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New Found Glory – Mania

Posted: April 20, 2013 in Vinyl

New Found Glory loves releasing cover albums as they released yet another one for Record Store Day 2013. This time they cover  six classic Ramones songs on a one-sided 12″. The track listing for Mania is “I Wanna Be Sedated,” “Rockaway Beach,” Rock ‘n’ Roll High School,” “Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio?,” “Judy Is A Punk” and “The KKK Took My Baby Away.” This record appears to be one of the hardest RSD releases to get this year. The b-side features an etching of the Ramones logo with each New Found Glory member’s name around it. One of the coolest etchings I have ever seen. A download code is also included with the record.

There were initially 1,000 copies set aside for Record Store Day split evenly on two colors, blue and orange/red mix. However, a few days after Record Store Day B9 put up a third variant for sale in their web store, which is on pink/black swirl vinyl and limited to 500 copies. So much for a RSD exclusive. Once the pink/black swirl copies started shipping a clear variant was discovered, which is the “friends press” that B9 typically does and randomly gives out. The etching on the clear copies is screen printed on in black ink instead of being etched into the  record. So the pressing info is now 1600 total copies pressed on four different colors; blue limited to 500, orange/red mix limited to 500, pink/black swirl limited to 500 and clear limited to 100.

B9 also had a few copies of the two “Record Store Day exclusive” colors, which customers had the option of getting in their order if they bought a copy of the pink/black swirl online. Customers could request a copy of the blue record in place of the pink/black swirl while supplies lasted. There were some disgruntled customers with that option however, as people who didn’t request a copy of the blue RSD variant received it or even the orange/red mix RSD variant. It seemed like B9 did filled online orders however they pleased and when presented with complaints from customers they simply said “return it for a refund if you’re not happy.”


Manchester Orchestra released another highly sought after split, this time am untraditional three-way split with Manchester Orchestra collaborating with two different bands. On one side Manchester Orchestra collaborates with Grouplove and on the other side they collaborate with Frightened Rabbits. Each side of the split gets its own cover art.

When it was initially announced it was implied that there were be two entirely separate jackets with its own cover artwork. That is not the case as one side of the jacket features cover art for the Grouplove collaboration and the other side of the jacket features cover art for the Frightened Rabbits collaboration. There is only one jacket out there. There were 2300 copies pressed as per the official RSD release list, not 2500 as per posted online in various blogs, one of which thinks it’s the definitive RSD source even though he just compiles email sell sheet solicitations sent to record stores by distributors (which anyone can sign up for) into one long list by copying and pasting.

Relationship Of Command finally got a re-pressing and was first released for 2013 Record Store Day. Apparently the RSD version is on an exclusive color (translucent orange marble) and has exclusive bonus tracks. While the first pressing was a single LP, this re-press is a double LP in a gatefold jacket. There are a whopping 4,000 copies pressed for this RSD version, with a Zia Records Coachella exclusive. The believe the only difference between the regular RSD version and Coachella exclusive is that the Coachella version is hand numbered out of 500 copies. Apparently there is also a U.S. and Euro pressing of this as well, with the U.S. pressing being on translucent orange and the Euro pressing being on opaque orange. I Haven’t seen anything official that there are separate pressings or colors, so it could be slight variations to the shade or translucency of the orange vinyl in each individual record.

There have been rumblings that Relationship Of Command will see a regular, re-pressing that will be widely available. But details have not been officially announced as of writing this. This pressing of the record was released by the band’s own label, 21st Chapter Records.

Jimmy Eat World – Damage 7″

Posted: April 20, 2013 in Vinyl

Jimmy Eat World’s single off their forthcoming album was released on Record Store Day 2013. I’m not sure this could be called an “RSD exclusive” release as I believe more copies will be released at a later date after RSD. There were 1800 copies released on RSD, with 1500 copies released in the USA and 300 copies released outside the USA. The b-side is an exclusive cover of Radiohead’s “Stop Whispering,”Jimmy Eat World - Damage 7'' - Copy

V/A – Record Store Day 2013 comp

Posted: April 20, 2013 in Vinyl
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The annual free Record Store Day comp features Senses Fail, Killing Joke, Early Graves, Amaranthe, Stars In Stereo, Encrust, Major League, Kate Nash, Turbogeist, and Brooke Waggoner. No exclusive songs or b-sides, all album tracks to promote the artists on the comp. To further show how much RSD gotten out of hand over the years, this year the comp is even sponsored. It’s sponosored by Beck’s beer. I found out the track listing for this comp from my local store the day before RSD and was thrilled to get one at checkout so I could keep my Senses Fail collection complete without having to spend money on a record that was given out for free.

Don’t expect pressing info to ever be announced for this as it’s a free promotional comp. It’s safe to assume there are thousands upon thousands of these out there, with nearly every record store in the country that participated in Record Store Day this year getting copies to give away.Record Store Day 2013 comp - Copy

One of the oddest release for Record Store Day is a South Park 7″, which features two songs from the show. South Park has had numerous classic songs throughout the show’s run, “San Diego” and “Gay Fish” are two from more recent seasons. There were 2,000 copies pressed as a picture disc. It comes in a picture disc sleeve and does not have a cover, despite an image of what appears to be a proper cover or jacket that circulated. Given it’s an animated TV show, a picture disc is the perfect choice for this release, even if it sacrifices sound quality.

But in a move from one of their classic episode, The Simpsons did it! Simpsons did it! There have been several Simpsons records released over the years, including 7″ picture discs. Hopefully if this South Park record is successful, which I think it already is as it’s one of the RSD releases in highest demand, it leads to the release of more South Park records. Maybe an LP compilation of all the songs from the show, maybe more 7″ singles, or maybe the soundtrack to the Bigger, Longer, Uncut movie.

The soundtrack to one of my favorite movies was released on Record Store Day this year. It was pressed as a double LP on green vinyl housed in a gatefold jacket. The soundtrack made this movie and without it the movie would definitely not be as good as it is. Initially the pressing info was all over the place. Some stores advertised it as limited to as few as 2,000 copies, then it was bumped up significantly to 5,000 copies, and when the official release list was released by the Record Store Day organizers they listed it as 4750 copies. The sticker on the front cover says limited to 5,000 copies, so I am going with that.

Each copy is also hand numbered with a blue ballpoint pen on the back of the jacket. It was advertised as being individually numbered, but upon purchasing the record it’s quite obvious it’s hand numbered, not just individually numbered.