Blink-182 – Cheshire Cat (2nd Press)

Posted: January 4, 2011 in Vinyl

This is the second pressing of Blink-182’s Cheshire Cat. The first press, or at least the original copies, have a cat with red eyes, while this pressing has a cat with blue eyes. Another notable difference between the OG press and this pressing is that the border around the cover is much larger on this pressing than on the OG copies. This current pressing is also housed in a gatefold jacket, while the OG press does not come in a gatefold jacket.

This pressing is a Hot Topic exclusive and was/is only available through Hot Topic stores and through the website. Since Mightier Than Sword/Academy Fight Song Records also usually press all of Blink-182’s albums at the same time as the Hot Topic/Universal releases, don’t be shocked when you see a pre-order from one of those labels in the coming months that will more likely than not feature the exact same packaging ad artwork. The only difference being there will be a rainbow of colors to make as much money as possible off the release. So there may actually be a pot of gold at the end of rainbows after all. This hasn’t been confirmed yet, it is pure speculation. But the guy who runs both labels has said he will be doing his own pressing of Take Off Your Pants And Jacket, which leads me to believe Cheshire Cat won’t be far behind, except for the actual ship date of the records.

The exact pressing info for hot Topic pressing is 2,020  copies on yellow with blue swirl. Originally the pressing was supposed to be only 2,000 copies, but a Hot Topic rep stated that there was an exact count on over run copies, which brings the total amount pressed up to 2,020.

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