’m Going Down
  2.  Jenny Lewis – Completely Not Me
  3. M. Ward – I Get Ideas
  4. Lily Allen – L8CMMR
  5. Beck – Blue Moon
  6. Miguel – Simplethings
  7. Christina Perri – I Dont Wanna Break
  8. Oasis – Wonderwall

Side B

  1. Zero DeZire – It’s My Birthday (Remix)
  2. Aimee Mann – How Am I Different
  3.  Father John Misty – Nancy From Now On
  4. Jake Bugg – There’s a Beast and We All Feed It
  5. Cat Power – Free (Remix)
  6.   Daniel Johnston – Life In Vain (Live at Austin City Limits)
  7. Michael Penn – Daisy

Twilight Eclipse Soundtrack. Not much else to say about this one. It’s one of the more embarrassing records in my collection along with the other Twilight soundtrack I have. I bought this to keep my Vampire Weekend collection complete.

This soundtrack is getting harder and harder to find. It’s most likely OOP at this point and you’ll be lucky enough to find a distro that still has copies on stock. What I do know is DO NOT order this from Best Buy, and they will send you the CD version of the album even though they have it listed as vinyl, and when you call them up to get your problem rectified they will send you yet another CD. I have not seen pressing info for this soundtrack anywhere, but it’s safe to assume there are a few thousand copies out there.

Vampire Weekend has a song on this soundtrack entitled “Ottoma,n, which is exclusive to it. Other artists on it include Band Of Horses, We Are Scientists, Shout Out Louds and Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo fame wrote and performed the theme song to the movie. Included with the double LP is a nice insert, which gives a back story  from the director of the film of how and why the soundtrack was compiled.

Modern Vampires Of The City is the first Vampire Weekend record to get pressed on colored vinyl and to have any sort of variant. It was pressed on white vinyl and black vinyl. The white was exclusive to the band’s web store and indie record stores. At first I thought it was limited considering it sold out online, and it very well still might be, but there are tons of copies on white sitting in record stores across the country. So either most of the copies went out to stores and the web store only had a small amount to sell, white is not limited at all or white is not limited to under 1,000 copies. All copies come with a huge fold out poster and a download code.


To lead up to their third album, Vampire Weekend released a 7″ single with two album tracks on it. “Diane Young” and “Step” will appear on Modern Vampires Of The City. There were 2,000 copies pressed of the 7″, all on black vinyl.Vampire Weekend - Diane Young - Copy