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In 2016 Reprise Records re-released The Black Parade in a 10th Anniversary set with a slightly tweaked title; The Black Parade / Living With Ghosts. The newly released version of the album was pressed as a triple LP in a tri-fold jacket. It was pressed on two different variants; black and clear with white. The clear w white is a F.Y.E. exclusive, and some sites are calling it “clear w/ white swirl” despite the hype sticker (which said site has a picture of) only stating “clear with white.” Pressing info has not been released for either variant, and never expect it to be because it’s a major label release.

The Black Parade / Living With Ghosts features 11 exclusive bonus tracks, which are all demo versions of songs recorded during The Black Parade sessions. Some of these songs wound up as album tracks on the final version of The Black Parade, while others are making their first appearance out in the world. These never before heard tracks are (in order of appearance) “The Five Of Us Are Dying,” “Kill All Your Friends,” Party At The End Of The World,” “Not That Kind Of Girl,” “Emily,” “Disenchanted” and “All The Angels.”

Initially the only variant available was the black, posted for pre-order in the band’s web store in a bundle with a flag that cost $50 before shipping. Of course a few suckers fell for this bundle thinking it was the only way to get the vinyl version of the release. That bundle is still the only option for the vinyl version on MCR’s web store, but it did become available separately from various online distros, Amazon and indie record stores, which honestly shouldn’t surprise anyone. For a release as big as this, from a band as big as My Chemical Romance, you should expect a wide release. If The Black Parade / Living With Ghosts was going to be limited, or a specific variant was going to limited to a small amount, you better believe a major label would make that information as visible as possible to drive up sales. Plus, major labels rarely, if ever, limit an entire release to any quantities less than thousands.

The tri-fold jacket for The Black Parade / Living With Ghosts is inspired by the original release of The Black Parade, but there is an obvious twist to it. You can see the inner panels of the tri-fold in the photos below. An insert is also included, which has the lyrics printed on both sides of it. As aforementioned, every copy has a white square hype sticker affixed to the top left corner. The hype sticker only indicates color of the F.Y.E. exclusive color, the black copies do not mention vinyl color. No download card/code is included with the release nor a CD copy, which is inexcusable these days. If small indie labels can afford it a major label better not cheap out on a release they’re charging over $30 for (F.Y.E. exclusive costs $33). But as an incentive to buy it directly from Reprise via the MCR web store, a digital download is included with every purchase. But you’re no doubt paying for the digital download “included” with the bundle as it’s likely factored into the total price. But I bought this for $22.50 shipped via an online distro whose prices are already $4-5 cheaper than retail, and on top of that used a 25% off coupon.

You can read about the original release first pressing of The Black Parade here and you can read about the special edition box set released during the original run of The Black Parade here.



Frank Iero is back with another solo album, only this time under a different moniker. The new release is done under the name of Frank Iero And The Patience. His new album, Parachutes, was released on October 28, 2016, with the vinyl version being a delayed by about a week. The album is in line with previous solo releases.

Pressing info for Parachutes is a but unclear. The official pre-order for the record has a white variant limited to 2,000 copies. There is also a blue variant that may be either a Banquet Records (UK indie record store) or a UK/Euro exclusive. The copy I bought from a U.S. based distro (because I was able to snag it for $14 shipped instead of $19 plus shipping from the official pre-order) arrived on black vinyl. I have no idea how many copies were pressed on black vinyl, and considering I had no idea it existed, it’s not too surprising pressing info isn’t out there. Vagrant Records hasn’t been too helpful after contacting them about it, not even so much as a reply back with a simply “sorry we can’t/don’t want to divulge that info.” At this point I’m wondering if there are any other colors on top of the white, blue and black floating around out there.

What makes it hard to track down pressing info for this record is the fact that it’s a joint release with four different labels. Vagrant Records handled the U.S. release, Hassle Records handled the UK release and BMG Records is also involved as well as Frank’s own label B. Calm Press. BMG is a major label and it’s a 99.99% certainty they won’t respond to any sort of communication, and I just mentioned Vagrant’s lack of response above.

The record comes housed in a full color, printed dust sleeve. The lyrics are printed on one side of the dist sleeve, with an image of Frank’s parents on the reverse side where he thanks them. A download card is included, netting you high quality 320 kbps MP3s. There is a hype sticker affixed to the top right corner along with a parental advisory sticker in the bottom left corner. I hate those parental advisory warnings, but at least this is a sticker and it’s not actually printed on the album cover so it becomes an obtrusive part of the cover art.

About two weeks before the album’s release date Frank and his band were involved in a freak bus accident while on tour in Australia. I say freak because it’s not the typical bus/van crash you hear about with touring bands. The band was unloading their van on a public street in Sydney when a public transit bus (which wasn’t carrying any passengers) hit their van, which left Frank badly banged up and two other band members needing surgery. Everyone thankfully survived the accident. The accident forced the cancellation of the band’s tour dates for the foreseeable future.

Gerard Way released a 12″ single for “Zero Zero” off his debut solo album Hesitant Alien in 2015. This flew completely under the radar and got little to no press anywhere; message boards, blogs, zines, news sites, etc. Which is very surprising considering he was the front man of My Chemical Romance, a band with a huge fan base who buy up anything and everything related to them.

The single features two songs, one on each side. As I stated earlier the lead track is “Zero Zero” while the b-side is a true b-side left off Hesitant Alien; “Television All The Time.” This b-side was released prior to this single however, as it was a bonus track exclusive to the Japanese release of Hesitant Alien. This 12″ single marks the first time the song was released in the U.S. however.

There were 5,000 copies of this 12″ single pressed, all as a picture disc. It comes housed in a picture disc sleeve with a flap that has the bottom two corners reinforced. The sleeve also comes sealed with a clear sticker on the flap, but it’s easy to peel back and keep intact to remove the record. There is a pink hype sticker on the bottom left corner as well.

Some people/sites are misinformed about the origins of this 12″ single, thinking it’s a Record Store Day (RSD) Black Friday release for 2015. That is simply not true. This record is not on any official RSD release list(s). It was however, released on the same day as Black Friday RSD in 2015; November 27. That is because the music industry decided to change their release day from Tuesdays to Fridays. Otherwise there would be no confusion about this record’s origins.

Retail price on this records is around $15 depending on the store/distro. If it hasn’t gone OOP at this point considering it’s connection to My Chemical Romance, it likely won’t for a while. So the price may drop on this as stores and distros are stuck with unsold copies. I bought my copy from Bull Moose, utilizing my Bull Moose points to get it for half off.

After having the worst Record Store Day (RSD) ever last year, where I missed out on getting the most stuff on my list than ever before, I decided to head over to my store earlier than I ever have. Prior to last year the most I’ve ever missed out on getting from my local store was one thing, whereas I usually get everything on my list with ease after lining up 3 hours max before opening. But last year I missed out on 3, and I wasn’t sure if it was just because the line formed earlier at my store (I was out of state in 2014 and couldn’t see how the line formed) for some reason or simply because Deja Entendu was being re-pressed. It turned out to be the later as I could have gotten on line by 3 a.m. (which is still hours earlier than my norm) instead of midnight and been fine. But I wasn’t going to complain about being eighth in line, my best position to date, as I slept for those 3 hours anyway.

With that out of the way here is the Gerard Way 7″ entitled Pinkish / Don’t Try. Yes, you read that correctly, there is no b/w in the release’s title even though there should be. The two songs featured on this 7″ are implied by the title. Both songs are b-sides from Hesitant Alien, Gerard Way’s debut solo album released in 2015. There were 5,000 copies pressed on red, pink and purple splatter. The official RSD list simply said “colored vinyl” in regards to the color, but the hype sticker on the cover of the actual 7″ says what the color is.

Each side of this 7″ looks completely different from one another. The a-side has more red and pink in it while the b-side has a white base with pink, purple and red splatter. On top of the aforementioned hype sticker that indicates color and other info about this 7″, there is another hype sticker on the cover as well, the now typical silver ‘RSD exclusive’ sticker.

No download code is included, which sadly is a running trend with majority f RSD releases this year. Nothing I bought this year had a download card/code, no matter the label releasing it. The only thing that did was the Nirvana Tribute comp released by Robotic Empire, and that wasn’t an official RSD release.

Frank Iero has been busy with his new band, FrnkIero And The Cellabration. About a year after releasing their debut album the band released a split 7″ with Lonely The Brave in August 2015. The split 7″ was released by Hassle Records out of the UK and it’s a UK exclusive, so it cost a pretty penny to import it to the U.S., about $15. This split sold out through pre-orders for the most part, but Banquet Records, the only place to buy this 7″ from aside from the label itself, put up about eight copies after release date from what I’m guessing was cancelled orders or they got in more copies than initially thought. I snagged one of said eight copies, one of the few times an “notify by email when back in stock” alert actually paid off.

This split 7″ was limited to 500 copies and all copies were pressed on black vinyl. A download code is not included with the physical records, but if you ordered directly from Hassle Records they emailed you a download code on release day. If you bought the record anywhere else you’re SOL. However, it’s not a total loss as the only exclusive, unreleased (FrnkIero And The Cellabration) found on this split, “Give Me Liberty, But Give Me Depth” is a waste really as it clocks in at 1:40 in length. The other FrnkIero And The Cellabration song on this split is “Weighted,” which was released on the band’s debut full length Stomachaches.

One interesting note is that the cover art for this split 7″ was done by Dan Carter from the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show. Since this split 7″ came out he has been selling prints of the artwork in limited runs.

FrnkIero And The Cellabration - The Lonely Brave Split - Copy

There are usually zero UK Record Store Day (RSD) releases that I want during any given year, which is a good thing because importing them can get rather expensive. The international shipping costs combined with an exchange rate favoring the British Pound can turn 12″ EP’s into $25 ventures.

This year was the first time I wanted a UK RSD exclusive, the FrnkIero And The Cellabration 12″ titled Live At BBC Maida Vale. As he title suggest it’s a live EP recorded at Maida Vale for Daniel P. Carter’s Radio Show on BBC Radio 1, which was originally broadcast on November 30, 2014. The 12″ was released by Hassle Records. There are four songs in all, two on each side. I was fortunate to sneak in an order with Banquet Records before they sold out, and it wasn’t easy. I sat through error pages and forever loading times for nearly 45 minutes to get one of the last copies they had.

There were 500 copies pressed on mint pearl vinyl. It’s one of the oddest and unique variant colors I’ve heard in a long time, but that description fits the final product perfectly. The color of the vinyl is mint, and it has a pearl effect. A download code is included, and in another unique turn the code is placed on a sticker that is affixed to the full color printed dust sleeve. The record sounds good, not great.

Along with the mint pearl copies, there are also an unknown amount of copies pressed on black vinyl. I have heard that there were 1,000 total copies pressed, which would mean there are 500 copies on black vinyl. But I have not heard any official numbers for the black variant. The official UK RSD list says the colored copies are limited to 500, so I am going with that for the colored variant. However, the label’s website says there were “1,000 copies pressed for the entire world.” The official UK RSD list also said color to be determined, so until people started opening copies of this 12″ the color was unknown. So logic and simple math says there are 500 copies on mint pearl and 500 copies on black based on what has been officially announced.

Track listing:

A1 – Tragician

A2 – Smoke Rings

B1 – Joyriding

B2 – She’s The Prettiest Girl At The Party, And She Can Prove It With A Solid Right Hook

2014 was quite the year for post My Chemical Romance projects, as Frank Iero and Gerard Way each released albums with their new projects. Frank Iero had his debut solo release, a 7″ entitled For Jamia re-pressed and a full length album with his new band Frnkiero And The Cellabration entitled .Stomachaches. in late September 2014. To be honest I never bought the 7″ because I didn’t like the music, but after listening to Frnkiero And The Cellabration, I enjoyed the album and decided to buy that. Whether or not I ever buy the 7″ to keep/start a collection is relying entirely on if I can buy one very cheap. There was a 2014 Record Store Day re-press of the 7″, but it cost $10, if not more depending on the store. It was very limited compared to other RSD releases, pressed at 400 copies for the RSD pressing, combined with it was a regional release that did not see nationwide distribution; next to no copies were left after RSD to be sold online or sit on store shelves for ages. Yes, I’m aware I may spell the band’s name and album title wrong, but it’s for easy search engine results.

.Stomachaches. is similar sounding to My Chemical Romance, especially Danger Days: True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys. The first pressing was done on four different colors; yellow limited to 500 copies, blue limited to 500 copies, pink limited to 1,000 copies and an unknown amount on grey vinyl. Yellow is an indie store exclusive, blue was a Hot Topic exclusive, pink was a band exclusive only sold online through their own and the label’s webstore. Grey is a Euro exclusive sold only through Hassle Records (UK indie store). The yellow variant is translucent yellow. I’m not sure if the pink or blue are translucent or opaque; the pics I’ve seen of them make them appear as both translucent and opaque, and it can’t be both. Some even show the pink having some marbling in them, something never advertised. Either way the pics that the label (Staple Records/Workhouse Music) released at various points for all the U.S variants look nothing like how they turned out. All the variants have a hype sticker on the bottom fright of the cover saying “limited edition colored vinyl” but make no mention of the color.

One thing of note with the first pressing, is that one pressing info database site has a UK tour exclusive variant listed as clear w/ glitter limited to 100 copies. This is the only place I have seen it mentioned, and it’s a user submitted database where no source or proof is required to get put on the website. I haven’t seen pics of it or heard of it anywhere else. To make the info even less credible, the site has no mention of the yellow variant anywhere, yet I own a copy of, it was promoted by the label and there are pics of it floating around other than this blog Also, the band has not yet toured the UK at all yet. Since the first pressing sold so well, a second pressing in the works that is currently (as of writing/posting this) up for pre-order in the band’s webstore. The second pressing is on clear with red splatter, which is limited to an unknown amount as the info has not been released, and likely never will.

The label seems to release pressing info sparingly, as I had to email them to find out the complete info regarding the yellow and blue variants. I had no idea there was even a yellow indie store exclusive variant before I emailed them. And Hot Topic pretty much refuses to release pressing info for any of their exclusive now as a sales tactic. The label did however, advertise the pink being limited to 1,000 copies while the variant was being sold.

As of writing/posting this the only variants from the first pressing not sold out/OOP are the indie store exclusive yellow and Euro exclusive grey. The label was briefly selling copies of the yellow online, but they have since sold out. Some stores may still be carrying the yellow; so if you find it locally or buy it online from an indie record store you will likely get the yellow variant. Once the second pressing comes out though, it may be impossible to know what color you will get unless they put a sticker on the cover denoting the color/pressing.