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This is another Saves The Day album that has no pressing info. It was pressed by Vagrant Records and finally went OOP just about a year ago, no more than two years ago, which is a really long time for a Saves The Day album. Aside from their two most recent albums, this is the cheapest of Saves The Day’s albums on ebay.


Saves The Day – In Reverie

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Vinyl

Even though there is no pressing info for In Reverie, it is still one of the most sought after Saves The Day records right behind Through Being Cool. In Reverie is Saves The Day’s only major label release, and as a result there were probably thousands of this record pressed, most likely between 3,000-5,000. It is definitely OOP and has been for a few years now. Copies on ebay routinely sell for $40 and higher.

This is another record that I feel there is only one pressing of. I remember they were all released at the same time, so in my mind that’s one pressing. According to some there are three pressings of Through Being Cool, but I feel there is only one pressing. A record being released on three different colors does not constitute multiple, separate, pressings

Through Being Cool was pressed on three colors. The “first” press was on baby blue vinyl limited to 300 copies, the “second” press was on white vinyl limited to 500 copies and the “third” press was on black vinyl limited to 3200 copies.

This album is rumored to be re-pressed in the coming months, and even though this rumor has been circulating and resurfacing for years even since it went OOP, this rumor has really picked up steam lately and might actually come to be true. That hasn’t made the prices on ebay lower at all. If anything more people are selling their copies on ebay banking on the re-press. ***Update – As of October 2014 Through Being Cool is finally being re-pressed, which is slated to come out in December 2014.*** The paragraph before the stars was written in September 2010.

V/A – Rebirth Of Hardcore: 1999 comp

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Vinyl
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This is the only comp featuring a Saves The Day song that has been pressed on vinyl. Very few people actually know that Saves The Day has a song on this comp let alone that this comp exists. It was released by Supersoul Records in 1999, obviously. At the time of this comp’s release, it was also the only way to hear one of Saves The Day’s b-sides, “The Art Of Misplacing Firearms.” That song eventually found its way onto Saves The Day’s b-sides album, Ups And Downs: B-Sides And Early Recordings, which has yet to be pressed on vinyl. I have included a photo of the back of the fold out poster that accompanies this record which gives a little info on the song, including lyrics.

There are a few variants for this record. It was pressed on black, color (mix of purple and grey) and as a picture disc. The colored copies were mail order exlcusives and were limited to 950 copies. Black was available everywhere else and was limited to 1,050 copies. There were 1,000 picture disc pressed which were only available in Europe. None of the variants comes in a real sleeve. The black and purple marble copies come in just a poly sleeve with a huge fold out poster that kind of doubles as a “sleeve” or “jacket.” The black and color copies also come with some promo flyers and a cloth patch promoting Supersoul Records. The picture disc copies come in a picture disc sleeve with a long rectangle insert and no fold out poster.

To my knowledge this is the only comp (to date) that Alkaline Trio appears on that was pressed on vinyl. It was released by Johanns Face Records out of Chicago and was limited to only 500 copies. These rarely pop up on ebay or change hands via other methods, and the few times I’ve seen them listed on ebay they have gone for as little as $15 shipped up to $30.

This is the most unique piece in my collection. It’s half vinyl/half CD. Basically it’s a 5″ record on one side but it’s a CD on the other side. This was only given out at several in-store performances Anberlin did at Newury Comics stores to promote the release of their latest album, Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place. i have no idea how many were made, I’m guessing no more than 1,000 but it could be as few as a few hundred. I only took photos of the vinyl side, as the reflection from the CD side produced way too much reflection from the camer’a flash.

The CD side features the song “I’d Like To Die”and is also a enhanced CD/DVD and has the music video for the song “Impossible.” The analaog or vinyl side features the song “We Owe This To Ourselves.”

Anberlin – Impossible 7″

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Vinyl

This is a promo 7″ that was given away with pre-orders of Anberlin’s album, Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place placed through Newbury Comics. It was pressed on tri-color vinyl (dark red, white and grey) and limited to 907 copies. Each copy was also hand numbered and autographed by the band on the inside of the sleeve.