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Fueled By Ramen really dropped the ball with how they handled this 7″. There are two different versions of this 7″, the Panic! At The Disco version and the Fun. version. Each is pressed on a different color and comes with different cover art. Each version is limited to 500 copies a piece. The Panic! At The Disco version was pressed on clear vinyl and features a robot on the cover and the Fun. version was pressed on clear orange/gold vinyl and features a tiger on the cover. Originally people thought this was a one-sided 7″, which is partly true. While there is music n the b-side, it is just the title track in reverse. The song featured is “C’mon,” which is a joint effort between Panic! At The Disco and Fun. These were sold online, but the bulk of the pressing was meant as tour exclusive record and was made specially for the Panic! At The Disco and Fun. tour during the spring/summer of 2011.

When these first came out people had the option to buy two copies from the Fueled By Ramen store, but did not have an option or choice as to whether or not they would get both versions of the 7″. From what I gathered from people complaining on message board, most people who ordered two copies received two copies of the same version, not one of each which they hoped for. That is messed up and should never have happened. Customers should have been able to select which version they wanted and even if they couldn’t, a person ordering two copies should have received both versions. It’s as if the people filling orders went out of their way and purposely sent someone two identical copies. Since each version was limited to the same amount, there should be no discrepancies with how many copies of either version were left or one version running lower than the other from people ordering two copies. If anything giving someone two identical versions will deplete the pressing faster.

The pricing of these records also came under much criticism. Fueled By Ramen was charging $7 for what is essentially a 7″ that only has one song, and on top of it they were charging $7 for shipping to anywhere in the U.S. So in all these would run a person at least $14, for just one song. I was able to snag a copy of both versions for less than the price of one from the FBR store thanks to ebay. On tour theses were being sold for $15, and from what I gathered from message boards they were being very stingy with how many they were selling them on tour. In some instances selling a small amount, like five total per show or even none at all claiming they were sold out. Which later turned out to be not true at all since the leftover copies that were not sold on tour were put back up for purchase online in FBR’s webstore.


I’m not sure what pressing this variant of the Jimmy Eat World/Jejune split 7″ is from. It is either the second or third though. There were 200 copies pressed with this cover, with each being individually numbered with a stamp on one portion of the tri-fold cover. All copies with this cover came with a 7″ on green vinyl, but there were other covers that came with a green 7″. I believe some copies of the first pressing had some on green.

Saves The Day – Can’t Slow Down

Posted: August 30, 2011 in Vinyl

This is one of earlier releases that came out when people did not care nearly as much about presses and pressing info as they do now. Some people think there are three presses for Can’t Slow Down, but I look at it as one giant pressing because each color come out at the same time if memory serves me correctly. Can’t Slow Down was pressed on three colors; white limited to 300 copies, red limited to 549 copies and black limited to 3200 copies. The pressing was done by Equal Vision Records, and there have been rumors of a re-press for what feels like forever now.

I wouldn’t hold your breath for a re-press of this album. If EVR does go back through their catalog to re-press things, Through Being Cool would be higher on the list since it’s a more popular album. I think Can’t Slow Down’s best chance at getting re-pressed is if EVR decides to re-press both Saves The Day albums they own the rights to at the same time. Numerous smaller labels have tried to license these albums to press themselves, but all have been shot down so far.

Saves The Day – Freakish 7″

Posted: August 28, 2011 in Vinyl

Another one that I overlooked, Freakish was the second single off of Stay What You Are. Again, I do not know the pressing info.

Going through my blog while waiting out Hurricane Irene I realized there were quite a few records I never posted. How I overlooked some Saves The Day stuff is beyond me. Anyway, this is the first single off of Stay What You Are. I do not know how many were pressed.

This is yet another record that slipped through the cracks on me. This is the only split that Minus The Bear has appeared on to date, and it features The City On Film. I have not seen official pressing info for this, but I have heard 500 and 1,000 thrown out a few times.

The Killers – Hot Fuss 7″ box set

Posted: August 22, 2011 in Vinyl

Even though there were 5,000 of these box sets pressed, this set is one of the harder Killers vinyl releases to get your hands on. Especially for a decent price. Most people selling this want outrageous prices for it, close to $500 outrageous. To be honest I don’t know or remember how much this box set originally sold for, but it probably was under $100, maybe even as low as $50. Now on to some more details about this nicely done box set.

As said above there were 5,000 copies pressed, with each being individually numbered with a silver foil stop on the bottom of the box. The set comes with a clear sticker on the front of the lid, basically a promo/hype sticker stating what is inside the box. The lid slides on and off, it is not attached to the box by a hinge. There are 11 7″s in the box, one for each of the 11 songs on the album. The album version is on the a-side of each 7″, with a b-side appropriately on the b-side. Some of these b-sides are exclusive to this box set, at least they were when it was first released. Many of them have subsequently been released on Sawdust, The Killers b-sides and rarities album.

All the records are pressed on black vinyl and come in their own jackets. All the records have pretty much the same label on the b-side, the only difference is the track listing for the respective 7″. The label on the a-side is the same as the artwork on the jacket for each 7″. For those interested here is a list of the b-sides included in this set in order of their appearance, so the first song appears as the b-side for the “Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine” 7″ and so on down the line.

– Somebody Told Me (Josh Harris remix)

– Under The Gun

– Show You How

– The Ballad Of Michael Valentine

– Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself

– Ruby, Don’t Take Your Love To Town

– Mr Brightside (Thin White Duke remix)

– Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll

– Smile Like You Mean It (acoustic)

– Who Let You Go

– Get Trashed