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Jonah Matranga released another album this year, Me And You Are Two, under a new but slightly familiar moniker; Jonah’s Onelinedrawing. Once again he used crowd funding to get the project off the ground, offering plenty of awesome rewards for pledgers that he actually fulfilled in a timely manner let along at all. I’m not saying Jonah never comes through, he always does, I’m just comparing him to countless other people/bands who use crowd funding and scam people by never delivering on all the rewards they offer. It turns out that after the record was finished it would be released in a joint effort with Thunderbeard Records.

Me And You Are Two has two wildly different variants, with each being exclusive to certain outlets. Jonah has his own variant, which can only be bought directly from him minus a few copies Thunderbeard sold in bundle deals with their variant. Jonah’s variant comes in a white sleeve with black ink, which includes a copy of the record on “random split” colored vinyl, which is most likely all half brown/half grey. It seems most people assumed/speculated/thought that every copy would be different or unique based on the “random split” name choice. What I think was meant is that random colors were ordered from the plant so nobody involved in the release knew what would be received. The color of ink on the covers for Jonah’s variant was also described as unique, but I think what was meant by that was Jonah use a multi-color crayon to color in some copies for the people who pledged through Kickstarter. Every copy I’ve seen so far of Jonah’s variant looks exactly the same. Thunderbeard has their own variant, which comes in a black sleeve with silver ink, which includes of a copy of the record on blue vinyl. Inside the sleeve of Thunderbeard’s variant the ink is blue though.

Jonah’s variant (half/half split vinyl with white jacket) is limited to 250 copies andThunderbeard’s variant (blue vinyl with black jacket) is limited to 250 copies. Every copy is hand numbered, with the numbering done /500 rather than /250 for each of the variants. Jonah’s variant is the first 250 (1-250) with the Thunderbeard jacket being the second half of the 500 (251-500). The jackets are a half fold style printed on a decent thickness card stock. The lyrics and liner notes are printed on the inside of the sleeves, with the track listed printed on the back of the folded portion.


The Mascluine Makeover comp came out in 2003 and is one of the few comps to feature Onelinedrawing that was pressed on vinyl. It was done as a pictures disc limited to 1000 copies. All proceeds went to the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center.

The Onelinedrawing song featured is a live version of “Swamp.” This comp also features a song from Sharks Keep Moving entitled “Time Green Cafe,” which is exclusive to this comp.


One of the few records Far released, and this is the only one that is not a split. I do not know how many copies were pressed, but this 7″ was released by Pazzafist Records. When these pop up for sale, which they rarely do, they tend to go for around $30.

Onelinedrawing – reVisitor

Posted: September 10, 2012 in Vinyl
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Recently Jonah Matranga set out to re-record the Onelinedrawing album Visitor, which was timed to celebrate the album’s 10th anniversary. The newly recorded version was entitled reVisitor, and saw a release digitally as well as on CD and vinyl. The vinyl version was pressed as a picture disc limited to 500 copies. Each copy of the record came signed also came signed by Jonah. As has been the case with Jonah lately, he self released this latest musical endeavor.


This is the 12″ version of the Onelindrawing/Sense Field split. Not sure how many of the 12″ was pressed, but the 12″P version is easier to find than the 7″ version.

Onelinedrawing – The Volunteers

Posted: September 12, 2010 in Vinyl

I don’t have pressing numbers for The Volunteers, but it was only pressed on black vinyl.

This split was pressed on two different formats, as a 7″ and as an LP. This is the 7″ version and was pressed on blue vinyl limited to 1500 copies. Each copy was individually numbered, with my copy being number 495. The numbering was stamped onto the back of the sleeve, which I have included a pic of.